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Laos holiday, Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars

Our 1 week highlights of Laos tour includes the World Heritage Sites of Luang Prabang, nestled in the mountains aside the Mekong with its well-preserved French colonial architecture and magnificent ancient temples plus the remote and enigmatic Plain of Jars. We’ll begin in Luang Prabang where we explore some of the town’s sites and winding lanes as well as the colourful local markets and picturesque surrounding countryside including the Pak Ou Cave Temples and Kuang Si Waterfall. From here we’ll travel through the mountains, past traditional minority villages, to the far northeast and the mysterious and picturesque Plain of Jars before taking a short domestic flight to the laid-back modern ...Read more >
From £825 including domestic flights only

Cambodia photography holiday

Images of Cambodia is a fully guided, small group, photography tour of Cambodia led by one of our experienced professional travel photographers. The tour is open to anyone from beginners or casual amateurs up to budding pros. For the former, hands-on, individual teaching, assistance and tips are available while, for the latter, our knowledgeable photo guides will do their best to ensure you get to the right place at the right time. Unlike many photo specials, the emphasis on this tour is not only the famous sites and iconic clichés but everyday village and rural images as well as getting behind the scenes with street-life and local markets. The intention is genuine travel photography and, ...Read more >
From £2,000 excluding flights

Northern Thailand and Laos cultural holiday

Our 2-week Golden Triangle – Thailand and Laos Tour – takes you overland from Chiang Mai through the remote and picturesque mountains of the infamous Golden Triangle to Laos’s UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang. Once reputed for opium caravans and drug-funded warlords, today this region is known for picturesque landscapes and colourful minority, hill-tribe, peoples. We’ll travel north from charming Chiang Mai through the mountains to Chiang Rai town and discover some of the area’s famous and lesser-known sites before heading to the small town of Chiang Khong on the banks of the Mekong – our crossing point into the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. From here our tour takes you ...Read more >
From £1,910 including domestic flights only

Family holidays to Vietnam

A special 2-week, fully accompanied Vietnam family tour taking you, by way of no less than 6 World Heritage sites, from Hanoi to Saigon and the Mekong Delta in the far south. Beginning in Hanoi’s bustling Old Quarter we’ll head for the spectacular karst scenery of Halong Bay for an overnight cruise aboard a traditional-style junk and on to equally awe-inspiring Trang An to explore, by boat and bicycle, the ‘Halong of the Paddy-fields’. From here a ride on the famous ‘Unification Express’ takes us to UNESCO-listed Phong Nga National Park to kayak through some of Southeast Asia’s largest and most spectacular caves and stay in poolside chalets on a local pepper farm. Continuing south ...Read more >
From £1,425 including domestic flights only

Photography tour in Laos

Our Images of Laos, photography special, is a fascinating, varied and comprehensive 2-week tour of Laos accompanied by a professional travel photographer. It’s aimed at anyone from beginners, who’ll receive hands-on, individual assistance, advice and tips to budding pros who’ll we’ll endeavor, to the best of our abilities, to get to the right place at the right time. As with all our Southeast Asia photography tours the intention is to show you the everyday scenes - street-life, local markets and villages – as well as the famous sites and magnificent landscapes. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to sample the wonderful local cuisine and meet the exceptionally friendly inhabitants ...Read more >
From £2,995 including domestic flights only

Small group tour of Yunnan, China

Discover an intriguing and little visited region of China on this small group tour of Yunnan. This remote province in the south of China borders Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam and Laos and is incredibly diverse, both in terms of its culture and its landscapes. The province is ethnically highly diverse, with more than 25 different ethnic minorities living here, alongside numerous minor groups. In the far south, there are tropical jungles where elephants roam freely, while way up in the north, discover the snowy mountains and yaks of the Tibetan Plateau. There is no shortage of dramatic and extraordinary natural sights to explore and admire, such as the Stone Forest, Tiger Leaping Gorge and the ...Read more >
From £1,950 excluding flights

Cambodia holiday, beyond Angkor

Our comprehensive, 12-day, small group Cambodia tour, Beyond Angkor, takes in the country's iconic destinations, including all 3 of its UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as plenty of lesser-known, yet equally fascinating, sites often overlooked by the majority of travellers to this little-known region of Indochina. Beginning in the vibrant riverside capital Phnom Penh we'll travel, via the 7th-century capital, now UNESCO World Heritage Site - Sambor Prei Kuk - to Siem Reap and the world-famous temples of Angkor. From here we'll head off-piste to hike the Pilgrim's Way' to scared Kulen Mountain, head to the Thai border and Anlong Veng, a former Khmer Rouge stronghold and admire the ...Read more >
From £1,375 including domestic flights only

