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Self-guided cycling holiday in Switzerland

Experience the essence of Switzerland on a cycling tour from the French-speaking section all the way to the German-speaking part. Yes, this means plenty of cheese (you’ll stop in Gruyères, home of the famed Gruyère cheese) and plenty of chocolate. Trust us, the Swiss have good taste (buds)! You’ll pedal through noted vineyards and famous cheese-producing villages, tour medieval castles and visit Gothic cathedrals, look up at towering mountain peaks and look down at shimmering alpine lakes, and lodge every night in top-rated towns bursting with beautiful views and delicious dining opportunities. Start in Geneva, a multicultural jewel where you’ll overhear many languages aside from French. ... Read more >
From €925 excluding flights

Geneva to Lyon self guided cycling holiday, France

Long before rickety railways and rushing roads, the Rhône River connected the region’s most important cities. Consequently, this dazzling azure artery, stealthily snaking through the Swiss Alps into southern France, is home to a wealth of quaint villages, historic chateaux and spectacular scenic spots. The “Via Rhôna” project is a bicycle path created from Lake Geneva to France’s Mediterranean beaches. The project is still “in progress” but it is a huge accomplishment for France as it currently includes 700 km (435 miles) of cycling path and runs through 12 different French counties. We happen to think this makes for a perfect cycling tour! Our seven-day cycling itinerary allows you to ... Read more >
From €885 excluding flights

Italy cycling holiday, Matera to Lecce

If Mediterranean sunshine and flavorful cuisine are what you crave, Italy is the obvious destination choice. Not so visible are the cities of the southeastern peninsula, in Apulia (Puglia in Italian) — Sassi di Matera, Alberobello, Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli — that are off the beaten tourist track (for now!) One of Italy’s best-kept secrets, Apulia is home to an incredible mix of natural beauty and historic relics, plus two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cyclists in Apulia enjoy virtually traffic-free country roads over mostly flat terrain, some of which follow the coastline while others cover the lush inland plateaus. Whether you want to stop for a swim, enjoy a coffee in the piazza, or ... Read more >
From €740 excluding flights

Provence self guided cycling tour, Avignon to Cassis

While larger Mediterranean cities and celebrity hot spots may get lots of hype, the glistening azure coastline and rainbow-hued houses are no less eye-popping in Cassis. This quiet seaside town remains a working fishing port, which makes it all the more appealing to us as the highlight of our tour — we like quiet, character-filled places that haven’t surrendered to time or progress or the pressure of hectic modern lives! The route to Cassis is truly as blissful as the destination. Imagine riding by a mountain cloaked in holy legend (Saint Baume), past the sunny yellow buildings of Aix-en-Provence, through scenes captured so beautifully by Cézanne (Mont Saint-Victoire), and Van Gogh during ... Read more >
From €915 excluding flights

Self guided cycling short break in Switzerland and France

Cycling in Switzerland doesn’t get any better than the landscapes surrounding Lake Geneva. This three-day self-guided itinerary through Switzerland and France allows cyclists to experience the very best cycling routes and mountain views over a short break. The chance to cycle an average 45kms a day is sure to put you through your paces, though the relatively flat gradients around lakesides, mountain foothills and the La Cote vineyards ensure leisurely riding as opposed to challenging ascents. Experience it all on your bike, all at your own pace: wine-making villages and medieval architecture; the sophistication of Geneva, and the charming French town of Yvoire. Sensational scenery and ... Read more >
From €380 excluding flights

Lavender fields cycling holiday in the South of France

Embrace the wonderful colors and perfume-like aroma of Provence’s favorite fragrant bloom on a cycling tour through lavender fields. Our itinerary is a celebration of lavender in all its forms, whether cultivated by locals or growing wild in the fields, in soaps and oils or even in edible treats. Located between the Alps and Provence, our lavender route highlights both regions. With an exceptional Provençal climate, it is very typical for the region to receive about 300 days of sun per year. The true draw of this region, however, is the unmistakable and calming aroma of endless lavender fields combined with pure Alpine-fresh mountain air — an invigorating aroma for an active holiday with ... Read more >
From €695 excluding flights

Provence cycling tour, France

Originally designed for a private group who gave their ‘seal of approval’ on the itinerary, we’ve welcomed clubs and individuals looking for an in-depth challenging tour of Provence. In fact, this itinerary is so well loved, it’s been featured in magazines and on websites like CyclingPlus! Mix quality miles with Provence’s show-stopping scenery and you have one unforgettable journey. We can only recommend it to fit riders who can comfortably cover 90 to 100 km per day (50 to 60 miles). Over 8 days, you’ll make a grand tour of Avignon, Uzès, Orange, Mont Ventoux, Sault, Venasque, Bédoin, Roussillon, Les Baux, Saint-Rémy, and Arles… and that’s just a sample! On this self-guided journey, ... Read more >
From €1,085 excluding flights

