Comoros holidays

Comoros holidays

Dolphins, coral reefs & volcanoes with virtually no tourists
From £1,599 11 days ex flights
Tailor made: Private departures throughout the year, although the Mt Karthala climb is only recommended during the dry season (April-November)
Comoros small group holiday

Comoros small group holiday

Dramatic scenery, Swahili heritage and unusual wildlife
From £1,399 9 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2020: 24 Aug
2021: 23 Aug
Indian Ocean tour of Reunion, Comoros and Mayotte

Indian Ocean tour of Reunion, Comoros and Mayotte

Discover the lesser visited islands of the Indian Ocean
From £5,550 16 days ex flights
Tailor made
    Comoros holidays
    excluding flights
    Memorable parts? The Cascasus mountains. Scenery amazing. Like stepping into a part of the world that hasn't yet been spoiled by mass tourism. The history of Georgia is fascinating. Georgia is predominately a christian orthodox country and religion stills plays a significant role in people's lives despite years of soviet rule. One can really experience serenity and spirituality in visiting some of the major cathedrals and churches. Tips? Maximum 3 days in Tusheti. Bring Lomotil... (more)Eric McWilliams
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