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Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal

This Everest Base Camp trip, in Nepal, takes you to the iconic location about half way up the world’s highest mountain. A fifteen day guided trek, travelling in a small group and staying at traditional Himalayan teahouses along the way, we start in Kathmandu and then take an internal flight to Lukla, to start the trek. Following in the footsteps of great explorers such as Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, this is the mega mountain trek for any mountaineer and even though it is not the summit, this is a challenging trekking trip. On this trip we take plenty of time at various key locations in order to acclimatise to the elevation, but also to take time to absorb the dramatic scenery ... Read more >
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Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh holiday in Vietnam

Over the course of ten days on tour, Vietnam starts to open up before your very eyes with the hectic streets of Hanoi morphing into the ancient heritage monuments of Hue and Hoi An prior to the all too recent reminders of the past that you'll find in Ho Chi Minh City. Overnight train rides from Hanoi to Hue and boat cruises in Halong Bay add a touch of adventure to tours Vietnam with the domestic flight from Danang to Ho Chi Minh allowing travellers to experience the country from top to tail without having to spend too much time away from home. As you'd hope from a destination for a ten day holiday, Vietnam presents a remarkable array of contrasts with French café culture and colonial ... Read more >
From £716 excluding flights
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Burma sailing holiday, the Mergui archipelago

Departing from Phuket in Thailand, this Burma sailing holiday takes you to an aquatic playground that is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. While the backpackers, honeymooners and day-spa crowds have swarmed to the beaches of Thailand and Bali, Burma’s remote Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago has remained almost frozen in time since the days of the early colonial explorers. Difficult to reach and well-off the tourist trails, it’s made up of 800 islands, many uninhabited. Sailing around them, you’ll meet local fishermen and spend time with the Moken, a nomadic seafaring community. There is a wealth of pristine coastline with startling white beaches backed by jungly forests for you to explore. ... Read more >
From £1,242 excluding flights
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Galapagos land based adventure holiday

There are wildlife adventures and then there’s a Galapagos land based adventure holiday and unless you’ve experienced this incredible archipelago, close up, then believe you me, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Experience the marine and land-based animals that have excited and enthralled biologists and nature lovers since Darwin’s day with opportunities to explore on two feet, two wheels and on-board a boat all adding to the excitement of a Galapagos land based adventure holiday. From Darwin’s discoveries that inspired his theory of evolution to just marvelling at the wealth of animal activity on: San Cristobal, Floreana, Isabela and Baltra, this ten day Galapagos land based ... Read more >
From £1,939 excluding flights
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Cambodia small group tour, a food adventure

Getting to the heart of a culture through its food, this small group tour focuses on Cambodia’s unique and ancient food culture. Deliciously different to neighbouring Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Cambodia’s food uses pepper rather than chilli to add spice, and goes big on fresh herbs, spices, rice, freshwater fish and condiments. You will travel from Phnom Penh through to Siem Reap, discovering the sights, sounds and flavours of Kampot, Battambang, Banteay Chhmar and Angkor Wat. Food tours and market trips in each location reveal local specialities, from street food snacks such as fried crickets, to fresh crab plucked from the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Kroeung (fragrant herb paste), ... Read more >
From £855 excluding flights
Up to £150 off. Late availability on these dates: 21 Dec, 28 Dec, 18 Jan, 08 Mar

Thailand beaches, small group holiday

Clear blue waters, white sands, swaying palm trees and a bungalow on the beach… Thailand has the ideal ingredients for a holiday in paradise. Come and explore Thailand's beautiful southern islands, relax in the sun and try some of the special Thai food this region is famous for. These are just some of the pleasures that await you on this relaxing tour of Thailand's pristine beaches. Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Trans-Siberian and Mongolia tour, westbound

Forget the morning commute, this is a train journey that is ambitious, exciting and thoroughly out of the ordinary. This 16-day journey will cross continents and time zones, beginning in Beijing, then travelling through the wild, untamed wildernesses of Mongolia, to meet its historically nomadic people. Leave Asia behind as you cross into Siberia for some traditional hospitality and extraordinary natural landscapes in Lake Baikal and then on into Russia, ending your journey in its capital Moscow. Travelling out of Beijing, watch the scenery change from urban to rocky desert, and then rolling green meadows as you enter the relative time warp of Mongolia. Discover the capital Ulaanbaatar, ... Read more >
From £2,520 excluding flights

