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When is the best time to visit Mongolia is better answered in reverse: avoid winter (Nov-Feb); there’s no amount of layering that can counter a -30°C chill. Otherwise, there is a glorious yin to each Mongolian season’s not so glorious yang – picturesque summer (Jun-Aug) brings lush steppes in bright greens, but also mozzies and mud; spring (Mar-May) is migration season for nomadic herders, but brings unpredictable weather and a deceptive wind chill, and autumn (Sept-Oct) brings a kaleidoscope of colour, but can be prone to heavy rain.

When to visit Mongolia & when not to

a month by month guide

Winter in Mongolia is very long – it stretches from November, right the way through December, January and February. It’s also very cold – the lowest temperature recorded was -57°C! That’s not commonplace though; the average winter temperature sits at a positively balmy -40.

Similarly, June, July and August are extremely hot in the Gobi desert: very dry air, red-hot sand, not much cover and temperatures that can hit 40°C - not a comfortable combo – head elsewhere.

Mongolia’s weather in April is exciting, but probably a bit edgy for most; dust storms are frequent, especially in the Gobi where winds can whip up to 140km/hr – very cool if you can handle it.

March, April and May means nomadic herders on the move, which is an exceptional sight to behold as men lead their families – and their yaks! – from A to B.

The autumn months of September and October can be very wet, but if you don’t mind the rain, the landscape is your reward as it’s bursting with colour – the photographs you can get between patches of rain will be some of Mongolia’s absolute best.

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Best time to visit Mongolia recommends

John Williamson from our supplier, Zavkhan Trekking shares his advice on the best time to visit Mongolia:

“For me, the best time to visit Mongolia is during July and August, the peak summer months when the weather is pleasant and warm, around 25 degrees and the landscape is green and lush. The nature is beautiful then too and slightly earlier in June the wildflowers are fantastic – spring can sometimes be a bit too dry for the plant life, but if the spring weather wasn’t quite so erratic, Mongolia could be a standalone wildflower tour destination - they are that phenomenal. The seasons are clear-cut, but Mongolia has a long winter of around six months followed by a short spring, summer and autumn. Autumn is a great time to visit with cooler stable weather and beautiful autumnal colours like dusty orange and bronze covering the landscape. I wouldn’t recommend visiting Mongolia in winter; it’s bitingly cold and temperatures often drop to -30 degrees during the day.”

Festivals & events in Mongolia

Our cultural pick from the Mongolia calendar

Did you know about...?

Thousand Camel Festival
The Bactrian camel – a sizeable, even-toed animal that is celebrated in all its two-humped glory for the essential role it plays in the lives of the Gobi’s nomads at the Thousand Camel Festival, a one day autumnal event that sees herdsmen parade on horseback, camel races and polo playoffs. A brilliant photo opportunity to capture Mongolian families wrapped up in their traditional holiday dress.
Photo credits: [Travel to Mensu Glacier: Zabara Alexander] [Purple daisies: A. Omer Karamollaoglu] [Autumn: james j8246] [Camel festival: Sergio Tittarini]
Written by Polly Humphris
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