Terceira cycling holiday in the Azores, self guided

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Terceira cycling holiday in the Azores, self guided


The Azores as a destination boasts a wide diversity of opportunities for environmentally friendly leisure and recreation and received the highest sustainability score on the Global Sustainable Tourism Review conducted by Green Destinations, an international sustainability support system used to measure, monitor and improve the sustainability profile of destinations and regions.

By promoting this biking tour, we guarantee that our outdoors adventures through Portugal are environmentally-friendly and provide a greener alternative in the tourism industry. Cycling is a perfect way to explore this island without pollution creating a 0% Co2 emission during your stay in Azores.

Water is one of the most precious resources on Earth. Even in countries where there is no lack of water supply, energy is consumed to treat water and in sewage systems; the excessive consumption of water can affect the groundwater causing pollution.

To face these problems we encourage our guests and ask our tour leaders to follow the following policies: wash the dishes in a container instead of leaving the water running; contaminated water should be eliminated on the ground at least 30m (100ft) from a water spring or river, and only when there is no sink available; always use biodegradable soap for hiking or biking activities and never near a lake or a river; never pour water with oil or food residues in a watercourse; reuse water bottles and avoid buying water bottles since the plastic accumulation has a strong impact on the environment (especially in remote areas).

Respect and protect the fauna and flora of the visited places: do not feed animals (giving them different or additional food from their usual diet can be harmful to their health or make them become dependent and compromising their survival in the natural feed surroundings); do not harass animals for photos that can cause them stress; do not touch animals, it can cause them stress and can be highly dangerous; do not collect flowers or leaves.


We have been mindful of the social and environmental consequences of our work and have consistently sought to find sustainable and innovative ways to create a positive impact.

Through our sustainability policies, we support local economies and minimize the social impact of our activities by working with local guides and ensuring the needed respect for local traditions and cultures. Our itineraries visit cities, museums and restaurants and our guides will help you support local business and enterprise wherever possible.

We also support the local economy by booking directly with local accommodations. Our philosophy is to show you the most authentic details of Azores in the most sustainable way possible.

Our local agents are also committed to helping the local community. We are knowledgeable of the dire environmental and social consequences of mass tourism and thus consciously commits to only working with small groups of travelers.

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