Rwanda and Tanzania tailor made holiday

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Rwanda, Tanzania
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US $6500ToUS $9500 including domestic flights only
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park acts as a model for both Environmental and community benefit. As visitors are able to pay for permit to go trekking with highly endangered Mountain gorillas, the benefits appear to be far reaching. Not only is the desired goal of saving this endangered species being fulfilled but it's benefiting Rwanda at large. Employing locally trained guides who are well conversant with the trekking paths to avoid destruction of the natural flora and fauna, they also protect Gorilla's natural habitat and from poachers.

Clients are briefed before proceeding with their safari on what to expect, dos and don’ts while at the safari. Which include; ensuring they do not litter the parks or their way to and from the parks as they are provided with trash bins, they should also not feed the animals at the parks or make noise while at safari.

Employing locals as tour guides help in the reduction of international travel, vegetarian option is included in meal plans for the clients.
Most of suppliers generate their own energy through use of solar panels.

All our tour vehicles have trash cans for proper disposal of waste to avoid disposal of non-degradable that may harm the wildlife. We discourage smoking and loud noise that may cause disturbances to the wildlife.

Our main priority is taking care of the environment through out the safaris, most of the suppliers also help in clean disposal and recycling such as disposal of spent ‘grey water’ via a specially-designed Tanapa-approved drainage system in which underground aggregates filter the water before it enters the ground water. Anaerobic bacteria in septic tanks break down solids. As glass, tins and plastics are sorted and returned to Arusha for recycling with the weekly delivery.

The fee collected from the parks are not necessary given back to the community but are used to improve their living standards such as building health centers, schools, and better infrastructures for the surrounding communities. Besides this, the fee is also used to ensure the wildlife in the parks and around the park is well taken care of especially in cases of illness, drought or floods.

National parks allows for the preservation of astounding biodiversity in countless different environments. National Parks are responsible for the preservation of land, animals, and habitats. The fee collected is also used to ensure maintenance of the parks such as proper fencing or security enforcement against poachers and ensure for the proper distance between the wildlife and human interactions.

A visit to the incredible National parks which has played a pivotal role in protecting large populations of wildlife species of the Eastern African savannah and the globally outstanding biological phenomena such as the annual migration of wildebeest.
We encourage our travellers to travel in smaller groups during their trips to various destinations. Handling bigger groups is not easy and they cause stress to the environment

All our driver guides are required to keep by the trails so as to avoid distraction and interferences with the wildlife. Our guides are also discouraged from taking bribes to go off the road for good photos and better views, we encourage clients to let the animals come to them without destroying their habitats. Everyone should keep in mind that the wild animals are not like those found in the theme parks, they are not tamed, hence should take extra precautions not to offend them. We ask our clients never buy products made from endangered species.


Gorilla trekking has resulted to a good relationship between the environment and the locals. This is, due to the infrastructure that grows around gorilla trekking. It's benefits is notable around the community as some small lodges are supported by the increased traffic generated by trekking, thus by employing locals and many farmers they are finding ways to supplement their largely agricultural income by selling their products in or near the park.
The sole purpose is to bring people from different cultures together, through village visits.The local village visits are included in itineraries so as to promote the communities visited both economically and socially.

We also create itineraries that allow clients to experience the local culture through food, festivals, activities and cultural sites.

In activities such as village visits, our driver guides always accompany the clients and act as their voices with the locals. The local cultures and way of life are very beautiful but without a local guide, one may not get the chance to witness the beauty.
Most suppliers source their products from the locals around and also help to improve the living standards of the locals by engaging them in agricultural activities such as organic farming, by use manure from the Masai cattle, employing local labour for supply of water and tour guiding clients as they already have knowledge of the environment.

Providing new sources of income through buying of local souvenirs from the cultural communities and also employing locals to be our driver guides since they are the most knowledgeable about the destinations’ culture and other company staff. This ensures easy understanding between the clients and the local communities visited during the tour.

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