Alsace cycling holiday in Northern France

With more than 4,000 kilometers (2,485 miles) of greenways, bikeways, bicycle paths, and lanes, Alsace is France’s most bike-friendly region. Young, old, fast, and slow riders share this extensive network that links places of amazing beauty, making cycling the best way — by far — to visit this very unique region of France. And unique it certainly is! Long disputed over by France and Germany, Alsace has inherited traits and characteristics of both cultures and countries and blended them together to create its own special world. Keep your ears open and you’ll hear not French… not German… but the Alsatian tongue. Our Classic Alsace tour celebrates the elements that make Alsace one of a ... Read more >
From €780 excluding flights

Mont Saint Michel self guided cycling tours in Normandy & Brittany

Visualize yourself wheeling across vast expanses of flat farmland when suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, you spot something floating in the distance: a magnificent spire reaching toward the heavens, extending above tiers of weathered stone resting on a rocky island. This is one of France’s most recognizable and most breath-taking historic sites, Mont-Saint-Michel. Though the towering island of Mont-Saint-Michel, its ancient abbey, and its serene bay are the major highlight of this tour, the sites you’ll see on the other five days of your cycling tour are no less exceptional! Starting and ending in the walled port city of Saint-Malo, your journey will take you through the lovely and ... Read more >
From €695 excluding flights

Provence self guided cycling holiday, Ventoux & Luberon

This six-day, self-guided bike tour allows you to explore the heart of Provence at your own pace. Beginning in Bédoin or Mazan and ending in Roussillon or Gargas, this bicycle tour features relatively short daily rides, allowing you to fully experience Provence rather than to just see it. Highlights include visits to some of Provence’s most acclaimed wine-making towns — Vacqueyas, Gigondas, Beaumes de Venise — stops in several of France’s “most beautiful villages — Séguret, Gordes, Roussillon — and options to climb legendary Mont Ventoux, or snake through Gorges de la Nesque. In between, you’ll lodge in timeless villages and enjoy local cuisine. One needs a fairly good fitness level to ... Read more >
From €995 excluding flights

Alps cycling holiday, Geneva to Alpe d'Huez

This award-winning cycling tour (one of our favorites) takes place in our playground — we’re based right across the border from Geneva, in France! This extraordinary journey will take you from the shores of Lake Geneva to the world-famous alpine resort of Alpe d'Huez. In between, you'll climb some of France's most famous cols: Colombiere, Aravis, Saisies, Madeleine, Telegraphe, Galibier, and Alpe d'Huez. Note that this tour can also be organized for cycling clubs and private groups on a request basis. For these, we will tailor the itinerary and provide appropriate support based on the group's fitness level. This tour can also be combined with some of the cyclo-sportives and gran fondo in ... Read more >
From €825 excluding flights

Catalonia cycling holiday

Costa Brava literally translates to “wild coast,” which is exactly what you can expect from Catalonia’s extraordinary rugged coastline. From pristine sandy beaches to small rocky coves, traveling over mountains, across plains, and through forests, this week you’ll discover the diverse terrain that Catalonia has to offer. Never farther than 40 km (25 miles) from the coast, this region provides the luxury of a dry and warm-to-hot climate where you can cycle year-round. Catalonia is filled with natural parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, medieval villages, monasteries, castles, and scenery that have inspired some of the most talented artists and patrons throughout history. Catalonia’s most ... Read more >
From €905 excluding flights

Dordogne cycling tour, France

On one of our most popular cycling tours of Dordogne, you’ll discover the quintessential towns and historic landmarks of Périgord and Quercy. Whether by wheel or on foot, you’re free to explore prehistoric dwellings, Roman ruins, medieval castles, and some of France’s official ‘most beautiful’ villages. You’ll get up close and personal with the natural elements that give this corner of France its particular character: rivers that cut through limestone cliffs, rock formations, and caves, rolling hills, immaculate farmland, fairytale forests, and more. You’ll dine as the locals do, feasting on rich and hearty portions of foie gras, goose, duck, walnuts, truffles, and boudin noir. We’ve ... Read more >
From €830 excluding flights

