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Whale watching in the Azores

With so many species of whales and dolphins surrounding this archipelago, this is one of the best places in the world to witness these marine mammals up close, with sightings on 99 percent of whale watching trips to sea. April to September is peak whale watching season in the Azores, with spring and early summer the best time to spot the blue whale – the mightiest mammal on the planet. In May and June, baleen whales including blue, sei, fin and humpback whales pass through these waters on their annual migration to their summer feeding grounds in the north Atlantic. They may also be spotted here in July and August. Resident sperm whales, pilot whales and orca are frequently seen along with ... Read more >
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Blue Whale tour in the Azores

**Both these tours have the option to extend to 9 nights and further trips to sea if you would like a longer stay. Please enquire about additional dates in April, May and June if you are unable to join us on the group dates.** The Portuguese islands of the Azores sit conveniently in the middle of the mid-Atlantic feeding grounds of the world’s largest animal: the blue whale. Our small group, blue whale tour in the Azores is an incredible opportunity to observe these giants in their natural habitat, and sightings over the past few years have been exceptional. Your chances are boosted further as you’ll be travelling on this Azores blue whale tour with an expert marine biologist, and be ... Read more >
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Family whale and dolphin holiday in the Azores

Take a voyage of discovery beneath the ocean as our local Marine Biologists turn your young “Octonauts” into apprentices for the day, cultivating their thirst for knowledge. This holiday doesn’t just take you out to the open seas to meet our resident whales and dolphins it teaches you all about the biology of this incredible ocean and the creation of the islands, that took place over 20 million years ago. Our “Be a Marine Biologist for the day” programme includes talks and presentations before heading out to sea to put into practice all that you have learnt. You can choose an in depth full day of fun learning as part of the holiday with a general whale watching tour or just take the half ... Read more >
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Azores family adventure holiday, whales and dolphins

This Azores family adventure holiday is a small group tour, organised by a leading, and very responsible whale and dolphin watching expert. This holiday is aimed to be adventurous and also educational, while also introducing you to the cultural and natural heritage of the Azores. Marine wildlife and conservation is at the heart of what we do, and this trip has been carefully designed for families who want to explore this subject more. We organise whale and dolphin watching trips for you and, if you are interested, you can also contribute to ongoing work by a marine biologist, depending on your family’s interests. If you choose this option, you will spend a full day out on the water with ... Read more >
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Family whale & dolphin watching holiday, Azores

We are specialists in holidays with dolphins and whales and offer you and your children the best opportunities to see these amazing marine animals in the wild combined with fun learning opportunities from our resident marine biologists. The Azores attract an abundance of dolphins and whales making it one of the world’s best places to see them and sightings are renowned as some of the best in the world! The groups are informal with an itinerary for your time at sea with the dolphins and whales. You will be given presentations on the boat by our marine biologist. The rest of your time is free to spend how you wish and you can add on any land tours to your program. You will see many species ... Read more >
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Blue whale watching in the Azores, Pico Island

This blue whale watching holiday in the Azores is a stunning May event, as this is the best time for seeing migratory blue whales off the Azores. Your base will be the Azorean island of Pico, a third of which is a nature reserve, with a volcano at its core. You will be staying in a hotel near the harbour, or in a hilltop villa depending on what you prefer. The main focus of the week is to see blue whales of course, and you will be travelling with an expert local researcher guide, Rui Santos , with daily timings of your five half day trips planned carefully by him. Your whale watching excursions will be on board a RIB Zodiac research boat, which travels comfortably in choppy waters and ... Read more >
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Blue whale Azores family holiday

Join us during the Easter spring break or May half term week for the optimum time to see the blue, humpback and fin whales migrating past the islands. We will arrange this tour for you with three sea voyages to get close to the largest creatures on the planet, the "Ocean giants" Your Itinerary will also include the best tours to explore the island and enjoy the stunning and unique landscape. There are many other exciting activities to enjoy from hiking and kayaking to canyoning. The Blue Whale Bonanza takes you on a voyage of discovery seeing these ocean giants surface close to the boats. Memories that will be with your family for ever! Also you will learn about whale behaviour beneath ... Read more >
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