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Short summers and freezing winters set the scene with beach time in the Baltics best enjoyed from June to August. Either side of summer, May or September, is perfect for strolling over old town cobbles without the crowds or deserted dunes with a chunky jumper; and if you’re looking for a few feathers, March-April or Sep-Oct is the best time to visit Lithuania for bird watching. Packing a brolly and waterproofs is a good idea no matter when you’re travelling to Lithuania, we recommend chucking in some mosquito spray, just in case.

Things to do in Lithuania


Things to do in Lithuania…

Understand the Hill of Crosses. For centuries Lithuanian people placed a cross on a small hill to remember loved ones who had passed away. Under Soviet rule this sort of religious symbolism was banned and so crosses were either destroyed or removed. However, in an act of defiance, local people continued to replace the crosses and the site, just outside Šiauliai, became a powerful symbol of Lithuania's fight for independence.

Spend a day at the lake. There are literally thousands of lakes in Lithuania many of which can be found within the Baltic Highlands towards the borders with Belarus. National parks, such as Aukstaitija, Žemaitija and Samogitia, hold vast stretches of water surrounded by pine forests and interspersed with lakeside villages, featuring water mills, wooden churches and perfect spots to sit and stare or paddle off on a kayak.

There are some excellent cycle routes in Lithuania with the dunes, lagoons and shimmering pines of Curonian Spit making a beautiful backdrop whilst cycling to the ornithological station and lighthouse at Ventė Cape. Lithuania’s lakes also make for some superb cycling trails with Lake Galvė, just 25km from Vilnius, well worth the effort, especially for Trakai Island Castle that can be accessed via quiet rural roads and well-maintained cycle paths.

Things not to do in Lithuania…

Opt out of Aukstaitija. Cuckoos calling from the pines, white storks reflected on the lake and the warm wafts of home cooking emanating from a kitchen door, there are several reasons why a stay in Aukstaitija National Park will do you good, not least of all: the peace and quiet. Aukstaitija lets you explore Lithuania’s lakes and rivers either afloat or on two legs with the slight incline of Ladakalnis Hill offering the optimum place to rest awhile and take it all in.

Ignore the past. If you're looking to learn about the Soviet era in Lithuania then check out Grútas Park, near Druskininkai, the KGB Museum in Vilnius or the Cold War Museum, near Lake Plateliai. Other than that you'll find the majority of Soviet reminders have long been taken down, with the statues on Green Bridge in Vilnius the latest in a long line of removals to help the country cleanse its soul as it looks to a brighter future.

Forget the family. Although Lithuania might not automatically spring to mind when thinking of family holidays it actually offers some fantastic options, especially for fans of culture, castles and coastline. Cycling along Curonian Spit, skimming stones around Trakai Castle and alfresco picnics in the lakeside parks of Vilnius are just a few ideas to get you started; and if you’re looking for an affordable European family break, Lithuania’s hard to beat.
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Lithuania travel advice


Tips on what
to eat

Jenny Aitken, from our supplier Tucan Travel, shares her experiences of travelling in Lithuania:

“If you’re in Lithuania you have to try a Zepellin which is a giant potato dumping usually stuffed with pork mince or vegetables and served with a creamy mushroom sauce.”

Finding help

Simon Clifford, from out supplier Exodus, shares his Lithuania travel advice: “If you get lost or you need assistance then ask a younger person as the majority speaks English as a second language whereas older Lithuanians tend to favour Russian.”

Cultural tips

Jenny Aitken, from our supplier Tucan Travel: “The Stebuklas (Miracle) Tile in Vilnius is located in the main square and, apparently, if you spin around on it three times clockwise and make a wish it will come true.”
“The KGB Museum in Vilnius is housed in a former KGB office and offers a really interesting insight into life in Lithuania during the communist era.”
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