Tasmania small group tour, 13 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tasmania small group tour, 13 days


We specialise in small group, eco friendly tours. As we travel in small numbers we can be highly aware and respectful of having minimal impact on the local environment & wildlife. On our weekly travels we encounter a vast array of native Tasmanian wildlife and it is a privilege to witness these animals close up in their local environment. We regularly see Wombats, Wallabies, Pademelons, Bandicoots, Possums, Currawongs, Sea Eagles, Wedge Tail Eagles, Tiger Snakes, Tasmanian Devils, Quolls, Penguins, Fur Seals, Fairy Wrens, Honey Eaters and Cockatoo’s, occasionally a Platypus and a huge array of farm animals & livestock. We educate our guests on the responsible ways to observe these animals to have a great experience but to not disrupt or interfere with them or their habitats.

We are actively involved in reporting issues that compromise the sustainability of our native wildlife and are committed to see changes to improve their plight. For example we regularly report issues around feral cat populations on the island and believe this is a huge opportunity for improvement in Tasmania. We are also long time supporters of the ‘Save the Tasmanian Devil Program’ which focuses on stabilising the numbers of these iconic creatures and researching ways to protect their populations going forward. We are very committed to contribute to this initiative into the future. We are currently organising ourselves to address the issue of native animal roadkill in Tasmania which is sadly at unacceptable levels. We will be brainstorming/suggesting ideas to the relevant councils and hope to see improvement in this area over time.

We feel it is important for us to make responsible decisions concerning what local businesses we support as these in turn have their own effects on the environment and wildlife. We only visit establishments who values align with long term sustainability. For example we try to visit organic and chemical free farms, produce suppliers and other food attractions. We feel by voting with our finances we are assisting the most responsibly minded operators to prosper.

Ultimately we are able to showcase the splendid natural beauty of Tasmania because of its pristine environment and abundance of native wildlife. It is our responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of this landscape, maintain its natural diversity and preserve it for generations to come. We acknowledge this is an important task and one we feel very honoured to play a small part in, we promise to continue our commitment to the long term conservation and consideration of Tasmania’s natural spaces.


We strive to provide a genuinely local experience when hosting our guests on tour. We represent our state with pride and feel privileged to regularly contribute to the prosperity of Tasmanian communities. This means visiting local attractions, businesses, restaurants etc and supporting the Tasmanian community whatever way we can. We support well upward of 65 Tasmanian businesses on a weekly or at least very regular basis and will continue to do so. We recommend many other local events and attractions for our guests to explore and support in their own time such as MONA, The Hobart Museum or the Botanical Gardens. We regularly attend Tasmanian events to show our support and research ways of improving our tour offerings. Eg, Dark MoFo, Festivale, Cradle Mountain Film Festival, Unconformity and many others.

We are acutely aware of local issues around the island. As we travel every week we can objectively observe situations deteriorating or improving. We are active in raising important issues with local authorities for example; We have recently campaigned to have tighter control measures in the popular Penguin viewing areas on Tasmania’s east coast. We have invited the Parks & Wildlife Rangers to join us on many occasions to witness issues we have raised and brainstorm ideas for improvement. Parks & Wildlife have since taken steps to erect signage in the area in 2 languages. This is a small step in the right direction and one we are proud to be involved in.

We believe part of our role as custodians is to educate travellers and our guests on the issues & sensitivities of the local communities, wildlife & flora. As such we endeavour to travel respectfully leaving as small a footprint as possible, taking with us only great memories, stories and photographs. We choose to only visit & support local business & attractions that reflect our values. When we travel we are visiting our colleagues & friends - those that are operating responsibly, sustainably and that we are proud to be associated with. We simply avoid people & attractions that do not harbour similar values to our own.

We promise to always keep local communities in mind when making decisions or planning itineraries & experiences for our clients. We are truely Tasmanian at heart and understand that the best way to ensure the continued prosperity of this lovely island is to give back and support the local communities just as they are supporting us.

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