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On this webpage we will regularly update the best last minute holiday destinations for you to visit over the next few weeks and even months, with details of holidays that that have late availability. To some travellers, booking three months in advance might not seem like Ďlast minuteí at all, but if you are hoping to do something that usually requires booking a year or so in advance, like hiking the Inca Trail, going gorilla watching or climbing Kilimanjaro, then three months in advance is actually super last minute. And for something like Kili, you will need to make sure you have a few months to get in training anyway. If you just want to go cycling in Croatia, or horse riding in Catalonia, then you have a better chance of landing a place on the saddle at short notice Ė and forget about any notion of getting in training.
See our month-by-month guide for the best last minute holiday destinations below.
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February last minute holidays

Another tricky one for late availability Ė the beginning of the month is what is known as the Ďshoulder seasoní in many countries, with more chances of late availability as February is outside the peak season. Until school half term holiday kicks in towards the end of the month, and then bookings can go crazy again. Also, a lot of families forget that February half term is coming, as they are just recovering from Christmas, so they also rush to book at the last minute. It is also hard to gauge where best to go at this time. Some unusual choices include Carnival season in the likes of Venice or Trinidad. Which will blow away any winter worries, for sure. If you want to treat a loved one to a romantic sun filled holiday for Valentineís Day, watch last minute availability cropping up in Southeast Asia, where it is dry and warm but not too hot. But hot enough for Valentines.
Kerala in southern India is also a great destination for a bit of February fieriness. And if you want hot and wild, head to Costa Rica as this is a top time for wildlife holidays. Galapagos too, which are wild and wonderful all year round, but in February you will love the calmer seas, warmer weather although with risk of showers too. Bookings will pick up towards half term, as these islands are very popular with families. Donít overlook mainland Ecuador at this time of year, especially before the school half term, when last minute availability is more likely to happen.

In southwestern Sri Lanka, the wildlife is abundant in Yala National Park and whales can be seen off the coast and it is also one of the top times for tiger safaris in India and Nepal. Although these book up way in advance, so if you spot late availability, youíll need tiger feet to grab it quickly.

February is also a time when people get cabin fever, feeling the impact of the short days. You will soon shake off this feeling if you can get a last minute trip to Patagonia where, with vast open spaces, extraordinary scenery and hiking galore to wake up the senses and enlighten the soul, there is actually summer warmth, long days and easy access to the whole region. It might not be chilly in Chilly, but it will be still freezing in Finland. And Sweden and Norway, but the Northern Lights will lift you out of Februaryís dark moments, and also the 24-hour darkness is lifting here at this time, so you can still enjoy fun in the snow during the day as well, such as snowshoeing, skating, husky sledding and meeting the Sami.

If itís snow that you want, Italy and Spain's mountains also still have plenty of it for winter activities - with the option of heading back down to the milder coastal areas for a bit of hiking or just chilling out.

March last minute holidays

We love activity holidays at this time of year and, as they are often small group holidays, you have a good chance of getting a last minute place in the group. For example, the spring time sunshine in southern Morocco is just perfect for activity holidays, as it is not too hot, as long as you donít want to go too high in the mountains, where there may still be snow. But then again, you can combine snow with fun in the desert and the coast, so a win-win for those sprightly March hares out there. Costa Rica is dry and mostly sunny, so this is a great time for combining wildlife watching with activity holidays and the Galapagos are great just now for action, especially if you pick a land based holiday from where you can totally immerse yourself in real island life, and also their beaches.
For snowy winter activities, check out late availability in Sweden, Finland and Norway where the 24 hour darkness has, thankfully, lifted, but the snow remains in the northern regions, as do the Northern Lights. Serious trekkers might want to bag a ticket as well as a mountain in Nepal in March, as the winter snows have melted and the monsoon season hasnít hit yet. Monsoons still havenít hit Burma either, where it is dry and warm, but not too hot in March. Cuba is at its driest in March too, with the winter chill having passed on.