Sailing holiday in Greece, Mykonos to Santorini

Move between the boat, the beach and inviting Greek villages on this relaxing Greece sailing holiday between Mykonos and Santorini. While away the days swimming in turquoise waters, lazing on white-sand beaches, sampling mouth-watering local cuisine and exploring coastal villages steeped in history, mythology and beauty. Visit the beautiful islands of Amorgos, Naxos, Small Cyclades and Ios, watch a host of spectacular sunsets and enjoy Greek hospitality before returning to the boat to be rocked gently to sleep at night. This sailing adventure begins in Mykonos, where chic waterfront bars line the beaches, serving authentic Greek food and cocktails as the sun goes down. You’ll spend seven ... Read more >
From £999 excluding flights

Family holiday in Costa Rica

Neatly sandwiched between the Caribbean and Pacific oceans, Costa Rica has long been a draw for travellers looking to experience the very best of Central America and as this 15 day family holiday goes to prove there’s a heck of a lot to get excited about not least of all, the volcanoes. Seismic activity has turned Costa Rica into, quite literally, a hot bed of thermal features and lush green landscapes with Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast and Manuel Antonio on the Pacific, showcasing a wealth of natural beauty and amazing tropical sites. In relation to its size, Costa Rica has a higher percentage of protected natural parks and wildlife reserves than anywhere else on earth ... Read more >
From £2,235 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 24 Mar

Myanmar sailing expedition 15 days

This two week Myanmar sailing expedition around the Mergui or Myeik Archipelago is one of the most outstanding maritime odysseys you can hope for not just in former Burma but in SE Asia. Unknown to most people there are over 800 islands in this archipelago, many of which are either uninhabited or if they are, with communities who still lead traditional maritime lives with traditions that stretch back centuries. Such as the boat-dwelling Moken sea gypsies. Starting in Phuket, you will spend ten days at sea on board a stunning catamaran, stopping at pristine beaches, ancient forested islands and reefs that are heavenly to snorkel or swim around. Here you will see whale sharks and dugongs, ... Read more >
From £2,195 excluding flights

Paris to Madrid small group holiday

From the romantic capital of France to magnificent Madrid, this adventure is packed with art, nature, culture and history. Enjoy the sparkling lights of Paris, visit the royal Chateau at Villandry and hike among the towering peaks of the Pyrenees. Cross into Spain and kick back on a sunny beach to recharge before perhaps embarking on a big night out. Finally, hit the Spanish capital to discover a multitude of chic boutiques or lose yourself in the wonder of the world-famous Prado and Reina Sofia museums. Read more >
From £2,295 excluding flights

Italian food tours

Make the most of your time on a 10 day Italian food tour that takes you from the waterfront restaurants of Venice to the grand piazzas of Rome with a hearty helping of Tuscan delights along the way to soothe the soul and inspire the palate. As you’d hope from Italian food tours from Venice to Florence to Rome, you’ll also be invited to take your time to stroll around the cultural cobbles and investigate the independent wine and food sellers with guided sightseeing and free time to explore adding to an array of gastronomic delights. Train journeys allow you to experience an Italian food tour like a local as you soak up the rolling scenery and stow away a few snacks and tasty treats for the ... Read more >
From £1,970 excluding flights

Highlights of Spain tour

Feel the pulse of spirited Spain on this tour from the country’s capital to the bustling coastal city of Barcelona. Enjoy all things arty – from Madrid’s inspiring Art Walk to Barcelona’s internationally renowned galleries and museums. Be captivated by Cuenca’s Old City, mosey round the markets of Valencia and get lost in the convoluted streets of Barcelona’s gothic quarter. This is a journey of old and new: history, tradition and architecture fused with Spain’s best shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Read more >
From £740 excluding flights

