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Costa Rica adventure holiday, wildlife & activities

For this fantastic activity packed Costa Rican ultimate adventure we explore the central and north-eastern part of Costa Rica, taking in the canals and rainforest in the Tortugero Sarapiqui – an adventurers dream, explore the cloud and paramo forest then you have the opportunity to relax at the 2 pools of hot springs in Chirripo Cloud Forest, snorkeling in the turquoise water and explore the capital city of Costa Rica. Read more >
From £3,625 excluding flights

Nicaragua adventure holiday, river canoeing expedition

This epic river journey combines first class wilderness with rich history and more than a little adventure. We will paddle from the majestic Lake Nicaragua down the jungle lined San Juan River to deserted beaches on the Caribbean sea along a route once favoured by pirates and buccaneers with eyes for the gold of the Spanish colonial empire. On the way we will drift pass the impenetrable forest of the Indio Maiz reserve, one of the best preserved areas of tropical rainforest in the region. We will also visit charming riverside towns, historic ruins and hidden Caribbean lagoons. This unparalleled expedition takes you to the heart of this rarely visited part of Latin America. -------- Group ... Read more >
From £2,995 excluding flights

China tour, trekking & pandas

The mountain areas in the Southern provinces of China have been largely inaccessible to outside adventure travelers until relatively recently. On this trip we have the opportunity to see and experience some treasures of this fascinating region – from hiking in the scenic beauty of mountain areas as high as the Alps, to local minority groups which still retain their traditional clothes, cuisine and culture – and their warm hospitality. We will see ancient monuments and temples, including the largest stone Buddha the world has known, completed in 803AD. Of course, no trip to this region would be complete without getting close to the Giant Pandas – protected and bred in Chengdu, also home ... Read more >
From £3,795 excluding flights

Belize sea kayaking holiday

This week of kayaking in Belize is sure to appeal to sun lovers and marine enthusiasts alike with plenty of paddling options to take you around some of the Caribbean’s most stunning shores and clear water cayes. Alongside the sea kayaking in Belize you’ll also be treated to some superb snorkelling with tropical fish darting over coral reefs whilst turtles swim lazily overhead. Kayaking in Belize unveils a tropical stage of sand flats, mangroves and vast stretches of turtle grass as well as chance encounters with local fishermen who are always ready for a chat about all things Belize and how you can get more out of your visit to their homeland. From the Barrier Reef reserve to South Water ... Read more >
From £2,150 excluding flights

Kayaking holiday in Indonesia, Komodo Dragon expedition

If you’ve never paddled a sea kayak, Indonesia is an absolutely stunning place to start as you’ll be able to reach some of the remotest beaches, over vibrant coral reefs, as well as having the chance to get up close to some of the Indonesian islands, inhabited by komodo dragons. This 12 day kayaking holiday in Indonesia starts off from Bali and gives you unique access to Komodo National Park where an experienced kayaking guide will help you navigate the islands and beaches interspersed with traditional stilt villages. Swimming, snorkelling and nature trails on dry land more than complement kayaking in Indonesia with chances to walk on Rinca and get up close to komodo dragons, certainly an ... Read more >
From £1,895 excluding flights

Burma hot air balloon festival holiday

A fantastic trip where we experience the best that Myanmar has to offer - including visiting some of Myanmar’s most interesting temples and ancient ruins, trekking off the beaten track, as well as spend time at one of Myanmar’s most beautiful beaches (like Thailand’s) - this trip can be coincided with one of the stunning balloon or water festivals. Myanmar has been off the travel agenda for the last 2 decades, but now is an excellent time to visit this amazing country, which at last looks set to emerge from isolation and repression and advance towards a more democratic future. Read more >
From £2,195 excluding flights

Madagascar conservation holiday

Travel to some of Madagascar’s most beautiful, off-the-beaten-track locations and contribute to the health of its natural landscapes with a series of tree-planting days on this exciting eco-expedition. Help with the reforestation effort, explore the Andringitra mountains and also relax at the Mozambique channel on this 14-day trip. You will discover some of the island’s most striking and unique scenery, meet local people and enjoy getting to know Madagascan culture, while also working and interacting with key environmental projects and really making a difference while on holiday. This eco-tourism expedition runs in partnership with Wood En-Stock a local Madagascan NGO specialising in ... Read more >
From £2,450 excluding flights

