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Galapagos land based adventure holiday

There are wildlife adventures and then there’s a Galapagos land based adventure holiday and unless you’ve experienced this incredible archipelago, close up, then believe you me, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Experience the marine and land-based animals that have excited and enthralled biologists and nature lovers since Darwin’s day with opportunities to explore on two feet, two wheels and on-board a boat all adding to the excitement of a Galapagos land based adventure holiday. From Darwin’s discoveries that inspired his theory of evolution to just marvelling at the wealth of animal activity on: San Cristobal, Floreana, Isabela and Baltra, this ten day Galapagos land based ... Read more >
From £2,084 excluding flights
Up to £240 off. Late availability on these dates: 03 May, 05 May, 10 May, 12 May, 17 May, 19 May, 24 May, 26 May, 31 May, 02 Jun, 14 Jun, 16 Jun, 23 Jun, 30 Jun, 05 Jul, 07 Jul, 14 Jul, 19 Jul, 21 Jul, 26 Jul, 28 Jul, 04 Aug

Russia holiday, a taste of Russia

It is hard to imagine taking in Russia’s highlights in a week, but this Russia holiday follows a carefully crafted itinerary that brings you through old and new Russia, traditional and state of the art. This is an intriguing country to visit and this holiday is a great starter on what we hope is a fine taste of Russia menu. Starting in the grand capital of Moscow, there is really so much to see and take in here, from Red Square and the Kremlin, to Lenin’s mausoleum and the Armoury Museum. This is an iconic and thought provoking city for sure. In contrast, we travel east to Suzdal for a couple of days, which is like a living museum of stunning ancient architecture, Russian Orthodoxy, ... Read more >
From £954 excluding flights
Up to £100 off. Late availability on these dates: 09 May, 12 May, 16 May, 19 May, 23 May, 21 Jul, 28 Jul, 04 Aug

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh holiday in Vietnam

Over the course of ten days on tour, Vietnam starts to open up before your very eyes with the hectic streets of Hanoi morphing into the ancient heritage monuments of Hue and Hoi An prior to the all too recent reminders of the past that you'll find in Ho Chi Minh City. Overnight train rides from Hanoi to Hue and boat cruises in Halong Bay add a touch of adventure to tours Vietnam with the domestic flight from Danang to Ho Chi Minh allowing travellers to experience the country from top to tail without having to spend too much time away from home. As you'd hope from a destination for a ten day holiday, Vietnam presents a remarkable array of contrasts with French café culture and colonial ... Read more >
From £835 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 27 Apr, 29 Apr, 30 Apr, 03 May, 06 May, 07 May, 10 May, 13 May, 14 May, 17 May, 20 May, 21 May, 24 May, 28 May, 01 Jun, 03 Jun, 07 Jun, 08 Jun, 10 Jun, 11 Jun, 14 Jun, 17 Jun, 18 Jun, 21 Jun, 22 Jun, 23 Jun, 24 Jun,...

Cambodia small group tour, a food adventure

Getting to the heart of a culture through its food, this small group tour focuses on Cambodia’s unique and ancient food culture. Deliciously different to neighbouring Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Cambodia’s food uses pepper rather than chilli to add spice, and goes big on fresh herbs, spices, rice, freshwater fish and condiments. You will travel from Phnom Penh through to Siem Reap, discovering the sights, sounds and flavours of Kampot, Battambang, Banteay Chhmar and Angkor Wat. Food tours and market trips in each location reveal local specialities, from street food snacks such as fried crickets, to fresh crab plucked from the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Kroeung (fragrant herb paste), ... Read more >
From £855 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 10 May, 07 Jun, 05 Jul, 26 Jul

Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal

This Everest Base Camp trip, in Nepal, takes you to the iconic location about half way up the world’s highest mountain. A fifteen day guided trek, travelling in a small group and staying at traditional Himalayan teahouses along the way, we start in Kathmandu and then take an internal flight to Lukla, to start the trek. Following in the footsteps of great explorers such as Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, this is the mega mountain trek for any mountaineer and even though it is not the summit, this is a challenging trekking trip. On this trip we take plenty of time at various key locations in order to acclimatise to the elevation, but also to take time to absorb the dramatic scenery ... Read more >
From £1,085 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 05 May, 09 May, 11 May, 12 May, 16 May, 19 May, 26 May, 30 May

