Langtang Valley trek in Nepal with Gosaikunda Lake

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Responsible tourism

Langtang Valley trek in Nepal with Gosaikunda Lake

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.

During this trek we recommend you to go vegetarian which helps to use more locally-grown food, reduce CO2 emissions.
We won't be using any domestic flights, all our transportation includes buses, and of course, we will be walking.
All ou places to stay and eat are using solar panels as itis the only source of energy here. You can bring your own solar panel to charge your gadgets as well


This area is a holy place for locals so we request you not to bring any plastic with you and don't accept plastic bags and straws when buying something from locals.

We carry out all garbage from Langtang Valley, our guides will explain to you some simple steps on our first briefing before the trek.

You don't need to buy equipment for one time use if you are not trekking often. You can rent everything you need for the trek in our community and return back when you complete the route. This is a much more efficient way of useless buying of equipment and then throwing it away. It also helps you to pack lighter.

We are trying to set up a plastic-free trend in Nepal as water and land pollution is a big problem here. We ask you to bring your own BPA-free bottle that you can refill on water stations or in lodges you're gonna stay at instead of buying each time mineral water in plastic bottles.


Gosaikunda with Langtang Valley trek is very popular among the domestic and international tourist for its beautiful mountains and religious values. That is why it is important to follow rules and not to do any actions that may desecrate places and customs. We ask to dress modestly when visiting such places. The cloth should cover your knees and elbows. Don't take photos if there is a sign, take off shoes if locals are doing it. If you cannot take off your shoes please don't enter sacred places.

Dive into culture by talking with locals, drink a tea together, play cards, have a small talk, learn some Nepali, teach your language a bit - be open to anything.

We employ only locals as our guides and porters from the region where we will trek to create more income. We'll also stay in homestays and guesthouses. Support locals by buying from them traditional delicacies and snacks such as nuts, dry fruits, fresh fruits and veggies, drinks. Avoid buying imported unhealthy food. We'll visit lots of handicraft shops that educate and employ women. You can buy there many useful souvenirs from Nepal made of recycled materials: bags, clothes, shoes, scarfs, toys, prints, cards, organic cosmetic and so on. By buying these you support them a lot. Consult with our guides where you can find such places.

We offer local people good working conditions and train them once a year. We encourage them to learn more languages besides English.

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