Madagascar tailor made honeymoon adventure

On this trip we will explore an interesting combination of rivers, forests, mountains and seaside through very different landscapes, cultures, climates and biotopes, before relaxing and enjoying Anjajavy seaside. The itinerary provides a great chance to enjoy the natural highlights of the red island on foot, on horseback, by canoe, train and by car. Madagascar is a one-off; there is no other place like it. Its landscapes, animals and plants are simply fantastic! Near the equator with an astonishing array of habitats, ranging from rainforests to deserts and from mountain tops to mangrove swamps, it is one of the most important countries for biodiversity on the planet. The tropical climate ... Read more >
From £4,095 excluding flights

Madagascar trekking holiday

This is fantastic trek through this mysterious land. Long series of adventures from the dry western side of the island to the moist eastern tropical rain forests while summiting Madagascar's second highest mountain in the country at 2658m.This is not an easy stroll through gentle backcountry. We're tackling the steepest terrains on sometimes poorly marked trails, the pace has to be steady with long days on the trails, mostly camping out, we could face some serious white-water, so not for the feint hearted! That doesn't mean you need Indiana Jones type of profile, but be ready to get out of your usual comfort zone - The price for an exceptional adventure, something you won't ever forget. Read more >
From £2,250 excluding flights

Madagascar North Coast adventure holiday

Enjoy two weeks of exploration and discovery in the wild northwest of Madagascar, starting in the red highlands, taking in the green valleys of Sambirano and unwiding on the white sands of Diego Suarez. Rafting, canoeing, hiking through nature reserves and national parks and sleeping in tree huts – this is a varied, action-packed trip that reveals Madagascar’s unique beauty. We begin by paddling by raft to Gondwana Island in the Ikopa River, camping there for a night and then, depending on the time of year and the water levels on the Sambirano River, we’ll take a canoe trip here, or canoe through the mangroves near Ankatafana. We spend two days trekking through the beautiful Ankarana ... Read more >
From £2,650 excluding flights

Trekking holiday in Southern Madagascar

Explore Madagascar’s most beautiful mountainous areas on foot and by canoe, on this exciting 14-day adventure. Beginning in the vibrant capital of Antananarivo – or Tana – you’ll experience the towering cliffs of Andringitra and Tsaranoro and the deepest canyons of Isalo, meeting the locals who live in these isolated areas. At the end of the trip you’ll get a chance to relax on some of the finest beaches on the South West coast. You’ll also have time to explore picturesque Ambositra, high on a plateau surrounded by misty green peaks. Renowned as the arts-and-crafts capital of Madagascar, Ambositra has over 25 artisans’ shops. A visit to Ambalavao is also included, one of the most beautiful ... Read more >
From £2,475 excluding flights

Family holiday in Nicaragua

There is plenty to delight both parents and children on this exciting 12-day family adventure to Nicaragua. Try sandboarding down the black volcanic debris of an active volcano, spot sloths in the rainforest canopy, snorkel and surf on Pacific beaches, eat in friendly local restaurants and explore the lakes, landscapes and forests of one of Central America´s most diverse and beautiful countries. You’ll spend time in the Spanish colonial town of León, home to the largest cathedral in Central America – which you can climb to the top of – and Masaya, the city of folklore, a great place to pick up beautiful souvenirs, including traditional hammocks and ceramics. You’ll also visit Granada, the ... Read more >
From £1,595 excluding flights

Ethiopia trekking holiday

Ethiopia remains an enigma to many. It is an ancient land with history going back 3000 years. Its society is rich with colourful culture, of secret societies and centuries old churches. Ethiopia retains the Julian Calendar of 13 months in a year and is said to be home of the Holy Grail of the Old Testament. -------- Group and Tailormade Departures -------- The northern and central regions of the country boast some of the most magnificent mountain ranges in all of Africa. In this region alone there are over 20, 4000m peaks. These ancient ranges are dramatic, with enormous gorges being gouged out by torrents of water over the millennia. They are the home of the beautiful lion like Gelada ... Read more >
From £2,795 excluding flights

