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Cycling tour of Colombia

Colombia is an amazing holiday destination! As a cycle touring destination - it is as good as it gets. Colombia has a jagged history with the 1980s and 90s well-known as a time of international drug war, civil military conflict and basic lack of security. But it has recently experienced an astonishing turn around. We feel safe walking the streets in Bogata at night and we experience nothing but honest, kind and welcoming people. If ever there was a land of diversity - Colombia is it! We cycle through thriving cities and friendly cowboy towns; vast coffee growing regions, tropics, jungle, semi-desert and Andean alpine environments. Colombia has every type of growing climate. In hot and ...Read more >
From NZ $6,990 excluding flights

Cambodia cycling tour

Sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is a melting pot of South East Asian culture, scenery and cuisine. The local people are friendly – having struggled through years of bloodshed and political instability, Cambodia is one of those places that you come away from full of admiration and affection for the people. In Cambodia we set out to create a tropical cycle tour with predominantly flat riding, laced with loads of interesting things to see and do and finishing each day with tasty food and great accommodation. Our tour begins in Siem Reap in the north and as we wind our way south we get all that and more. We cycle past the famous Ankor Wat temples, check out floating villages ...Read more >
From NZ $5,350 excluding flights

Namibia cycling tour

Imagine cycling in one of the world's least densely populated countries. In a land of sublime landscapes that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. With fascinating desert-adapted plants and animals and jaw-dropping natural wonders that you’ll never forget. Namibia's scenery and sights are as astonishing as they are varied, ranging from the world’s oldest desert – a vast and beautiful wilderness that covers much of the country to rugged granite mountains adorned with ancient rock art. We can't wait to show you the north of Namibia - home to the country's greatest wildlife, including free roaming desert rhino and elephant and the fabulous Etosha National Park. We'll put together ...Read more >
From NZ $6,600 excluding flights

Marlborough cycling holiday in New Zealand

Welcome to the Top of the South Island! The Marlborough Molesworth Epic is a 620km journey, starting and finishing in our hometown Nelson. We created the tour using a mixture of classic cycle touring routes and some our favourite incredibly scenic off the beaten track, and otherwise hard to get to riding routes in our very own backyard! You will explore mystery locations in the Marlborough Sounds, by boat and bike. Meander between vineyards, where the famous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is created. Then, get your legs spinning as we tackle the classic bike packing route of the Molesworth Station to Hanmer Springs. Using cycle trail and parts of the 'Tour Aotearoa' touring route we are ...Read more >
From NZ $6,400 excluding flights

New Zealand cycling tour, South Island

This epic cycling trip takes you off road on New Zealand’s rocky mountain bike trails. You’ll go all the way across South Island using its most picturesque cycle routes. South Island of New Zealand is known for its big tourist sites – people flock to look at the scenery, but you’ll be experiencing its every undulation. Over 20 days, you’ll cycle 1,410km, down South Island from the town of Picton to the town of Bluff. You’ll be roughly following the South Island stretch of the Tour Aotearoa route, a cycling route designed in 2016 by the Kennett Brothers, two New Zealand mountain bikers and cyclists. Your tour leader will throw in a few other experiences along the way. This tour is fully ...Read more >
From NZ $8,950 excluding flights

Cape to Cape cycle ride in New Zealand

The Cape to Cape is a 1050km cycle route from the most eastern point of the north Island rather indirectly to the western most point at Cape Egmont. It is a ride that will take you into the thick of the north island’s most remote, rugged and off the beaten track towns; while making sure we experience every detail of the undulating topography. The Cape to Cape route created by the Kennett Brothers is known as the Kopiko Aotearoa. This wonderful ride makes use of as many of New Zealand's off road cycle trails and quiet back roads as possible. We are offering a fully supported version of the Cape to Cape so that you can enjoy the ride - without the hassle of carrying your gear or finding ...Read more >
From NZ $6,750 excluding flights

Cycle the whole of New Zealand

Do you hear adventure calling? Then there aren’t many better ways to spend six weeks than cycling the length of a country as beautiful as New Zealand. This small group cycle tour follows a 2,950km route which uses off road New Zealand cycle trails. It goes all the way from Cape Reinga, at the top of North Island, to Bluff at the bottom of South Island. You’ll use pedal power alone – except for the help of a couple of ferries. As you’ll imagine, there are a lot of highlights over six weeks. Not much beats the memorable first leg cycling on the sand on ‘90 mile beach’, or whizzing across the suspension bridges of the Timber Trail, or paying a visit to Hobbiton. Once you get to South ...Read more >
From NZ $18,200 excluding flights

