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Bulgaria mountains and monasteries Tour

This Bulgaria mountains holiday, a small group tour of ten days, focuses not only on the country’s stunning natural heritage but also on its cultural highlights and, in particular, its monasteries. A most underrated destination, Bulgaria has a fascinating history thanks to its geography which has seen influences from both Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire from the south. Starting and ending in Sofia, we head immediately into the Rila Mountains to visit one of the country’s most famous ancient sites: Rila Monastery. The centre of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, it is a fortified complex packed with magnificent frescoes and carvings. Other great monasteries on this trip include ... Read more >
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Madagascar in depth, small group tour

As Madagascar is the fourth largest island on the planet it’s no surprise that it takes some time to cover which is why this three week small group tour really does present an in depth portrayal of both the human and the natural history, well off the typical tourist trail. Throughout the 21 day itinerary travellers will get to experience the hidden highlights as well as the classic points of interest with everything from the capital city, Antananarivo, to the lemur-packed perimeters of Andasibe National Park, allowing for an all-encompassing and varied tour. Travelling overland by 4WD and by river boat provides a unique perspective of life in Madagascar with towns, such as Miandrivazo, ... Read more >
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Georgia tour, jewel of the Caucasus

This small group Georgia tour takes you to the jewel of the Caucasus, and one of Europe most fascinating and undiscovered places. You’ll not only see the main highlights, but also get the chance to delve a little deeper, getting to know its proud and cultured people and to understand its complicated history and heritage. The tour kicks off in colourful Tbilisi, full of galleries, parks, and beautiful architecture, from where you’ll head to one of the oldest cities in Georgia and the country’s spiritual heart, photogenic Mtskhehta, which is home to a fine collection of UNESCO listed monuments. A drive into the High Caucasus Mountains comes next, where you’ll visit Mount Kazbek, a place ... Read more >
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Romania holidays, Transylvania to the Danube Delta

This two week Romania holiday features an excellent variety of iconic landmarks, religious iconography and peaceful countryside settings leading all the way from the historic region of Transylvania to the beautiful bird-watching backwaters of the Danube Delta. Romania is without doubt one of the most enchanting countries in Europe with an incredible collection of historic towns and cities. This tour takes you beyond the tourist points and into the culture of the country where Saxon heritage and well-preserved churches and former merchants’ properties have withstood the test of time to offer insight into the past, and the present. As with all good Romania holidays, we begin in Bucharest ... Read more >
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Nigeria holidays, lost kingdoms

Nigeria holidays are always an exciting blend of old and new with preconceived perceptions of what this nation stands for, always best left at home. Don’t let Nigeria’s bad rep put you off as this is a country that welcomes travellers, with open arms, especially in the lost kingdoms where this 12 day tour tends to focus. There’s no other place to start than Lagos so get yourself prepared to get chucked in at the deep end before heading off the mainland to Lagos island and onwards and westwards to Badagry, an important historic city with notorious links to slaving ships past. Next stop on this small group holiday in Nigeria is the ancient city of Abeokuta that boasts an abundance of ... Read more >
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Gerewol festival holiday in Chad

Few Western travellers will ever get to experience the Gerewol festival – one of the most spectacular in Africa, yet one that has barely been changed over centuries. This week-long festival occurs when the semi-nomadic Wodaabe people travel across the Sahel on foot, camel or donkey, and come together to feast, dance, race and – ultimately – to find a lover or a partner. The classic image from the Gerewol festival is one of young men with elaborately made up faces, ‘displaying’ to young women in order to attract them. Not only does this Gerewol festival holiday allow you to experience these rituals, but having worked in this area for several years, we have built up plenty of local contacts ... Read more >
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Mali tour, Mud Mosques and the Dogon

Mali is one of the most rewarding countries in West Africa, a colourful and vibrant destination, dominated by the Niger River, the largest in the region. Once a beacon for travellers, its fortunes have suffered in recent years – but now is again a good time to venture to this incredible place. Starting in the bustling capital Bamako we first head south to the little visited region of Sikasso, home to the Senoufou people and their unique customs. From here we continue to Djenne - a place that needs little introduction due to its imposing mud built mosque, the most impressive in West Africa. We have time to explore its traditional neighbourhoods and soak up its unique atmosphere, as well as ... Read more >
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Uzbekistan tours

