Family cycling holiday in Kenya & Tanzania

“An amazing African adventure for your family – cycle through Kenya and Tanzania, game drives, camping, meet the Maasai, visit a school. Wow!”


Nairobi | Sheldrick Elephant Orphange | cycle between 10 and 40km a day | fully supported by trip leaders and support vehicle | game drives | school visit | Amboseli National Park | bike around slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro | visit Maasai family | Rift Valley Escarpment | Ngorongoro Crater | Maasai Steppe | Usambara Mountains | rainforest and highland villages | tropical coastline | Saadani National Park | Bagamoyo | Dar es Salaam

Description of Family cycling holiday in Kenya & Tanzania

This family cycling holiday in Kenya and Tanzania is an exciting and original way to introduce your children to Africa. On a 16 day adventure, you will pedal along quiet routes, far from the main tourist circuit, through a dazzling range of scenery, from open savannah and desert, to mountain rainforest and tropical Indian Ocean coastline. Cycle to small villages, meet local tribespeople and spot wildlife grazing on the plains. You will have time out of the saddle, too, hiking in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, camping in the wilderness with a local Maasai family and enjoying safari game drives.

This holiday begins in Nairobi in Kenya and finishes in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. You will be travelling in a small group of between four and 12 bikers (one to three families) from all over the world, guided and fully supported by our team of three trip leaders. All your luggage, plus lunches, snacks and water are transported in the support vehicle, and you can grab a ride in it whenever you fancy a break from cycling.

Accommodation includes four nights in local guesthouses and 11 nights camping in spacious dome tents. We take care of your meals and snacks throughout your trip, with the exception of two lunches and three evening meals which are at your own expense. This is a great chance to pick where you’d like to eat and try the local food.

You can’t come to East Africa and miss out on the wildlife this region is so famous for, so this holiday includes game drives in Saadani National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and Amboseli National Park in Kenya. You will also visit a local school in the unspoilt Usambara Mountains.

What is the cycling like?
We have created this family adventure to include everything that’s special in our regular biking adventures, but with reduced biking distances and extra family friendly activities added in. We cycle 10km-40km per day; a total distance of 230km-300km spread over 11 days of biking. This can be extended for those wanting more of a challenge. The terrain is flat or gently undulating, and the cycling surface is made up of 80% dirt roads, 15% paved and about 5% non technical single track. You may be cycling over rough, gritty or potholed surfaces, so having some off road biking experience is an advantage, but not essential.

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

It is important to us that when we travel to different parts of our amazing planet that our exchange is always a mutual one and that we make a positive contribution to people and places that we visit along the way.

These days ‘responsible travel' and ‘sustainability' are hot topics. Responsible travel is not about donating large sums of money to charity (at least not without thoroughly researching the long-term intentions or effects of the charity). We believe responsible travel is about taking time to think about how our actions can benefit or how they impact the people, communities, economies, environments and eco-systems we visit, and then use this to make a difference (or sometimes more appropriately - how we can NOT make a difference). We are constantly considering our actions and how we and the people who travel with us can improve our impact on the places we visit.

During this trip we visit a very small Maasai Pre-School under the shade of an acacia tree in Kenya. Our main goal of the visit is a mutual social exchange where children and bikers open their minds and learn more about the other’s way of life. Our bikers can also support the school by donating basic stationery if they like.

We camp with two different local families. As well as the fantastic social and cultural exchange experienced by visitors and locals alike, our visit also brings a regular income to the two communities (by paying for camping and other services).

In Tanzania we have a relationship with a Primary School in the Usambara Mountains. Again there is always a fantastic social and cultural exchange experienced by both the school pupils and our bikers. Over the past years money donated by our bikers has been used to employ local carpenters to build much needed school desks and more recently we have assisted with materials for the schools' new toilet block.

As a company we are committed to running our tours in a responsible manner as highlighted below:

- Small group size – Our groups really are small! With a maximum of 12 in any one group we minimize our impact on the small communities that we visit.
- Support local economies – buy locally made products, use local accommodations, restaurants, markets and support small businesses. (Buying locally made products also decreases the environmental cost of importing). We also employ local drivers and guides in the countries we visit.
- Encourage positive interaction and social exchange – again by supporting locally run businesses (and by travelling by bike!) we develop relationships with local communities and families on our trips where our clients from all over the world can meet and engage one to one with local folk; Also by learning the local languages.
- Educate our bikers – about the effects of buying products that come from endangered species, or products that are destructive to wildlife or the environment. We also like to think about – “What are the short and long term effects of aid/charity on local communities?”, “Who benefits?”
- Waste/rubbish management – when we travel we should treat our surrounding as we would treat our home (or better!). We do our best to avoid ‘single use packaging’ only using reusable or recyclable packaging. We recycle what can be, and manage any rubbish in the best possible way e.g. in Africa – all of our organic waste is feed to local domestic pigs and goats, and we always leave our campsites as we find them (or better!).
- Environmentally conscious office – To avoid paper waste we aim to use as much computer technology as possible in our office. We only produce a minimum of hard copy advertising/brochures/flyers etc… and we consider the source of materials used.

The Impacts of this Trip

Social integration with the local people is a central part of our trips. Simply travelling by bike is a great start – a great way for our bikers and local people to meet and start a conversation.

We buy locally grown and produced food as much as possible; we support local businesses by staying in locally owned guesthouses, eating in local restaurants and taking our bikers to local operations and parks.


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