Vegan holiday in Sri Lanka

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14 Days
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Price is based on twin share.
If you are single traveler, we will pair you with another single traveler of the same gender.
If you like to have your own room, single supplement cost will be added to your tour cost.
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Description of Vegan holiday in Sri Lanka

Price information

US $3100 excluding flights
Convert currency:
Price is based on twin share.
If you are single traveler, we will pair you with another single traveler of the same gender.
If you like to have your own room, single supplement cost will be added to your tour cost.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We are against the exploitation of animals in any form, and do not use animals on our tours for rides or safaris and no visit to zoos or “animal parks”. A founding principle was and is to create 100% cruelty-free travel experiences in which no living beings (human or animal) is exploited in any way.

On each of our adventures, we always include an opportunity to help out at grassroots humanitarian projects, animal rescues, and wildlife protection and conservation organizations. On this Sri Lanka Adventure, we visit a local Marine Protection education center, where we learn about the local marine wildlife, and we also help out cleaning the ocean from plastic trash. Another one if with an Elephant Conservation, where we will spent time with the leading conservationist about the plight of the elephants in Sri Lanka, and all the educational programs they have to promote a peaceful co-existence between the local community and the wild elephants' population.

Travelers are also provided with relevant suggestions to minimize damage to the environment, wildlife, and ecosystems during our Orientation Meeting and also throughout the tour.

Being 100% Vegan tours, we minimize our detrimental impact on the environments, and other living beings. Animals agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all transportation in the world combined. By providing only vegan foods, with every single one of our meals and/or snacks, we reduce our environmental impact by 84% compared to those non-vegan tours.

Water is an important issue on our trips. Due to the humidity and our active styled trip, it is very important that all guests stay hydrated. Whenever possible, we provide a large water container as a safe alternative source of water to buying single-use plastic bottles.


Activity, Local Craft and Culture:
All our activities are created with cultural immersions in mind. Guests have plenty of opportunities to connect with local people through our activities and places we stay at. We provided guests with a daily language lesson and actively created dialogues, providing insight into the local custom and culture, which we believe help creates a positive experience for both our guests and the local people.

Besides learning about the social and cultural aspect of Sri Lanka, the guest is introduced to the religious aspects, through dialogues, Q & A, visiting local temples, church, and holy sites. Guests are introduced to (and invited to join) an Aarti ceremony, which is an auspicious Hindu ceremony. Guests are also be introduced to Vipassana Meditation taught at a local Monastery by a Buddhist Monk.

Guests are encouraged to visit the local market when looking for souvenirs, and purchase souvenirs from local artisan and vendors. There are many handmade arts and crafts that can be purchased directly from the artist in Colombo and Kandy. Guests are advised to avoid pieces made from animals, whether it is shells, furs, and any other parts of animals.

Accommodations and Meals:
We spend 13 nights in locally run hotels where 100% of their staff are local Laotians. By using these accommodations, we support the local community and economy as these establishments provide jobs for the residents.

All the food that we provided is locally sourced. All our meals are prepared and cooked by local chefs, both professional and/or home chefs. Our guests will be enjoying traditional Sinhalese, Tamil, and Sri Lankan Burghers cuisines, all made vegan especially for us.

Volunteering & Charity:
We are against the exploitation of animals in any type and forms. So we are very careful in choosing place/organizations to visit and support to make sure they are aligned with our core values and beliefs. On this Sri Lanka Adventure, we visit and support a local marine life education and protection center whose works has been involving the local community to protect the cleanliness of the beach area from trash and not to use a bomb when fishing as it destroys the marine life. We also help out at an Elephants Conservation Center, where with the guidance of their leading conservationist, we'll help the center with their educational materials.

A Fair Deal:
We value local knowledge and we believe that in order for our guests to have the best information, it is important for us to have local guides that are not only knowledgeable in the country we're in but also knowledgeable in the specific site(s) that we visited, with that in mind, we always have local guide(s) at all places on this adventure. Very often on our tours, we have two local guides at the same time to provide better insights for our guest. We also believe doing so, we create more jobs opportunity for the local people.

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