Cycle the whole of New Zealand

New Zealand cycle trails have brought life back to rural areas. Be part of this wonderful community of adventurers – cycle the length of New Zealand on this trip along the Tour Aotearoa.
Cycle the length of New Zealand in six weeks Fully supported off road bike tour Cape Reinga, North Island to Bluff, South Island Based on the Tour Aotearoa route All accommodation and logistics sorted for you
NZ $18200 excluding flights
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6 Weeks
Small group
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Up to 14 people
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Full Tour: 41 days NZD$18,200 Full North Island: 21 days NZD$9,950 Full South Island: 20 days NZD$8950 +Bike Hire if required. Included: Vehicle & ferry transfers, accommodation, meals as per itinerary, tour leaders, support vehicle & bike trailer
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Description of Cycle the whole of New Zealand

Do you hear adventure calling? Then there aren’t many better ways to spend six weeks than cycling the length of a country as beautiful as New Zealand.

This small group cycle tour follows a 2,950km route which uses off road New Zealand cycle trails. It goes all the way from Cape Reinga, at the top of North Island, to Bluff at the bottom of South Island. You’ll use pedal power alone – except for the help of a couple of ferries.

As you’ll imagine, there are a lot of highlights over six weeks. Not much beats the memorable first leg cycling on the sand on ‘90 mile beach’, or whizzing across the suspension bridges of the Timber Trail, or paying a visit to Hobbiton. Once you get to South Island, you can expect famous scenery as you cross the Southern Alps, and enjoy the dramatic views of the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

New Zealand is famous for its wonderful landscape. The sparsely populated countryside, one third of which is protected, has rivers, lakes and mountains, glaciers and rainforests – and 200 species of endemic fern, making its forests exceptionally lush. Make no mistake, though, this is a hilly country, with some challenging terrain for a bike. Dirt and gravel road bike experience is useful.

On your journey, you’ll spend nearly every day in the saddle. You’ll need to be fit to cycle up to 120km a day for 40 days, over hilly, and sometimes rocky terrain, on a mountain bike – bring your own or hire one there. Electric bikes are available for hire on request.

This holiday loosely follows the ‘Tour Aotearoa’, a mountain biking route designed by the Kennett Brothers, two New Zealander mountain bikers, route designers and authors. The route is used for an annual ‘brevet’ (timed cycle) every year but can be ridden at any time.

New Zealand’s cycle trails have breathed new life into its rural areas. Cycle tourism is replacing logging as the major industry in some areas, and the cycle trails provide access for conservation projects and tree planting projects all around the country. Enjoy these routes knowing that they’re doing good, too.
You’ll get your own trip notes and itinerary, so you can ride at your own pace, but there is help at hand.

This trip is fully supported, which means that a vehicle – the trusty ‘sag wagon’ – will follow you wherever possible so you can ride in the back with your bike if you need a break. The support team will set up a ‘floating’ picnic lunch for you, so you can fuel up on the route, and provide mechanical support – so you can focus on the journey. All accommodation, whether it’s in motels and hotels, lodges – even holiday park cabins – is sorted for you before you go.

You could also choose to cycle down North Island (1,590 km), or just South Island (1,410km) instead – both fully contained, impressive adventures in themselves.

Price information

NZ $18200 excluding flights
Convert currency:
Full Tour: 41 days NZD$18,200 Full North Island: 21 days NZD$9,950 Full South Island: 20 days NZD$8950 +Bike Hire if required. Included: Vehicle & ferry transfers, accommodation, meals as per itinerary, tour leaders, support vehicle & bike trailer
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Holiday information

Our partners behind this holiday promote inclusivity on all their trips and across their business and we are all committed to ensuring travellers face no discrimination on any part of the trip they control.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


The environment is our home, the home of billions of animal and plants species and the home of future generations – it is a delicate and highly threatened foundation. Today it is essential that we change our habits at home and in the way that we live and travel and adopt a more caring attitude towards the environment.

Reducing Carbon Emissions
- We have planned our vehicles with optimal seating, trailers to minimise the number and size of support vehicles.
- In order to reduce the carbon emissions associated with the transporting of food, we supply and refill bulk fresh water drinking vessels, buy local and in-season produce grown in-country (with the exception of bananas), ideally within 100km of where it is purchased, only buy in-country grown meat and dairy products and in-country brands or dry supplies as much as possible.

Food & Water
We provide balanced, healthy meals with a plant based focus using unpackaged, in-season local vegetables (organic where possible). Meat, dairy and eggs are all FREE RANGE and grown in-country and we do not served commercially caught fish. We minimise plastic and single use packaging as much as possible by shopping at self-fill shops and bring our own containers. We supply and refill bulk fresh water drinking vessels and make sure this is always available to our bikers.

We seperate all rubbish into compostables, reusables, recyclables and landfill rubbish. Compostables are distributed to local composting/worm farm services, or feed to chickens or pigs on route. Paper/cardboard, glass, plastics recycled as much as possible. We minimise plastic and single use packaging by shopping at self-fill shops and we shop and prepare food carefully as to minimise food waste.

Tree Planting
We all know that trees are good, they suck up carbon, produce oxygen and just make us feel good. The world is losing around a hectare of forest every minute so we plant trees and support native forest regineration whereever we go. For the Cape to Cape we plant two trees for every biker, crew member and support vehicle on tour.

Our Office HQ
Is powered by solar power, and lit with LED lighting, is heated using passive solar design and a giant hot wood chip pile, and is double insulated. We harvest and use rainwater and our greywater is distributed to land to water native planting. Our toilet is composting.


For us Social Responsibility is not about donating large sums of money to charity (at least not without thoroughly researching the long-term intentions or effects of the charity) or merely following the status quo.  We believe our social responsibility is about supporting locally owned and small business, accommodations, restaurants and support partners and about respecting local cultures, customs and beliefs. We are constantly considering our actions and how we and the people who travel with us can improve our impact on the places we visit.

The following goals help us to support local economy at the grassroots level as well as offer our bikers full immersion, genuine experiences (that will sometime be out of your comfort zone!)
- We partner with and support small and localised businesses and individuals and employ local support crew and services.
- Our small group sizes mean that we consider and adjust our social impact in small towns (Don’t take over the place!)
- We do our best treat spiritual, sacred or historical places with the required respect. Help you learn about these places helps to understand and respect the value they hold.
- We choose accommodations, restaurants, shops that align with our values.
- We are 100% against sex tourism, human trafficking, orphanage visits, exploitation of people for tourism

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