Somaliland Travel Agency

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Somaliland Travel Agency provides holiday tours and travel agency related services in Somaliland. The company was established with the aim of providing environmentally friendly holiday tours for individuals, families and groups.
Our team also put effort in the preservation of archaeological sites around the country.

Besides the different packages we also offer a tailor made package to suit your travel plans for an affordable price. We focus on providing unique experiences for our customers through a personalized service. We are a private limited company working closely with the Government of Somaliland to promote Somaliland as a tourist destination.
Member since: 04 Aug 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Tourism is the biggest industry in the world and we believe it can be important for Somaliland to develop this sector. This will help to diversify from other sectors which are the backbone of the country and to create jobs for the unemployed youth. Empowering women by using female tour guides and drivers is something we want for the future. By providing training and education to local staff members we try to maintain a certain level of quality.

During severe droughts we have provided water to people in remote areas.

Environmental responsibility

Sustainable Tourism that benefits the most weak local communities should be priority. The nature and archaeological sites should be preserved in such a way that eco-tourism can flourish. We have been working together with The Ministry of Tourism in Somaliland in participating in different projects regarding conservation of archaeological sites such as Laas Geel cave paintings. We have also helped writing the only Tourism study conducted in Somaliland about the opportunities of Cultural Tourism.

In recent years we have guided different research groups on:
- Marine life research
- Archaeological research
- Conservation programs

There’s a plastic bag ban in Somaliland. However this is not enforced and everyone still uses plastic bags. We take clients to stores where they can get paper bags in case they need a bag. Once a year the community also organizes a clean-up day in Hargeisa where our workers participate in.

On our website we have written some etiquettes regarding visiting archaeological sites such as Laas Geel rock paintings.

Before the start of the tour we make sure that travelers know these etiquettes. These include:
- Please do not touch the paintings or anything inside the caves
- Do not drink inside the caves and near the rock paintings
- Try not to get too close to the paintings. The humidity in your breath can damage the ancient rock paintings and damage the vibrant colors
- Avoid using the flash of your camera

In the Eastern part of the country where there are forests we tell travelers not to harm any trees or plants. Especially the Frankincense trees are endanger due to the high demand of Frankincense. We are very careful when visiting theses trees.

Social responsibility

We organize visits to local nomadic families in remote areas. Somali people are nomadic people and this is the best way to experience the culture. In the capital Hargeisa there is also a restaurant with Somali music and performance where we take our clients to.