This Uzbekistan tour takes you into the heart of what is perhaps the most beguiling country in Central Asia, whose stunning ancient Silk Road cities are testament to a fascinating past. In just one week you’ll gain an insight into the history and culture of this mysterious region, in the company of an expert guide and a small group of likeminded travellers. The tour begins in Tashkent, the nation’s capital and home to a vibrant bazaar and a charming old quarter. Next, you’ll board a plane for the walled city of Khiva, in the west of the country. The city looks as if it has come straight out of a history book, and is full of beautifully preserved mosques, minarets and tombs. Next you’ll ... Read more >
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Ethiopia tour

Ethiopia is an African land unlike anywhere else on the continent. With a wealth of unique cultures, incredible ethnic and natural diversity, and some of Africa’s finest historic monuments, the country offers a unique kaleidoscope of experiences – unforgettably revealed here with a trip encompassing the highlights of both the north and the south of the country. From the colourful buzz of the capital Addis Ababa, we head south to the tribal lands of the Omo Valley to mingle with a dazzling array of traditional tribal groups – each with distinctive traits – as they come together at fabulous weekly village markets. But you will also get a chance to get close to some incredible wildlife too, ... Read more >
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Armenia holiday, Ancient Armenia

On this short small group Armenia holiday, you’ll discover both the ancient and modern sides of this little visited corner of Europe. The adventure begins with an exploration of the lively city of Yerevan, which is home to several important historic sites. Then you’ll make your way into the countryside, visiting ancient monasteries at Khor Virap and Noravank and meeting one of the continent’s smallest and most traditional ethnic groups in the ancient town of Dilijan. Your exploration of local cultures, heritage and lifestyles continues with visits to the historic churches of Echmiadzin and the ancient monastery of Geghard; visits to local Kurdish and Yazidi villages and time spent with ... Read more >
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Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova holidays

Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova holidays take you to areas of relatively unexplored Europe where breakaway republics, folklore heritage and resurgent cultural traditions are alive, well and free from the shadow of the Soviet-era. This two week tour kicks off in Minsk where a combination of Soviet architecture and characterful places of worship make the capital of Belarus a real sight to behold. Next stop is the country's 'gateway to the west', Brest, which played a pivotal part in holding back the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in WWII thanks, in no small part, to the impressive 19th century Brest Fortress. After an overnight homestay with a local family, an excellent day trip from Brest ... Read more >
From £2,635 excluding flights

Morocco and western Sahara tour

Discover the wild and untamed lands of southern Morocco and the Western Sahara, swapping the acclaimed charms of Marrakech for more mysterious and far less-explored regions where deserts meet remote Atlantic coast communities in a magical melange of lagoons and dunes. Begin in the lands of the Berbers with a crossing of the mighty High Atlas Mountains to enter the magical landscapes of the Draa Valley, then onto a world of huge dunes and salt lakes roamed by semi-nomadic desert people. Continuing south, the arid landscape presents a canvas of endless horizons, with pauses at iconic desert towns like Guelmime, the last major town of Morocco proper and a former trading centre for Saharan ... Read more >
From £2,925 excluding flights

Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro tour

This tour of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro will take you to a side of Europe that is little explored by tourists. Your journey begins in Albania, where you’ll visit the incredibly well-preserved buildings of Kruja citadel, which holds a significant place in Albanian culture. Next, it’s on to the Mirdita region. Home to traditional villages and ancient traditions, a visit here is a real insight into Albanian culture. You’ll then move across the border into Montenegro, a land of incredible natural beauty, capped off with beguiling ancient cities, before returning to Albania and the stunning Alpine region of Thethi. Kosovo is next on the agenda, reached by boat via Lake Koman. In Kosovo, ... Read more >
From £1,799 excluding flights

Ghana, Togo and Benin holiday, gold and magic

This 12 day Ghana, Togo and Benin holiday is quite rightly entitled 'gold and magic' and as soon as you touch down and start to explore and meet the Ashanti and the smaller communities and tribes living within the bush, you’ll begin to understand why. First stop on this Ghana, Togo and Benin holiday is one of the most vibrant cities in the whole of West Africa, Accra, which promises a colourful introduction to the region as well as traditional voodoo rituals that take you deep into the country's wetlands and swamp districts. Aside from Accra in Ghana you’ll also get to visit the Tamberma communities of Benin that live within fortified 'tata' stilt houses as well as being invited to watch ... Read more >
From £2,299 excluding flights

