Denmark travel advice

Tips from our friends in Denmark

Tips on getting around

Kay Cliffe, from our supplier Skedaddle, shares her Denmark travel advice: “Denmark is a country made for cyclists. With mile upon mile of well maintained and easy bike routes – as well as funky Copenhagen, renowned worldwide for its bike friendliness – this really is a cyclist’s heaven. It’s hard not to be inspired by the cycling infrastructure. A particular highlight is riding on the cycle highway into the heart of Copenhagen, known as the Supercykelsti.”

Food tips

Indulge yourself! Fran from Skedaddle says there’s more than just Danish pastries: "You should try smørrebrød (nice brown bread with cold cuts), brunsviger (basically white bread cooked with butter and brown sugar on top) and some of their many pies and pastries."

Health & safety in Denmark

Travel safely in Denmark


  • In a medical emergency, dial 112 and ask for an ambulance.
  • The free EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is valid for state-provided healthcare in Denmark.
  • Take care to keep hydrated and use sun protection on bright summer days.
  • Denmark’s water quality is good enough for wild swimming to be popular and safe, even in Copenhagen. There are 244 Blue Flag beaches along the 7,000km coastline.
  • All Danish food businesses, even hot dog stands, are subject to unannounced health inspections. Look out for the smiley symbol which denotes the results of their most recent check.


Crime levels in Denmark are low but you should take routine precautions against petty crime in crowded tourist areas.
Denmark’s road safety record is generally good, with a similar frequency of fatal accidents to the UK.
To avoid being cut off by the tide in the Wadden Sea National Park, it’s advisable to explore with a guide.
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Written by Emma Gregg
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