Cambodia highlights tour, 7 days

Our 7-day Highlights of Cambodia tour, is an exciting and varied adventure taking you overland through this still little-known country from the vibrant capital Phnom Penh to the fabulous World Heritage, jungle-clad temples of Angkor. Beginning in the sometimes chaotic, yet charming, modern-day capital of Phnom Penh on the banks of the Tonle Sap River, we’ll visit some of the city’s iconic sites, the Royal Palace, Russian Market and, French Quarter, as well as learning about its tragic recent history at the Killing Fields and S21 Museum. We’ll also have time to take in the bustling street-life, local markets and sumptuous local cuisine before travelling overland past traditional villages ...Read more >
From £795 excluding flights

Burma tour, encompassed

'Famous Sites and Hidden Secrets' is an in-depth Burma (Myanmar) tour, taking you from the glittering pagodas of Mandalay and myriad hill-tribe peoples of the Shan Plateau to the pristine coastline of the far south. The majestic World Heritage temples of ancient Bagan and serene landscapes and floating gardens of Lake Inle are perhaps the country’s most iconic sights yet gravity-defying Golden Rock, the dramatic karst scenery of Karen State and fading colonial splendour of the old Bay of Bengal ports of Moulmein and Tavoy (today Mawlamyine and Dawei) offer equally fascinating, yet far less known, destinations. This comprehensive Burma (Myanmar) tour will reveal the amazing diversity of the ...Read more >
From £2,825 including domestic flights only

Sri Lanka photography tour

Wonderful and highly varied landscapes, rich and accessible fauna, vibrant local markets and street-life plus World Heritage ancient cities and temples make the delightful island of Sri Lanka a photographer's paradise. This 2-week Sri Lanka photography tour is accompanied by a professional travel photographer offering hands-on tips and advice for beginners as well as ensuring, to the best of their abilities, that the more experienced get to the right place at the right time. Subject matter covers a huge range and, as usual on our special photography tours, our emphasis will be on combining the famous, iconic sites with the lesser-known ones and the spectacular World Heritage destinations ...Read more >
From £2,475 excluding flights

Malaysia holiday, Kuala Lumpur to Penang

Discover the varied history, rich cultural heritage and magnificent landscapes of the Malay Peninsula, as well as its vibrant contemporary street-life and fantastic cuisine on our 8-day Malaysia World Heritage tour. The strategically located Malay Peninsula has been the hub of maritime trade between China and India for some 2,000 years and today shows ancient Buddhist and Hindu remains as well as encompassing more recent Portuguese, Dutch and British influences creating exceptionally rich architectural and historical traditions. With the influx of Tamil, Sikh and Bengalis during the British period and the unique Straights Chinese culture Malaysia’s contemporary mix is every bit as ...Read more >
From £1,015 excluding flights

Sri Lanka tour, off the beaten track

This exciting Sri Lanka tour - Ancient Cities and the Hill Country - is a fascinating 2-week guided tour of the central and northern regions of this wonderful island. We’ll take in no less than 7 of the country’s 8 UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites while also finding the time to venture into some of Sri Lanka’s lesser-known parts. We include the picturesque Hill Country and Horton Plains National Park, the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, the cave temples at Dambulla, Sigiriya rock fortress and the historic towns of Galle and Kandy while also travelling to off the beaten track destinations such as the ancient port of Trincomalee – long off-limits due to the tragic civil war – Wilpattu ...Read more >
From £1,545 excluding flights

Cambodia holidays, Phnom Penh & Angkor

Our Cambodia Overland tour will show you the fabulous, World Heritage jungle ruins of Angkor as well as revealing more recent tragic history at Phnom Penh’s infamous Killing Fields but there’s much, much more to experience on our fascinating and varied 10-day tour of this still little-known nation. You’ll also experience the bustling street-life and vibrant local markets of Cambodia’s hectic, chaotic, but fun capital Phnom Penh; have time to check out the cafes and handicrafts of charming Siem Reap and travel by boat across the vast Tonle Sap Lake and past the unique floating villages of the Sangkar River on route to the provincial town of Battambang. There we’ll meet the local residents ...Read more >
From £945 excluding flights

