Guide for responding to reviews

When negative reviews come through, it can often be difficult to respond quickly and efficiently to resolve the situation. The best way to deal with these reviews is to not take it personally and to respond in a way that is designed to reassure potential travellers rather than explaining how the review is inaccurate.

Some tips

  • Don’t panic!
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Don’t be defensive

  • How to respond

  • Aim to reassure potential travellers
  • Thank them for their feedback
  • You do not need to address every comment
  • Try to view it as constructive criticism
  • Acknowledge any problems that have occurred
  • Explain how you are going to prevent these issues occurring again

  • When to respond

    If the review raises questions over the responsible tourism aspects of the holiday you must respond to these comments. We may be forced to take your trip offline if we do not get an adequate response to any issues.

    If a negative comment is about the operation or itinerary of the holiday we will publish the review whether we have a response or not, unless there are other issues. Please contact us to discuss this.

    We aim to publish all the reviews we receive within 14 days so please contact us asap if there is an issue that we are not aware of. Sometimes we are not able to publish reviews straight away. Please bear with us, we will publish them as soon as we can.

    General examples

    ‘Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. Whilst we try our very best to maintain our high standards, we’ve obviously fallen short this time. Please be assured that we have taken your comments on board and will no longer be working with this local agent.’

    ‘Thank your for your comments. We’ve taken your feedback onboard and will look into the issues that you have raised.’

    Specific examples

    • Plastic bottles: explain and encourage the alternatives to plastic bottles. Ideally you should be able to explain how you recycle plastic bottles on trips.

    • Carbon emissions of flying: explain the other benefits the trip brings to the local community and how the trip minimises other environmental impacts.

    • It's cheaper to book yourself: explain that whilst it is cheaper to travel independently, with a tour operator that you are ATOL/ABTA protected and tour operators take the hassle out of travel

    Most people are familiar with the subjective nature of reviews so don’t worry, negative reviews are unlikely to put off potential travellers. If you receive several negative reviews for the same holiday we will contact you to discuss the problem.
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