Trans-Siberian and Mongolia tour, westbound

Forget the morning commute, this is a train journey that is ambitious, exciting and thoroughly out of the ordinary. This 16-day journey will cross continents and time zones, beginning in Beijing, then travelling through the wild, untamed wildernesses of Mongolia, to meet its historically nomadic people. Leave Asia behind as you cross into Siberia for some traditional hospitality and extraordinary natural landscapes in Lake Baikal and then on into Russia, ending your journey in its capital Moscow. Travelling out of Beijing, watch the scenery change from urban to rocky desert, and then rolling green meadows as you enter the relative time warp of Mongolia. Discover the capital Ulaanbaatar, ... Read more >
From £2,448 excluding flights
Up to £270 off. Late availability on these dates: 08 May, 15 May, 22 May, 10 Jul, 17 Jul, 24 Jul

Balkan adventure holiday

Take a couple of weeks to unearth an area of Europe on the cusp of Asia where the modern world collides with the old and a Balkan holiday becomes packed full of cultural adventures. Following a centuries old overland route from Budapest to Dubrovnik, via Belgrade and Sarajevo, lets you unlock the secrets of a lesser-visited region with rural landscapes and the healing properties of the natural world all adding to the attraction for Balkan holiday makers and locals alike. Virtually untouched by modern tourism and revelling in tradition and cultural identity, this area of Eastern Europe is an absolute must for cultural travellers with historical intrigue and dusk till dawn attitude placing ... Read more >
From £820 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 08 May, 05 Jun, 24 Jul

India small group holiday, a food adventure

If you’ve always wanted to embark on India group tours like the Marigold Hotel on tour then this two week food adventure holiday is most definitely for you. Taking in the tastes and smells of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur starts this India group tour as it means to go on with further travel by train from Udaipur to Mumbai and then by plane to the beaches of Goa, enabling foodies to make the most of their time in the most efficient way possible. This is your chance to experience the spirituality and heritage of Rajasthan through traditional methods of cooking, with street food, homemade dishes and fresh fish suppers colliding into one gorgeously gastronomic fortnight on an India group tour. Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights

Burma sailing holiday, the Mergui archipelago

Departing from Phuket in Thailand, this Burma sailing holiday takes you to an aquatic playground that is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. While the backpackers, honeymooners and day-spa crowds have swarmed to the beaches of Thailand and Bali, Burma’s remote Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago has remained almost frozen in time since the days of the early colonial explorers. Difficult to reach and well-off the tourist trails, it’s made up of 800 islands, many uninhabited. Sailing around them, you’ll meet local fishermen and spend time with the Moken, a nomadic seafaring community. There is a wealth of pristine coastline with startling white beaches backed by jungly forests for you to explore. ... Read more >
From £1,775 excluding flights

Rio Carnival holiday, Brazil

Samba dance in the streets of Rio on a carnival holiday in Brazil that’s as much about the party spirit as it is about unearthing some of the most iconic landmarks in the whole of Latin America. A Rio Carnival holiday will leave you in no doubt as to the relationship between Brazil and bringing home the good vibrations, with the sound of steel drums echoing long into the night and well after the suntan finally fades. From samba steps to conga lines, a Rio Carnival holiday brings out the Brazilian in everyone to complement a colourful celebration of all things fun and fabulous, which will leave reveller in no uncertain terms as to the never-ending love affair between Rio de Janeiro and its ... Read more >
From £1,690 excluding flights

Mexico & Cuba Tour

Take your time to really get under the skin of Latin America as you experience the very best of two of the region's cultural heavyweights on a tour of Cuba and Mexico. A winning combination of historical settings, sun-drenched beaches and cultural encounters make this three week tour of fun really something to write home about with Mexico City, Oaxaca and Palenque all blending into one amazing Mexico tour prior to heading to the highlights of Cuba. Traditional market places, iconic pyramids and temples, plus the downright hedonistic ambience of Playa del Carmen help to create a very well-balanced itinerary with a flight to Cuba providing an efficient means of swapping locations as you get ... Read more >
From £4,065 excluding flights

Cycling holiday in Sri lanka

This two week cycling holiday in Sri Lanka is a wonderful way to get to know this beautiful island. Follow the west coast north and then loop inland to explore the lush hill country, before dropping back down to the coast for some time relaxing on the beach. You’ll pedal through fishing villages, jungle landscapes and tea plantations in a round trip that takes you from Negombo to Colombo. Vehicle transfers will move you and your bike to each perfect cycling destination and there’s plenty of time for exploring temples and ancient sites on foot. Each ride is typically about 40km long, with some longer routes included. The itinerary also includes cycling-free days, on the coast, in Kandy and ... Read more >
From £1,460 excluding flights