Papua New Guinea holiday, The Kokoda Trail

We now refer to walking the Kokoda Trail as “The Great Pilgrimage”, a journey that will take you to one of Australia’s most important WWII battle sites and immerse you that history. Walking the Kokoda Trail will transport you to another time, when Australia was in danger of being invaded by the seemingly unstoppable Imperial Japanese Army. You will gain a great appreciation of the conditions endured by Australian Diggers as well as gain an understanding of local living conditions and cultures as well as the natural wonders of the Owen Stanley Ranges. Walking the Kokoda Trail involves 50 hours of hiking over 90km of sharp, timbered ridges, steep-sided valleys and fast flowing rivers. Vantage ... Read more >
From £2,495 excluding flights

Eastern Madagascar trekking holiday

This two week Madagascar trekking holiday takes you to the east of the island where steep slopes, dark forests and rugged mountains, cascading with waterfalls, await. Aside from trekking in Madagascar you’ll also be treated to a couple of days of paddling as you navigate the fabulous Mananjary River by canoe and get to appreciate the stunning surrounding scenery from a whole new angle. Madagascar trekking holidays are the best way to get to grips with the country at ground level with an array of unique flora and fauna adding to an envious blend of mountains and mangroves within close proximity to the equator. This sort of tropical climate inspires deserts, rainforests and endless ... Read more >
From £2,450 excluding flights

Brahmaputra rafting holiday in India

An exciting journey down one of the world's greatest rivers, an option only for the true adventurer. The river, after flowing gently eastwards through Tibet, cuts the Greater Himalayas and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, Namche Barwa before it enters Arunachal Pradesh, where the expedition begins, a few miles inside the line-of- control with China. The expedition takes you through remote hillsides dotted with tribal settlements in clearings surrounded by leech-infested rainforest. It negotiates the finest big volume white water in an area, which is surely one of the most inaccessible in the world. A 7-day self-contained run from Tuting to Pasighat (180 kms approx.) through ... Read more >
From £2,195 excluding flights

Madagascar rafting expedition

This expedition aims to achieve a rafting descent of the Benahy river before continuing down the Onilahy river. --------- Group and Tailormade Departures are available --------- The Benahy, a narrow river running through canyons that are only a few meters wide, is not marked on the maps of Madagascar. Along the route we will encounter truly fantastic landscapes, learn new skills and face interesting and challenging situations. This is a unique expedition which offers a fantastic opportunity to explore a remote area of Madagascar and see much of the endemic wildlife. Madagascar is a one-off; there is no other place like it. Its landscapes, animals and plants are simply fantastic! Near ... Read more >
From £2,695 excluding flights

Madagascar north coast nature holiday

Explore the wild north of wonderful Madagascar on this 12-day adventure, experiencing the island’s extraordinary landscapes, animals and plants. Flying into the vibrant capital Antananarivo – known as Tana to the locals – you then head to Madagascar’s last major highland forest, before moving through barren Tampoketsa to join the northwest coast, the gateway to Nosy Be island, before travelling on to Diego. Your first destination is Ambohitantely National Reserve, which protects the last of the original highlands forest. It is covered with forest and grassy plains and inhabited by 12 mammal species, including three types of lemur, and over 48 species of bird. From here, head to ... Read more >
From £2,250 excluding flights

Sulawesi bird watching tour, Indonesia

This trip aims to provide you with some of the best bird watching to be had in Sulawesi, Indonesia an area that boasts one of the largest endemic bird populations on earth with the main island of Sulawesi being home to no less than 12 endemic genera and over 40 endemic species. A further 56 species are endemic to the Sulawesi sub-region which covers the neighbouring islands of Sula and Banggai. However most can be found on the main island. Birdwatchers who visit this mysteriously K-shaped island are guaranteed to find a host of new and unusual species. In addition to a rich bird life, Sulawesi is home to nearly 80 endemic mammals such as the unique dwarf buffalo known as the Anoa, a ... Read more >
From £2,295 excluding flights

Mozambique adventure holiday

Discover the Quirimbas National Park, Mozambique’s little known and rarely visited wilderness, on this eight-day trip. In the northeast of the country, the park includes many of the Quirimbas Islands, and lies close to Pemba, the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado. This archipelago was almost forgotten and has only recently opened up to the outside world. Thick mangrove forests, craggy tropical islands and a wild aquatic world make up this remote region and the pace of life is slow. We explore this coastline on a sturdy motorised 11m Arab dhow complete with experienced crew and a professional guide, with lots of opportunity to sea kayak, swim and snorkel through the warm, blue waters ... Read more >
From £2,750 excluding flights
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