Beaujolais self guided cycling holiday, France

Come and experience all that the Beaujolais region has to offer! (And no, it’s not just wine!) This beautiful region offers a wide variety of terrains for cycling and many historical sites, as well as vineyards for as far as the eye can see. Stop and picnic in the shade of a castle, or take a break and do a wine tasting. It’s the beauty of self-guided tours; the choice is up to you! This region is ideal for riders that are hoping to do some serious, yet relaxed cycling. You will experience many different towns in the Beaujolais region, each with its own beauty and charm. With an average distance of 70 km (approx. 45 miles) per day, it is a relatively athletic tour, designed for riders in ... Read more >
From €865 excluding flights

Catalonia cycling tours, beach & mountains

This is one of those rare bike tours that combine beaches with mountains, making it easy to understand why so many professional riders make this region their home base. Over the span of eight days you’ll skirt the clear, lapping waters of the Mediterranean Sea along Spain’s famed Costa Brava. You’ll pedal through the jagged reaches of the Pyrenees Mountains while crisscrossing the border of Spain and France and visiting tiny medieval villages. You’ll sample wines from world-class vineyards, wheel through thick forests dotted with castles and even pass dormant volcanoes. You’ll see firsthand the dramatic settings that inspired such artistic heavyweights as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and ... Read more >
From €1,170 excluding flights

Gastronomic cycling tour in Catalonia, Spain

Prepare your taste buds for a seven-day cycling tour focusing on the culinary delights of inland Catalonia. There’s more to Catalonia than the coast, as you’ll see when wheeling through natural parks lush in greenery. The never-ending sunshine and mineral-rich soil from (now extinct) volcanoes lend themselves to growing the sumptuous vegetables gracing the dinner table. Medieval villages with narrow cobblestone streets are home to cafés, farmhouses and restaurants serving traditional meals. Girona, the antique capital of Catalonia, is where classic and modern tastes converge — but local produce is always the focal point! Because this is a leisurely self-guided tour, you’ll be able to set ... Read more >
From €1,295 excluding flights

Normandy cycling holidays, France

Using our many years of bike touring experience, we designed this tour to include some of the world’s greatest historic landmarks. Beginning in Bayeux and finishing in the shadows of Mont-Saint Michel, this eight-day bicycle tour lets you experience all the wonders of Normandy. Among the many highlights include the D-Day landing beaches, the military cemeteries in Colleville-sur-Mer and La Cambe, and the stunning island of Mont-Saint-Michel. We took care to include off-the-beaten-tourist-path coastal towns and historic villages, places where you’ll be sure to enjoy the region’s culinary specialties, and experience Normandy’s mythical countryside. All the rides are relatively short, making ... Read more >
From €945 excluding flights

South of France self guided cycling tour

Our most comprehensive, moderate-level Provence cycling tour showcases the best of this unforgettable region, making it a perfect fit for those who’ve never been to Provence before — and even those who have! Unlike other tourists who rush to take it all in from a bus seat, you'll discover them at your own pace, on a bicycle, away from traffic and on quiet roads. This self-guided bicycle itinerary you to some of the best-known places in Provence, such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Saint-Remy, Les Baux, Tarascon, Arles, Gordes, and Roussillon. Since they’re scattered in different corners — the Luberon, the Alpilles, and the Côtes-du-Rhône, to be precise — we worked hard to connect them all on ... Read more >
From €890 excluding flights

France cycling tour in the Arles countryside

Perhaps our most popular cycling tour in Provence, The Arles Countryside is an itinerary designed to thrill. We know the very best way to be dazzled by Provence is to experience it on the seat of a bicycle, when nothing comes between you and the warm breeze blowing intoxicating aromas in your direction. If you think the charms of Provence are too good to be true, this tour will change your mind! Be prepared to cycle uphill, downhill, and even back in time. The Alpilles region, with its cypresses and olive trees, may remind you of Greece, while the well-preserved Pont-du-Gard and the Arles Theater will take you back to ancient Roman times. At your own pace, stop to visit abbeys, castles, ... Read more >
From €630 excluding flights

Provence self guided cycling holiday, Gastronomic

“Bien manger et bien boire” or “eat well and drink well” is more than just a phrase — it’s a way of life in Provence! Our beloved itinerary takes you on a tour of Drôme and Provence to feed all your senses. Along the way, you’ll meet colorful locals, whether it’s the chef in charge of your optional cooking lesson or the sommelier explaining the differences between different vintages. Everyone here is in love with the culinary heritage, and visitors are welcome to immerse themselves in their traditions. A gastronomic tour by bike allows you to combine two passions — food and cycling — and provides just the right number of hills to justify over-indulging in gourmet delights at dinnertime. ... Read more >
From €1,035 excluding flights
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