You will still feel a chill in the air in Andalucia of a March morning, but the air heats up quickly creating warm sunny days for walking or cycling holidays, with the aromatic orange blossom also in bloom at the end of the month just to make the outings even more delicious. If March madness means splashing out on a wildlife holiday, this is a great time to keep an eye out for last minute availability in Kenya and Tanzania. You can get good deals at this time as the rainy season is due to start. The rains seem to arrive that bit later every year though Ė so you could get lucky with pleasant weather, low prices and few other vehicles crowding round the wildlife. March is also the month to spot the mother mammals of them all Ė whales. These trips do book out in advance, so if you can spot a place opening up last minute in March, head to Antarctica, the Azores or Sri Lanka for cetacean perfection.

April last minute holidays

Although southern Europe is starting to warm up, it isnít beach weather yet but the kayak trips are starting, albeit with wetsuits. And if you arenít climbing too high, hiking and cycling breaks can be good too, as long as you pack your waterproofs. And your wildflower books, as this is when the hills start to blossom. The skies are coming to life in Scotland at this time of year too, as migratory birds are starting to arrive, and other wildlife starting to thrive too, so it is a great time for a wildlife holiday. Sicily, Sardinia and the south of Spain are starting to slowly simmer at this stage, however, for both water and land activities. The Northern Lights are usually still burning brightly at this stage too in the Far North of Europe, such as Iceland.
Further south, this is the best month for spotting as many species of whales as you can in the Azores. We also think that this is one of the most perfect times to visit Morocco, especially if you want desert adventures. Further afield, this is a good time to visit Borneo, as itís the driest season. Cuba and Costa Rica are also at their driest in April, and wildlife at its most prolific, although Cuba is very de rigeur right now, so if you see late availability, grab it. Itís a hot ticket these days. This is also a great time to head to China, the north having thawed from the winter chill, while the summer heat and humidity havenít yet kicked in in the south. Heat has kicked in big time in Indiaís Golden Triangle, however, so if there is late availability, be prepared.
South America is wonderful at this time of year. The Galapagos enjoy calmer seas and warmer weather - making this the best time to visit, despite the greater chance of rain. Peruís coast is still hot and you can head into the mountains too. Inca Trail last minute availability is rare though, as the permits go in a heartbeat. Much of Patagonia is still accessible in early April - and the penguins are starting to arrive. You'll avoid the crowds and the high prices, while still enjoying some pleasant weather.

May last minute holidays

This is a gorgeous, crowd-free time to visit Spain, particularly if you want to go hiking or cycling in Andalucia or Catalonia, and the costa crowds are not invading yet. It is also starting to warm up in Sweden, Finland and Norway with longer days too. And mosquito free, which can be an issue towards the summer. Southern Europe is definitely heating up too, and even local people start to swim after Easter in the likes of Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece, southern Portugal and Turkey. This is also a great time, weather wise, for cycling, hiking or water-based activities, as well as missing the summer crowds of course.
Heading east, keep an eye out for late availability to Sri Lanka as this is the best month to visit by far Ė as you miss the summer and winter monsoon seasons, and there's plenty of wildlife visible in Yala National Park. Similarly, for Borneo, this is the driest season, so the best time for visiting the rainforest and Mt Kinabalu. You'll also catch some great weather in China during May - the north having thawed from the winter chill, while the summer heat and humidity hasn't yet kicked in in the south, making this a great last minute holiday destination.
In Africa, you can get often get late availability, as it is just at the end of the rainy season for some, so some people are still wary of booking. Which is silly, because Namibia and Botswana's landscapes are still fresh from the rainy season, plus you'll have clear skies and plenty of wildlife. Madagascar is similarly lush and green following its recent rainy season. And this is also your last chance to visit Morocco before the summer heat really kicks in.

For last minute Peru, this is the start of the dry season, but the winter chill hasnít kicked in yet, so itís a good one to snap up. The winter has thawed in Norway and Finland, however, which is fantastic if you can get a last minute offer, because there are long daylight hours giving you plenty of time to spot the splendid wildlife all around too.
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Written by Catherine Mack
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