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Where to see the sun disappear

Eclipses are heaven-sent chances to explore places you might never have considered. Unless you are in the UK where, from recent experience, it is more like a case of 50 shades of grey, but with no climax. It's easy to discover where to see the next solar eclipse - they're fixed far ahead, with at least one eclipse a year. So decide which one suits your diary, budget and interests. Also consider where has the best chance of clear skies on the big day. The next total eclipse is in  Chile and Argentina (July 2019), which have more potential for clear skies than the UK's 2015 damp squib. And remember: totality covers a spread of locations as the moon's shadow crosses the earth, so if the forecast isn't good in one spot, you might be luckier somewhere nearby.
Antarctica Chile Finland

Antarctica, Dec 4, 2021

Make a once in a lifetime trip to Antarctica even more out-of-this-world by catching the solar eclipse on December 4, 2021. With almost constant daylight throughout the austral summer this is also the perfect time to catch seal pups, penguin chicks, giant albatross and migrating whales, as well as some of the continent’s largest and most spectacular icebergs…

Chile, July 2, 2019

Chile offers an incredibly diverse range of other worldly landscapes to explore around its total eclipse on July 2, 2019. With the world’s driest desert in the north, lush Lake District valleys at its centre, and spectacular glaciers, fjords and granite peaks to explore in the icy south, don't forget to pack your hiking boots along with your solar specs to make the most this spectacular adventure playground.


Luosto in Finland is brilliantly set up for the Northern Lights, which are often viewed from a nearby lake. There are a great range of hotels and more rustic log cabins; many have “Aurora Alarms” to alert you to the arrival of the lights. Nearby activities include cross-country and downhill skiing, reindeer and husky safaris, and a trip down an amethyst mine.
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Photo credits: [Topbox: Don Miller] [Svalbard polar bear: Smudge 9000] [st helens: Jeff Gunn] [Finland: Ray Garcia] [England eclipse: Claire Sired]
Written by Norman Miller
Solar eclipse holiday in Argentina 2019

Solar eclipse holiday in Argentina 2019

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Finland Northern Lights holiday, Wilderness Auroras

Finland Northern Lights holiday, Wilderness Auroras

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Northern Lights photography holiday in Iceland, coast & ice

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2019 solar eclipse tour in Argentina and Chile

2019 solar eclipse tour in Argentina and Chile

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