Top 5 painting holidays for solo travellers

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” If your soul feels laden and in need of a spring clean, you’ll find artistic inspiration in our top five painting holidays for solo travellers. From Moroccan escapes that break free from single supplements to women-only creative retreats in Scotland, these holidays offer me-time that you, and your soul, will appreciate.

Keep reading to discover our best painting holidays for solo travellers.

1. Go single supplement-free in Morocco

Generous hospitality is a cornerstone of the traditional Berber culture found in the kasbahs which dot Morocco’s valleys, mountains and deserts. You’ll never be far from a sweet mint tea, proffered with a warm smile, and with no single supplement to pay this artistic adventure in the Atlas Mountains is uniquely geared towards solo travellers. Both beginners and more experienced artists are welcome.
Best time to go: March and October
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2. Connect with nature in Crete

It’s not just the art that will nourish the soul in Crete – you’ll be painting in a landscape so pristine that it’s part of the Europe-wide programme, Natura 2000, to keep it that way. And you’ll share the wild coastline and tiny tavernas with a small group of new friends, relaxing and sharing insights to make connections both to the landscape through art, and to each other.

Best time to go: May to September
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3. Enjoy a creative retreat in Scotland

Nature, legend and creativity combine in this retreat in Orkney. A painting holiday in this remote corner of Scotland – a quiet place ruled by the temperaments of the waves and the Atlantic weather – offers you an opportunity for total immersion into nature. Among its towering sea cliffs and Celtic-Norse heritage, you’ll slow down and experiment creatively through paint and sketching.

When to go: September
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4. Be tutored in southern Spain

Professional tutors guide you into the heart of rural Spain, where the clear Andalusian light reflects off Moorish mountain villages and illuminates colourful summer flowers. Don’t worry about travelling solo here. You’ll be part of a small group of like-minded artists – beginners or otherwise – on a painting holiday that is as much about art as it is about relaxation, fun and friends.
Best time to go: May to September
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5. Cook & paint in Italy

Feast your eyes on the rolling Umbrian hills… and feast more generally on some classic home-cooked Italian fare. Your brushstrokes will find inspiration in the birthplace of Pietro Perugino – the Renaissance master who taught Raphael to paint – while cooking classes and visits to local produce markets will ensure all your senses, and not just your pencils, are sharpened.

Best time to go: May to July
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Written by Sarah Faith
Photo credits: [Page banner: Eddy Klaus] [Morocco: Pauline FIGUET] [Scotland: d kah] [Spain: Jean-Baptiste D.]