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When you stroll into Marrakech’s Majorelle Gardens it’s like entering a microcosm of Moroccan culture. Controversial, perhaps, because these exquisite gardens were the home of the celebrated French painter Jacques Majorelle. However, his plants and villa feel like an homage to all aspects of Moroccan culture, rather than just the colonial one. There is rare desert flora and a Berber museum, and experiencing Berber culture is central to Moroccan culture. The rose garden reflects the rose heritage in the Atlas Mountains’ Dades Valley.
Moroccan culture is like a piece composed for orchestra. You have to take time to hear all the instruments to fully appreciate the composition. Then it will be like music to your ears.
The swooshing palms take you to the coastal towns of Essaouira, Tangier and Casablanca, each with their own marine heritage. The chic French design mirrors colonial architectural influences still seen throughout Morocco. We also admire the cultural reverence proffered by Yves St Laurent who bought the garden and villa and gifted it to Marrakech, perhaps as a thank you. Because when you experience Morocco’s culture in depth, you will feel like you have been gifted something very gorgeous indeed. Read more in our Morocco cultural holidays guide.

Is a Morocco cultural holiday for you?

Go on a cultural Morocco holiday if….

… you haven’t been to Morocco before and you don’t know where to start. Coast or desert, mountains or Marrakech? There’s a lot to choose from. Guided, small group holidays will help you choose. … you would like to have a tailor made holiday, with experts helping you pick and choose how many cities, camps or Kasbahs you would like to see. … the iconic cultural journey from Madrid to Marrakech has always been on your wishlist. We can help make it a reality. … you love to combine mountains with sea on holiday, but don’t want to trek or surf all day.

Don’t go on a cultural Morocco holiday if…..

… you aren’t very sociable. There’s a lot of mint tea drinking sessions to be had on a Morocco cultural holiday. Also, souks are not for the antisocial or crowd averse. … you just want to play golf. Cultural holidays in Morocco are our preferred fairways. … you love an all inclusive deal. All immersive is what you get on cultural holidays, rather than wristband tourism. … you are a picky eater. Food is central to Morocco’s culture, with tagines and couscous at every turn. It’s not fine cuisine but it is a fine tradition.

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Morocco cultural tour

Morocco cultural tour

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