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Cruise and swim with dolphins in Egypt

The southern Red sea, with its calm, aquamarine water, is one of the most special places in the world to encounter wild dolphins. Here in the offshore reef, we offer the opportunity to meet and swim with dolphins in Egypt all year round, and to have the amazing experience of snorkelling on the surface while the curious cetaceans swim below. This dolphin holiday in Egypt includes one night spent onboard our boat and the remaining nights at a nearby resort with day trips to see the dolphins in the Red Sea. Spending this additional time onboard the boat means we have time to cruise down to a remote coral reef and swim with dolphins in the Red Sea in the early morning and late evening, ... Read more >
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Whale watching in the Azores

With so many species of whales and dolphins surrounding this archipelago, this is one of the best places in the world to witness these marine mammals up close, with sightings on 99 percent of whale watching trips to sea. April to September is peak whale watching season in the Azores, with spring and early summer the best time to spot the blue whale – the mightiest mammal on the planet. In May and June, baleen whales including blue, sei, fin and humpback whales pass through these waters on their annual migration to their summer feeding grounds in the north Atlantic. They may also be spotted here in July and August. Resident sperm whales, pilot whales and orca are frequently seen along with ... Read more >
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Blue Whale tour in the Azores

**Both these tours have the option to extend to 9 nights and further trips to sea if you would like a longer stay. Please enquire about additional dates in April, May and June if you are unable to join us on the group dates.** The Portuguese islands of the Azores sit conveniently in the middle of the mid-Atlantic feeding grounds of the world’s largest animal: the blue whale. Our small group, blue whale tour in the Azores is an incredible opportunity to observe these giants in their natural habitat, and sightings over the past few years have been exceptional. Your chances are boosted further as you’ll be travelling on this Azores blue whale tour with an expert marine biologist, and be ... Read more >
From £1,140 excluding flights

Azores family adventure holiday, whales and dolphins

We are excited to be introducing this fun and educational family small group tour. Designed with families in mind it offers you and your children the opportunity to be part of something incredible – learning about whales and dolphins, seeing them from the boats and the chance to help preserve our oceans! You will be part of a small group lead by an amazing whale and dolphin expert who will be offering fun-filled educational presentations to really capture your children's imagination. Read more >
From £750 excluding flights

Blue whale watching in the Azores, Pico Island

On this exclusive small group tour you get a rare opportunity to go out with a whale researcher. Your guide will schedule the time spent at sea during the week to ensure you get the best opportunity to encounter whales and dolphins as this is the optimum time for sightings of the blue whales in May. The "far-away" island of Pico is still unspoilt by mass tourism, offering a unique opportunity to see these ocean giants in their mid Atlantic feeding grounds. There are relatively few other boats and exceptional sightings are common. Joining this special small group tour gives an informative experience sharing the wonder on the ocean with others in the group and offers a program of talks and ... Read more >
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Family whale & dolphin watching holiday, Azores

These are special group tours on specific dates with a family friendly guide although families can come on any date of their choice and join our weekly whale watching tours. The May Whitsun week, is a good time to see Blue Whales and is a unique opportunity to see these Ocean Giants in their Mid-Atlantic feeding grounds where the sightings have been exceptional over the last few years. Our boat operators have the skill and respect to approach these Ocean Giant Mammals with minimum disturbance. However whale watching in the summer will also offer some excellent sightings of 5 species of dolphins, sperm whales and numerous other species. You will be part of a group to share the wonder of ... Read more >
From £690 excluding flights

Family swimming with dolphins in the Azores

Join us on an underwater family adventure holiday and spend time with dolphins in their natural habitat. For a family, swimming with dolphins in the Azores could be the trip of a lifetime, thanks to our fun, educational approach, and our experienced family guides. Choose between a tailor made holiday on the dates of your choice – or join one of our weekly small group departures, where children can share the experience of swimming with dolphins in the Azores with other kids, making new friends while their parents relax! All of our tours follow responsible guidelines for swimming with dolphins and approaching them in our boats. Child discounts & trip details Discounts are available for ... Read more >
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Swim with dolphins in Egypt

This holiday is based out of a beautiful eco-village resort. Located right by the beach, it is an ideal spot from which to take boat trips out to the reef – where we can swim with wild dolphins in the Red Sea. The eco-village caters to a range of budgets, with accommodation ranging from furnished tents to luxury, air conditioned chalets. Three varied, buffet-style meals a day are included in the price, as are soft drinks and airport transfers. The price also includes three excursions to swim with dolphins in Egypt. The dolphins here are wild, which means sightings can never be guaranteed – but we have enjoyed an 80 percent success rate over the years with both sightings and swimming since ... Read more >
From £474 excluding flights

Swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores

If you’ve ever dreamed of discovering the world of wild dolphins, then look no further than this holiday which takes you to swim with wild dolphins in the Azores. Strap on your mask and snorkel in these clear Atlantic waters, and encounter these curious and often playful marine mammals in their natural habitat. Expert guidance and pre-trip training is included. You will be accompanied by our aquatic rescue guides who look after you and help you feel confident swimming with the dolphins in the Azores. Their sounds, movements and gestures of the dolphins take you right into their underwater world. We often see seven species of dolphin; sperm whale sightings are common too. You’ll soon learn ... Read more >
From £530 excluding flights
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