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The silly t-shirt would read “Hikers do it slowly”. Because that’s their passion. That and being prepared. However, the reality is that most hikers also have full time jobs, families and all the daily distractions of busy 21st century lives. As much as we would all love to have shelves full of OS Maps, guide books to accompany each one so that you can find fine food, comfy bed and copious culture along the way, no one has time to slowly peruse all the hiking options in the world anymore. There is, however, a world of walking experts out there who do all that for you, sending you a superbly detailed information package before setting you on your way. This will include daily itineraries, details of your accommodation for every night of your trip, proposed lunch and dinner spots, background information to places you will hike through, and maps.
Meet and greet
When you arrive in your hiking holiday destination, a representative from the self guided walking holiday company will meet you at the train station or airport, guide you to your first night’s accommodation, and talk through all the details of each day with you. Then when you wake up the next day, it is like your hiking dream has come true. All you have to do is have a hearty breakfast, fill your water bottles, and hit the road.

Your invisible friend
A self guided walking holiday has that perfect recipe of independence and support.
So, you get up in the morning, start your hike all independent and free but with the knowledge that you have a guide nearby. This can be through the copious notes and itineraries they have devised for you, or at the other end of a phone. It’s like having an invisible friend hovering over you as you hike.
Luggage transfer
Some walking holidays centre around one base, giving suggestions of different daily walks, but bringing you back to the same base every night. However, walking to a different hotel, homestay or hostel every night, with your bags transported for you from place to place, is a fantastic way to go. You don’t have to stick religiously to the routes, of course, and most walking holiday providers will give you an OS map as well so that you can do your own thing.

Food and fun
Your information pack will give good tips for lunch spots along the way, local markets to fill up your backpack with snacks or souvenirs, or guiding you to a particularly good secret spot, are all part of the self guided holiday package. And when you get back to base after your day of hiking, and depending on the self guided walking holiday that you have chosen, your dinner options will be waiting, the sauna steaming, pool glistening and your bed beckoning. Meaning that hikers on a self guided walking holiday can do it slowly, and even just a little bit smugly.
If you'd like to chat about walking holidays or need help finding a holiday to suit you we're very happy to help.
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Written by Catherine Mack
Volterra to San Gimignano walking holiday in Italy

Volterra to San Gimignano walking holiday in Italy

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From £1539 9 Days inc UK flights
Croatian coast walking tours, self guided

Croatian coast walking tours, self guided

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Bergamo circular walking tour in Italy

Bergamo circular walking tour in Italy

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Amalfi to Sorrento walking holiday in Italy

Amalfi to Sorrento walking holiday in Italy

Explore the peninsula between Ravello and Sorrento

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Photo credits: [Page banner: Thomas Schweighofer]
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