2019 solar eclipse tour in Chile

We are offering to view the total solar eclipse in Chile, accompanied by astronomer Dr John Mason, a highly respected expert on eclipses. Read more >
From £2,350 excluding flights

Myanmar sailing expedition 15 days

This two week Myanmar sailing expedition around the Mergui or Myeik Archipelago is one of the most outstanding maritime odysseys you can hope for not just in former Burma but in SE Asia. Unknown to most people there are over 800 islands in this archipelago, many of which are either uninhabited or if they are, with communities who still lead traditional maritime lives with traditions that stretch back centuries. Such as the boat-dwelling Moken sea gypsies. Starting in Phuket, you will spend ten days at sea on board a stunning catamaran, stopping at pristine beaches, ancient forested islands and reefs that are heavenly to snorkel or swim around. Here you will see whale sharks and dugongs, ... Read more >
From £1,317 excluding flights

Chile solar eclipse tour in 2019

We are offering to view the total solar eclipse in Chile, accompanied by astronomer Dr John Mason, a highly respected expert on eclipses. Read more >
From £4,815 excluding flights

Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia cruise

This Antarctica cruise, or expedition really, starts in Buenos Aires where you spend a night in a hotel to recover from your journey and take in the great capital city. From here, you fly south with your fellow passengers to Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city. This is where you board your polar expedition ship, Ocean Endeavour, which accommodates maximum 199 passengers in ensuite cabins, has plenty of observation deck space, lecture facilities and a spa with heated salt water pool. You will be spending most of your time outdoors, of course, watching out for the spectacular wildlife that awaits. After crossing the Beagle Channel, the Falkland Islands are not only of historical interest ... Read more >
From £11,200 excluding flights

Thailand beach tour, West Coast

This Thailand beach tour is a nine day trip through peninsular paradise. Starting in busy Bangkok , where you have a day to explore its myriad highlights, be transported into another world by taking the sleeper train (yes they are air conditioned!) from the capital all the way south to Surat Thani. From here we head to the resort town of Ao Nang in the Krabi Province. Krabi is the place to enjoy swimming, kayaking, climbing the limestone cliffs and scuba diving. We spread our wings further afield and spend two days on the island of Ko Yao Noi, just one example of the limestone islands sprinkled around Phang-Nga Bay. Snorkel, take a boat trip, swim and chill. And then have a massage on ... Read more >
From £815 excluding flights

Mexico small group holiday, a food adventure

This nine day Mexico small group holiday is not only a journey around some of Mexico’s finest cities but also a delicious food adventure. Because so much of Mexican culture revolves around food, and drink of course. Starting in Mexico City, we feast from morning until night, from breakfast bakeries, to taco street food to mezcal bars. While leaving you plenty of time to explore the archaeological and architectural gems of this great city at your own pace. From the main capital city to Puebla, which is considered the foodie capital by many, and which you will discover on a culinary tour that allows us to gorge on dishes that have both Spanish and pre-Hispanic influences. Puebla is also a ... Read more >
From £1,260 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 26 May, 21 Jul

Croatia central coast cruise

This eight day Croatia central coast cruise takes you slowly down the beautiful Dalmatian coastline, with plenty of time to relax on board ship as well as to explore medieval towns, castles and national parks on dry land. After setting sail from the lively city of Split, you’ll visit the 15th century Kamerlengo fortress at Trogir, swim and kayak around the 89 islands of Kornati National Park, hike through Plitvice Lakes National Park and visit Sibenik, where you’ll eat traditional food at an agriturismo and sample the wines at one of the country’s leading vineyards. For the duration of this trip you’ll be on board the Peregrine Dalmatia, a motor yacht sleeping up to 31 guests. There’s a ... Read more >
From £1,570 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 16 Jul

Croatia Coastal cruising holiday

Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is home to plenty of impressive beaches – we’re talking the official second cleanest in Europe. Imagine the sun warming you while you lean over the side of a boat – just peacefully watching the clear ocean wash against limestone cliffs and pebbly shores as you pass on by. This eight day cruise offers plenty of that idle relaxation, broken up with exciting activities like a river cruise and a dip in the waterfalls of the the Krka National Park or expeditions like a winery trip near romantic Korcula to for those who find relaxation at the bottom of a wine glass. Get a taste of what the Dalmatian Coast has to offer on this exciting and varied cruise adventure. Read more >
From £1,690 excluding flights
Late availability on these dates: 23 Jul
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