Kyrgyzstan cycling holiday

Explore wild and beautiful Kyrgyzstan on this unique 14-day cycling holiday. This is a country of fast-flowing rivers, lakes, endless grasslands and snow-capped mountains – no wonder it’s nicknamed the Switzerland of Central Asia. But there’s more than just stunning landscape to explore by bike. Factor in the friendly people, interesting history, rich culture and great (and not so great) vodka and it’s the perfect recipe for a truly unique and adventurous cycling break. We spent time researching and exploring, to discover the best places and sights in Kyrgyzstan, and we have devised a cycle tour that gives a real insight into the ‘Land of the Kyrgyz’, one of the first of the ’Stans to gain ...Read more >
From NZ $6,550 excluding flights

Cycle the North Island, Cape Reinga to Wellington

This massive trip involves 1,590km of cycling, mostly down off-road trails in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery. Prepare for a hilly ride and rocky roads – the best way to see the countryside at its most dramatic. Highlights on this trip include an 85km cycle along a sandy beach, experiencing city cycling on your way through Auckland, and having a well-earned rest day in Hobbiton. You’ll love exploring the ferny greenness of the Pureora Forest Park on the famous Timber Trail, and pedalling down lush river valleys as you follow New Zealand’s cycling trails along its waterways. This trip follows the North Island section of the Tour Aotearoa, a cycling route designed by New ...Read more >
From NZ $9,950 excluding flights

Cambodia family cycling holiday

Sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia is a melting pot of South East Asian culture, scenery and cuisine. The local people are friendly, happy and gentle – having struggled through years of bloodshed and political instability they have a seemingly unbreakable spirit, infectious optimism and they have prevailed with their smiles intact. Cambodia is one of those places that you come away from full of admiration and affection for the people. We chose Cambodia to create a family cycle tour for its predominantly flat riding terrain, friendly people with loads of lively kids and the abundance of fun things to stop and do along the way. Add tasty food and great accommodation and we are ...Read more >
From NZ $5,350 excluding flights

Madagascar cycling tour

Explore the unique wildlife and mysteries of Madagascar as you bike from the central highlands to the white sandy beaches of the Mozambique Channel. Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, broke away from Africa millions of years ago. With a coastline lined with coral beaches and lagoons the land rises sharply to a great central plateau that covers most of the island. From temperate highlands to tropical coasts the landscape and scenery is as rich and unique as it's wildlife. Madagascar's isolation has allowed many remarkable species to evolve, and there is not a single Madagascan mammal species which can be found in any other place in the world. Even the large rain forests of ...Read more >
From NZ $6,300 excluding flights

Biking holiday in Kenya & Tanzania

This biking holiday in Kenya and Tanzania is a fantastic and unusual way to experience East Africa. Forget riding around in vehicles and hop into the saddle for a really personal journey, meeting traditional tribesmen, cycling through small villages, seeing wildlife grazing on the plains and experiencing a huge range of scenery, from open savannah and desert, to mountain rainforest and tropical coastline. This 16 day adventure begins in Nairobi and ends in Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean coast. We will be cycling far from tourist hotspots and away from busy roads, camping under the stars along the way. Bike through the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, through the Usambara Mountains and ...Read more >
From NZ $6,500 excluding flights

Family cycling holiday in Kenya & Tanzania

This family cycling holiday in Kenya and Tanzania is an exciting and original way to introduce your children to Africa. On a 16 day adventure, you will pedal along quiet routes, far from the main tourist circuit, through a dazzling range of scenery, from open savannah and desert, to mountain rainforest and tropical Indian Ocean coastline. Cycle to small villages, meet local tribespeople and spot wildlife grazing on the plains. You will have time out of the saddle, too, hiking in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, camping in the wilderness with a local Maasai family and enjoying safari game drives. This holiday begins in Nairobi in Kenya and finishes in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. You will ...Read more >
From NZ $4,900 excluding flights