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Globe Drifters specialize in small group tours for the almost independent traveller. We offer each person as much choice as possible in his or her daily schedules. Our aim is to give all of our customers a unique and authentic experience while traveling in a foreign country by providing opportunities to interact with locals as well as quality and conscientious cultural activities. We strive to give each traveller a personal and positive experience when traveling with Globe Drifters!
Member since: 08 Jun 2016

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We pride ourselves in employing the services of local guides and transportation personnel for all of our trips. We work directly with these locals to provide stimulating and entertaining trips.
  • The hotels in which we stay are usually family-owned and operated or uniquely local (no chains!). Many of the excursions offered are provided by locals with no website listings and that have a vast knowledge of the area as well as its surroundings so they can show you things others would never get to see or experience. We make sure the money goes into the pockets of the people that deserve it instead of the people trying to exploit it!
  • We donate to ElephantsWorld when they have elephants that they are trying to rescue them from bad conditions/

Environmental responsibility

  • We strive to create eco-responsible trips that promote sustainability and mindfulness of the environment.
  • One example of this is evident in our Thailand trip. Our travellers visit an elephant sanctuary that is dedicated to rehabilitating elephants rescued from the tourism industry in a low stress atmosphere in which visitors can also observe and interact with them. Another is a visit to an organic farm in Vinales, Cuba. Here, visitors can learn how Cuban farmers work the land with so little all while farming ethically and organically. After the visit, the farmer and owner of the property graciously invites them to his home for a truly farm-to-fork experience.
  • we let our travellers know to only use a plastic bag if absolutely necessary and rather put whatever they buy into their backpack. Most hotels we go to provide glass water bottles which they can use with a cup and are refillable. We buy big jugs of water for the bus trips and then people can re-fill their water bottles. We do not allow our travellers to go to ‘tiger kingdom’ or anywhere else that mistreats animals.
  • We use eco-hotels on our trip. For example ‘Our Jungle House’ which was one of the first eco-hotels ever that started back in the 70’s.
  • We go to many restaurants, shops and villages that work with NGO’s that help the disabled, polio victims, street kids and former sex workers. These NGO’s train the Cambodians so they can find reliable work so that they are not reliant on handouts for the rest of their life. For example, a restaurant called Genieve’s hires disabled Cambodians to work the restaurant and the restaurant is a profit-sharing enterprise as well and pays their employee’s a decent wage

Social responsibility

  • We, at Globe Drifters always encourage individuals traveling with us to interact with the locals of the country which they are visiting. In addition to this, we provide culturally-relevant activities that inspire cultural exchange towards a broader and richer world view. On top of that, our travellers have numerous opportunities to learn about the local culture and society.
  • travellers are able to visit Fusterlandia, a house and neighbourhood ornately decorated with and even made of mosaic tiles. This was an initiative started by Jose Fuster gives real insight into how the people of Cuba are able to express themselves under the what many consider politically oppressive government.

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