Travelling in Dominica with kids

What does responsible travel recommend?

Dominica family holidays are a dream come true. Not in a white sands, coconut-falling-into-your-lap sort of way. But in a ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ sort of way. Rainbows hover over myriad waterfalls where remote wild swimming melts all troubles like lemon drops.

Temperatures splitting the 30’s all year round means that skies are often blue. The lack of mega hotels opens up a delightful world of family friendly homestays, so remote you can wish upon myriad stars at night and, even if it does rain, wake up with the clouds far behind you. And yes, in Dominica, bluebirds really do fly.

Activities for families in Dominica

What to do with little ones

Chasing waterfalls There are so many waterfalls Dominica has a tourist map to locate them all. Some, such as Trafalgar Falls, get packed, but others such as Sari Sari Falls or Victoria Falls in the east involve 45 minute hikes and adventurous river crossings to get there. Swim under them when you do or, if you are brave, abseil down them.
Rainforest rambles. You can’t miss a trek through Dominica’s rainforest, with trained local guides bringing the whole place to life in a charming Dominican way. Hike through Cabrits NP to a ruined fort in the jungle, saunter through Syndicate Rainforest to spot
endemic parrots or
zipline through the
canopy, with a
final swoosh
over the gushing
Layou River.
Never too young for Champagne. Champagne reef is one of the few places in the world where gas is actually gorgeous. Not only can you snorkel among lobster, trumpet fish, harlequin bass or even Hawksbill turtles, but you also flow through sporadic shots of bubbles emitted from the volcanic depths below. Making this prime farting in the bath jokes territory.
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Travelling in Dominica with kids

responsible travel asks the experts

Jem Winston from our supplier, 3 Rivers Ecolodge & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, shares excellent Dominica family holidays advice:

“You can get family discounts on the ferry; but you must ask! Also, get some walking practice in with the whole family before you travel, so everyone is ready for Dominica’s spectacular hikes; long and short for all levels. This helps avoid moaning as well as aches and pains.”
Michael Eugene, co-founder with his wife of our supplier Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris is also a father of three, so just the man for Dominica family holidays advice: “For families, research and plan well, but is important to work through a tour operator… there is an activity for everyone and enough to keep everyone busy, from hiking to the Boiling Lake, to cooking Caribbean food, to enjoying the nature spa, to visiting the indigenous people, to enjoying a whale watch expedition, to enjoying a night hike!”
Vivianne McGrath, from our supplier, MotMot Travel:

“This is a great island for families. Just check the hikes and activities carefully before venturing out, as some can be very strenuous, especially in the heat of the day! However, with so many wonderful things to choose from, you will find activities to suit every age and ability.”
Responsible Travel would like to thank the Dominica tourist board for their sponsorship of this guide
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Written by Catherine Mack
Dominica forest cabin holiday accommodation

Dominica forest cabin holiday accommodation

Panoramic views of the mountains and sea

From US $156 per accommodation per night (sleeps 2-4)
Dominica self catering cottages in Marigot

Dominica self catering cottages in Marigot

Delightful Cottages in a tropical garden, river, Plantation

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Dominica holiday cottage in botanical gardens

Dominica holiday cottage in botanical gardens

Delightful Cottages in a tropical garden, river, forest

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Dominica self catering cottages, Caribbean

Dominica self catering cottages, Caribbean

Lovely cottages by the sea on the Nature Island of Dominica

From US $510 per cottage per week
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