Mongolia nomad horse riding holiday

“Nine day small group tour of Central Mongolia with opportunities to ride or trek for 4-5 hours a day. Stay with nomadic families in ger camps and cross the Gobi Desert by camel. ”


Ulaanbaatar | Kharkhorin | Erden Zuu Monastery | Wild horses in Khustai National Park | Tovkhom Monastery | Orkhon Waterfall | Orkhon Valley | Khuisiin Naiman Nuur (8 lakes) | Cross the Gobi Desert on a camel | Stay with nomadic families in traditional ger camps |

Description of Mongolia nomad horse riding holiday

This incredibly unique and exciting experience invites travellers to become part of a small group exploring the Naiman Nuur mountain foothills and grassland plains of Central Mongolia.

Horse riding features throughout this nine day tour as well as authentic interaction with local families, including nights in felt ger camps living the pastoral life of a Mongolian nomad.

Beginners are welcome to take up the reins or, alternatively, you can walk alongside your horse and experience the likes of the Ulaan Tsutgalan River and Orkhon Valley at ground level.

Aside from Central Mongolia’s incredible landscapes and star-filled nights you’ll also find out more about the region’s Buddhist heritage as you visit Erden Zuu and Tovkhon monasteries.

From two way cultural exchanges with nomadic families to crossing the Gobi Desert by camel and finding out more about Genghis Khan in Ulaanbaatar; this horse riding holiday in Mongolia never fails to excite and educate in equal measures.

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

We work closely with local individuals and their families in Mongolia to design journeys in an optimal way to limit our impact on the environment.

We stay with local families and in locally owned hotels in the cities, and travel with local guides to learn about the local traditions and culture along the way. This adventures involves a lot of hiking and riding through very natural environments and we work with the policy of ‘Take nothing but memories, Leave nothing but footprints’. This means that we do not leave any foreign materials or waste in these environments from our camps, nor do we take any objects from the environment nor disturb its equilibrium by our presence or actions.

YellowWood Adventures are very proud to be working with Pure Hydration, specialists in personal and expedition water purification, instantly, and on-demand.

We recognise that the ability to produce safe drinking water from sources off the beaten track, of sometimes dubious quality, offers incredible benefits to our adventure travellers and so are excited to be subsidising this product to make it more accessible to you. Having a re-usable filtration bottle avoids single use plastic, with each bottle purifying 350L of water. RRP is £39 but YellowWood clients are able to purchase a bottle for £20.00.

Throughout the trips we will stay with local families in their felt gers, all of which use solar power for lighting at night. These are summer gers and are packed down for the winter.

The Impacts of this Trip

This is a very interactive trip and we use local guides on this who help to explain the cultural necessities and customs. Some examples of this include not passing close to a ger without loudly informing the occupants first; failure to do this means the group or a client can be attacked by the guard dogs and will cause great discomfort and embarrassment to the occupants and possible injury to the dogs which then have to be forcibly restrained when they were only doing their job.

Similarly in Mongolia if you were to throw a piece of plastic into the fire in the middle of a ger you would be seen to disrespect the god of the fire and therefore the hospitality of the family you were staying with.

We actively encourage the giving of tips for meaningful services an the purchasing of locally sourced goods/souvenirs to support families and communities. We believe that partnering with local families not only enriches the overall experience of this trip but it also allows our clients to understand local traditions in Mongolia.

When staying with local families our travellers will learn many local traditions and techniques from the families making their many varied dairy products including khmyes which is a slightly fermented milk drink, customarily used to welcome new comers into a Ger, as well as yogurt, butter, cheese and even .... vodka!

Travellers also can learn how to milk the yaks and cows with the women of the families, every sunrise!.


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