Azerbaijan small group holiday

Situated where Europe meets Asia, Azerbaijan presides over an extremely unique vantage point with Russian, Persian and Ottoman influences conjuring the country that you’ll find today. This week-long Azerbaijan small group holiday takes you into the heart of a land that has long remained cloaked in mystery to provide cultural travellers with a legendary experience that they’ll never forget. Starting in the capital, Baku, allows a glimpse at the wealth that oil can bring alongside ancient architecture that’s more representative of the country’s much more traditional cultural heritage. Continuing this Azerbaijan small group holiday takes you out of Baku and into the Absheron Peninsula, a ... Read more >
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The Caucasus tour, Russia's wild frontier

The Caucasus lie at the southern edge of Russia, a wild land of fiercely independent people that were not incorporated into the Tsar's Empire until the mid 19th century. This is the land of legends, an untamed landscape of imposing peaks, hidden medieval villages and customs that stretch back to the dawn of human settlement - in our eyes perhaps the most exciting part of Europe. This trip takes you on an unusual journey through the collection of semi-autonomous republics that mark Moscow's limit of control, places that few outside of Russia have even heard of. We start in the breakaway state of Abkhazia, a subtropical country nestled between the Black Sea and the mountains still claimed by ... Read more >
From £4,099 excluding flights

Democratic Republic of Congo tour

Ever since Stanley emerged from the jungle on his epic trek across the continent, the Congo has held a place in western imaginations as Africa’s ‘dark heart’, a land of thick rainforest, surging rivers and isolated hostile tribes. The undisputed giant of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is undoubtedly one of the most challenging countries to travel through, yet those that make the step will be rewarded with some of the most incredible experiences the continent can offer. Starting in the Rwandan capital Kigali, this tour concentrates on the far east of the DRC, perhaps it’s most beautiful region and home to an impressive wealth of wildlife, much of which is found nowhere else. In ... Read more >
From £4,849 excluding flights

Central Asia overland tour, the stans

This 26 day journey follows the ancient Silk Road through Central Asia where the ‘Stans’: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, provide a fascinating cultural backdrop to what is essentially an adventure through the ages. Starting in Uzbekistan allows this overland tour to hit the ground running with ancient cultural traditions still alive and well and abounding within the walls and amongst the minarets and mausoleums of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. The next ‘Stan’ to discover is Turkmenistan where an exciting and varied itinerary takes travellers to the edge of reason as they experience a night next to the fiery flames of Darwaza, expand reality in the ... Read more >
From £4,999 excluding flights

South Sudan cultural tour, 9 days

Taking a nine day cultural tour of South Sudan invites travellers to step into a traditional tribal world amongst the ethnic groups that have inhabited the region’s wilderness areas for as long as anyone can remember. This is an intensely personal tour of one of the world’s lesser-known, yet newest, countries where ancient cultural rituals collide with preconceived traveller expectations, to create an incredibly unique and often moving experience. Our South Sudan cultural tour starts in Juba, the capital, before heading into the heartland of the Mundari people whose tribal scars and competitive displays of inter-village wrestling have made them revered throughout the region. A chance to ... Read more >
From £3,999 excluding flights

Ladakh & Kashmir holiday, India

Discover Ladakh & Kashmir on this two week small group holiday in northern India that takes you into the country’s remotest region within the shadow of Tibet and the Himalayas. Once out of bounds to travellers, but now starting to reopen its doors, the Ladakh & Kashmir region provides a fascinating insight into Buddhism and Tibetan influences in a land dominated by religion, tradition and ancient customs still revered in timeless towns like Leh, Shey, Tikse and Hemis. As our Ladakh & Kashmir holiday heads into the deserts of the Nubra Valley we’ll witness the prayer stones and stupas lining the road whilst in Diskit it will be monks attending to their morning prayers that provide cultural ... Read more >
From £2,349 excluding flights
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