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Serengeti wildlife safari, Tanzania migration

The short Grass plains are what the Southern Serengeti is famous for. The soils are fertile supporting huge numbers of animal up to 2 million during the rainy season. In December to March the migratory animal they have their young on these plains, offering dramatic wildlife experiences that visitors will never forget. Among the entertainers are sported hyenas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, African wild dogs, honey badgers and many more.This area also offers a great opportunity for hot air balloon for people who would like to have a life time experience to get to places that a car cannot.Read more >
From US $2,304 excluding flights

Serengeti holiday in Tanzania, the big five

This tour will take you to the best National park of Tanzania northern circuit which are the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. The mere mention of the name "Serengeti" conjures up images of vast open plain dotted with flat-topped acacia trees brimming with wildlife, of lions scouting the horizon from a rocky of vantage point, of hyenas squabbling at a carcass and the vultures soaring high above. Ngorongoro crater is believed to have formed some 2 million ago. The crater harbours an astonishing variety of landscapes, forests, peaks, craters, valleys, rivers, lakes and plains. The crater floor, dominated by a huge flamingo-filled alkaline lake, holds the highest concentration of predators ...Read more >
From 1,500 excluding flights

Serengeti migration safari in Tanzania

The great migration! Nothing will prepare you for the spectacle that is the great migration.This annual journey of 2 million animals is the safari seekers Holy Grail; the ultimate in wildlife experiences. Some says its one of the world greatest natural wonders. In June and July the columns of 40 km long have to cross the crocodile invested Mara River. Half of the great herds which are successful and survive the crossing will stay in Northern Tanzania the other half will cross over to Kenya's Masai Mara. Walking can be done only on this part of Serengeti National park accompanied by an armed ranger because you are trekking through the big game country there is an element of danger. Hot air ...Read more >
From US $2,604 excluding flights

Tanzania on a budget

This budget safari is designed to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities, with  accommodation that brings you up close and personal with creatures big and small,from big cats to birds.Read more >
From US $884 excluding flights

Tanzania tour with Kilimanjaro day trek

The 8 days safari adventure with a day tour to Kilimanjaro Mountain is designed to allow you to experience both safari & hiking the Kilimanjaro.Read more >
From US $2,204 excluding flights