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At Adventure Tours UK we’ve carefully curated world-class UK outdoor adventures, and made them easy to book, wherever in the world you are. So you can make every minute, every challenge and every breathtaking view count. Getting you out into the wild, and back to being the adventurer you are. Our experiences are set in the stunning region of North Wales - a true adventurers' playground and considered Europe’s capital of adventure. These fully-supported adventure tours provide all UK transport, including return transfers from Manchester airport, quality accommodation and a local English-speaking guide.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

You’ll find no big chains here. We work exclusively with local, independently-owned businesses. This ensures your
money goes straight into the communities that you’re visiting, making a difference to the people you meet while on
your adventures with us.
Whilst we want to ensure you enjoy value for money, we also want to treat our suppliers fairly. It is in everyone’s
interests that they can continue to pay their employees a fair wage for the high standards of service they deliver in
taking care of you. And that they can continue to grow and prosper, creating new jobs in rural areas where
opportunities can often be few and far between.
Tours are designed to visit independent shops selling locally made crafts and produce, giving you an opportunity to
directly support businesses as well as enjoying some unique products. Craft breweries, small batch gin distilleries and
handcrafted arts are all very popular across Wales and make for wonderful gifts to take back home.

Environmental responsibility

To ensure the carbon footprint of your travels with us are offset, we work with UK-based Forest Carbon. By working
with them we not only offset the unavoidable carbon emissions created by travel, we’re actively supporting the
creation of new, native woodland areas within the UK. Planting native broadleaf trees, including oak, ash and birch, is
helping to increase the available natural habitat for the UK’s native wildlife, such as bullfinches, beavers and the
brimstone butterfly.
To reduce the need for single-use plastics, you will be provided with an aluminium bottle on arrival. You can refill this
each day at your accommodation in place of buying throwaway water bottles. Our packed lunches also avoid using
single-use plastic wraps, instead favouring more sustainable methods such as paper bags and wax paper wrap.
Our accommodation and catering partners have all been carefully selected based on their commitment to sourcing
local produce, organically produced wherever possible. This means that not only will you enjoy fresh, seasonal and
locally produced food, but its impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.
One of our main accommodation partners is also committed to eliminating single-use plastics within bedrooms,
instead using refillable containers for toiletries. The soap products themselves are handmade within the local town,
using only natural ingredients.
We’re also proud to work with one of the first boat tour operators in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Blue Flag
Sustainable Boat Tour Operator status, demonstrating their commitment to running an environmentally conscious

Social responsibility

Our primary concern with tourism in Wales is to ensure it only has a positive impact on the local communities and
culture, and that you enjoy a truly authentic experience. To manage this we only work with small groups, typically of no
more than 16 guests per trip. Our guided walking and mountain bike trips operate in even smaller groups, up to 10 and
6 guests respectively. As well as being well within the recommended guiding ratios to ensure your safety and
enjoyment, it avoids large crowds of people descending on small rural communities and putting the local infrastructure
and amenities under unnecessary pressure.
Our guides aim to educate you about the local area during your trip. We believe that learning the history and culture of
a region plays a big role in your travelling experience - it’s what brings a place to life. By sharing this local knowledge
you’ll become more immersed in the local way of living, plus it’s a vital way of preserving the local customs for future
Highlighting architectural and environmental landmarks forms part of this education and is another role our local
guides play. As an adventure company we’re more likely to lead you up mountains and have you leaping off cliffs, than
take you to a museum or castle. But history is everywhere. Iron age hill forts lie scattered across the hillsides of North
Wales. And you can’t hike Snowdon without finding traces of the slate mining industry that once dominated North
Wales. If you don’t know what to look for it can be hard to find meaning in these lumps, bumps and tumbledown ruins,
but with our guides’ knowledge the landscape around you will come alive with historical significance.
Keeping the Welsh language alive is especially sacred, so you’re encouraged to learn simple words and phrases
during your time here. Even learning how to pronounce place names can be a challenge, but it’s a fun way to get to
grips with the local culture!
With more than 80% of Wales’ land area dedicated to farming, respecting the countryside code and understanding
farming practices is important for anyone visiting the country. Our guides are committed to sharing this knowledge and
ensuring you recognise the importance of farming to the local economy, its culture and its wildlife conservation. This
includes adhering to recognised walking trails and bridleways, closing gates, taking litter home and leaving wild plants
and animals in their rightful place.
Future plans include launching specific eco-tours, focussed on helping you to play an active role in the conservation of
the national parks and sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs). Activities will include all aspects of wildlife
conservation, removal of invasive plant species, planting of native plant species and restoration of footpaths and
boundaries. Look out for more information on these trips throughout 2019!