Laos and Vietnam holiday, Luang Prabang to Hanoi

Our exciting and unique 2-week Laos and Vietnam tour – Mountains and Hill-tribes – begins in the ancient Lao capital, now World Heritage Site, Luang Prabang and takes you overland through the remote highlands of northeastern Laos and northwestern Vietnam to finish in Hanoi’s vibrant and colourful Old Quarter. Little over 100 years ago much of this remote region of Indochina was a still just a complete blank on the map and even today, despite possessing some of Southeast Asia’s most spectacular scenery and traditional minority villages, remains unknown to much of the outside world. Our tour begins with an exploration of the ancient temples and colonial architecture of charming and ...Read more >
From £1,890 excluding flights

Sri Lanka holiday, island explorer

Our exciting and highly varied 2-week Sri Lanka tour, ‘Island of Serendipity’, takes in ancient cities, mountain, forest and coastal landscapes, national parks, fabulous temples and of course the everyday street-life and local markets with plenty of opportunities to meet the exceptionally friendly inhabitants and sample the fantastic Sri Lankan curries. Destinations along the way include no less than 6 of the country’s UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites as well as plenty of the lesser-known sites as well. Among the tour’s varying activities are wildlife jeep safaris through Yala National Park, a hike to World’s End in Horton Plains National Park, exploring the jungle-clad ruined temples of ...Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights

South Burma tour

The celebrated temples of Mandalay, spectacular World Heritage Bagan and sublime landscapes of Lake Inle offer a fantastic introduction to this still little-known country yet many, equally spectacular sites are far less known as you’ll discover on this 2-week, off the beaten track, South Burma (Myanmar) tour. After a sunrise at the Golden Rock and overnight stay in a summit mountain lodge, we’ll take you to the awe-inspiring karst landscapes of Hpa-an and Karen State before travelling by boat down the picturesque Salween River to Mawlamyine, former Moulmein. “By the old Moulmein pagoda lookin’ lazy at the sea” was the opening line of Kipling’s famous poem, Road to Mandalay, and we’ll catch ...Read more >
From £1,750 including domestic flights only

Mekong adventure holiday, Laos & Cambodia

This in depth Laos tour, ‘Far North to Far South’, takes you through the heart of Indochina from Luang Prabang in Laos to Cambodia’s Siem Reap by way of no less than 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’ll follow the mighty Mekong River from the ancient temples and well-preserved colonial architecture of the former Lao capital Luang Prabang, nestled in the mountains, via laid-back, riverside Vientiane all the way to the picturesque 4,000 Islands and the awe-inspiring Khone Phapaeng Falls along the Lao-Cambodian border in the far south. We’ll detour to, among other sites, the remote and enigmatic Plain of Jars, the plantations and minorities of the Boloven Plateau and the spectacular ...Read more >
From £2,275 including domestic flights only

Hanoi to Saigon small group tour

A fascinating 16-day Vietnam tour, travelling south from Hanoi to Saigon and the Mekong Delta by way of the World Heritage Sites of Halong Bay, Trang An, Phong Nha, Hue and Hoi An. We’ll explore the narrow lanes and local cafes of Hanoi’s bustling Old Quarter; stay overnight on a traditional-style wooden boat amid the dramatic scenery of Halong Bay and discover the spectacular karst landscapes of Trang An - ‘Halong in the Rice Fields’. Heading south - with an overnight ride on the famous ‘Unification Express’ - we’ll hike through some of the truly awe-inspiring caverns of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, home to what’s considered the World’s largest cave system and travel up the Perfume ...Read more >
From £1,740 including domestic flights only

Sumatra to Bali tour

This fascinating and varied tour takes you across the vast Indonesian Archipelago by road, rail, boat and air from out starting point in Sumatra, across the island of Java to our finishing point at Bali’s Denpasar. On the way you’ll have the chance to spot wild orangutans in the Sumatran rainforest, stay on an island in Lake Toba, explore Java’s old towns of Yogyakarta, Solo and Malang, discover the World Heritage sites of Borobudur and Prambanan and take a dawn jeep ride to the summit of Bromo volcano. Among our wide range of destinations and landscapes activities include jungle trekking in UNESCO-listed Gunung Leuser, travelling by boat and jeep through the forest and mangroves of Alas ...Read more >
From £2,075 including domestic flights only

Burma photography tour

Images of Burma is our 2-week special photography tour of Burma (Myanmar) accompanied by one of our professional travel photographers. The tour is aimed at anyone with an interest in travel and photography from the most experienced to complete beginners and provides hands-on, one-to-one tuition, advice and tips for the latter and in the former case, doing our best to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time. We’ll also cover as wide a range of subjects as possible (easy to do in such a diverse country as Burma) and we’ll take in the varied landscapes, from serene Lake Inle and the mountains of the Shan Plateau to the fabulous temples of World Heritage Bagan as well as everyday ...Read more >
From £2,450 including domestic flights only
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