Russia holiday, a taste of Russia

It is hard to imagine taking in Russia’s highlights in a week, but this Russia holiday follows a carefully crafted itinerary that brings you through old and new Russia, traditional and state of the art. This is an intriguing country to visit and this holiday is a great starter on what we hope is a fine taste of Russia menu. Starting in the grand capital of Moscow, there is really so much to see and take in here, from Red Square and the Kremlin, to Lenin’s mausoleum and the Armoury Museum. This is an iconic and thought provoking city for sure. In contrast, we travel east to Suzdal for a couple of days, which is like a living museum of stunning ancient architecture, Russian Orthodoxy, ... Read more >
From £1,060 excluding flights

Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia cruise

If you desire to ‘do it all’ on your Antarctic adventure, then this is the voyage for you. Not only will you cross the Antarctic Circle and travel further south than traditional Antarctic cruises, you’ll also visit the wildlife playgrounds of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. This journey is for anyone who appreciates a wide variety of landscapes, unprecedented wildlife viewing opportunities and a decent mix of historic landing sites. Read more >
From £11,200 excluding flights

Peru small group tour, a food adventure

Peruvian food and topography are intimately linked. Using what pachamama (mother earth) gave them, the Peruvians have developed a cuisine that combines local. With the coast providing an abundance of fresh seafood, the Andean highland supplying a variety of potatoes and the Amazon rainforest delivering delicious seasonal fruits, it's unsurprising that Peru is one of the world's emerging foodie hotspots. This trip savours the country’s new cuisine and ancient ingredients. It’s a delicious, diverse and hands-on nine days, travelling with a small group via bus, plane and train. You’ll learn the secrets of ceviche, make your own pisco sour, learn a few Andean cooking tips with a foodie in ... Read more >
From £1,695 excluding flights

Short break sailing holiday in Italy

Twinkling waves framed by bowing lemon branches have helped to inspire the imagination and fuel the passion for Italy’s Bay of Naples since time began with the chance to see things from an alternative perspective, on an Amalfi to Procida sailing holiday, sure to fuel a few more. Set sail on this stunning Italy sailing holiday and you’ll instantly be transported to Italy at its best where mythical grottoes and emperors’ temples adorn the coast whilst strings of olive groves and sun-scorched vineyards lead to cliff top tavernas and tables laid with a captain’s banquet of seafood delights. Hike the historic trails, swim in the clear blue ocean and sail from Amalfi to Procida on a sailing ... Read more >
From £604 excluding flights

Turkey small group holiday, a food adventure

This ten day food adventure is the most wonderful way to enjoy a Turkey small group holiday. Starting in the capital city of Istanbul, enjoy the sensual feast (literally) of this wonderful country that bridges Asia and Europe. You will not only get some time to explore this great city with its Ottoman mosques, Byzantine churches and iconic River Bosphorus, but also the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar, numerous cafes and bars, and the Eminonu street food. From Istanbul, we take a flight to Dalaman and connect to the stunning coastal town of Akyaka, famous among foodies for its Citta Slow Food movement. And, being on the coast, this is also a wonderful place to enjoy find seafood as well as ... Read more >
From £1,060 excluding flights

Arctic Spitsbergen cruise, 11 day expedition

Experience the chilling beauty of windswept polar deserts, vast cliff-lined shores and fjords shimmering with ice on this Arctic trip that takes you around Spitsbergen, the largest island in the icy Svalbard Archipelago. From flower-filled tundra to secluded, frosty beaches, there is no shortage of terrain to explore on this icy land. If you’re after a polar bear sighting or two, there are plenty of chances to spot these majestic giants hunting along the ice sheets, not to mention walruses, reindeer, Arctic foxes and vast colonies of rare seabirds. Hike, kayak or strap on some snowshoes – however you choose to explore it, Spitsbergen is brimming with possibilities for a breathtaking ... Read more >
From £5,200 excluding flights

Antarctica expedition cruise, 11 days

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia, travelling through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands to see the incredible landscapes created by the Antarctic climate. See multiple species of playful penguins, the imposing and graceful frames of Antarctica's whales and a frenzy of feeding birdlife. Benefit from the navigational expertise and local knowledge of a professional crew and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience to Antarctica to see the exotic, alien nature of this frozen world for yourself. Read more >
From £5,000 excluding flights
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