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Scuba diving or snorkeling holiday in Cuba

Scuba dive or snorkel among pristine coral reefs, chilling shipwrecks, and a plethora of colorful marine life! Cuba may have been restricted politically and economically for the past 50 years, but its borders have remained open to wildlife. Cuba has one of the last remaining healthy ecosystems in the Caribbean. This trip is centered around underwater adventures, but we have included many land-based activities so that you can experience Cuba’s vibrant culture. Join us on this amazing adventure as we explore Cuba both on land and at sea. *The trips offered fall under the United States Department of Treasury’s guidelines for legal travel to Cuba for American citizens. TRIP SUMMARY : Days ... Read more >
From US $2,900 excluding flights

South Korea and Japan tour

Venture into Seoul, the capital of the Land of the Morning Calm. Bright and shiny skyscrapers filled with business men in suits and women dressed to the nines a la “Gangnam Style” tower over mom and pop shops selling fresh produce and knickknacks out of faded store fronts. Experience the frenetic pace of Seoul as you take in the sights of traditional homes snugly nestled in narrow, winding alleyways and the smells of Korea’s street food wafting through the air. No culinary experience in Korea would be complete without the most iconic Korean food…kimchi! Take a trip to one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world : the DMZ, which separates the once unified North and South ... Read more >
From US $3,500 excluding flights

Lantern festival tour in Thailand

From island hopping on a long tail boat to jungle trekking in one of the oldest rain forests in the world, you won’t be disappointed in the Land of Smiles. Come join us this year for one of the most coveted events in travel...The mass lantern release in Chiang Mai! This highly anticipated event sells out fast and is definitely a bucket list item! It is an awe inspiring sight to witness thousands of lanterns drift into the sky simultaneously. Thailand's breathtaking landscape, mouth-watering food, relaxing massages and laid back vibe makes it the perfect vacation spot. Did we mention that the massages are only $8 each?! No matter your style, Thailand has something for everyone. TRIP ... Read more >
From US $2,900 excluding flights

Vietnam and Cambodia cultural tours

Venture into the heart of Indochina as we make our way to Vietnam and Cambodia. From the bustling and chaotic city capitals of Hanoi and Phnom Phen to deserted deserted that the show Survivor has a permanent base for filming here. No trip to Cambodia and Vietnam would be complete without exploring the ancient city of Angkor that is slowly being devoured by the jungle or sailing through Halong Bay for an overnight cruise on a traditional 'junk' boat. This trip truly is a once in a lifetime experience with breathtaking scenery, secluded beaches, a tragic yet captivating history and so much more! TRIP SUMMARY : Days 1-3 : Hanoi (Arrival) Days 3-4 : Halong Bay Days 4-6 : Hoi ... Read more >
From US $2,900 excluding flights

Eastern Cuba tour, off the beaten track

Travel the Cuba that few travelers get to see. Eastern Cuba is the less visited half of the island and is chalked full of sights to be seen. It is also the birthplace of the infamous revolution and home to Cuba’s oldest city. With its pristine beaches, charming colonial towns, and a captivating history, Eastern Cuba is home to fiercely proud people with an independent spirit for you to discover. TRIP SUMMARY : Day 1 - Holguin (Arrival) Day 2 - Santiago de Cuba Day 3 - Santiago de Cuba Day 4 - Santiago de Cuba Day 5 - Baracoa Day 6 - Baracoa Day 7 - Baracoa Day 8 - Guardalavaca Day 9 - Holguin via Gibara Day 10 - Holguin (Departure) *Itinerary subject to change Read more >
From US $2,400 excluding flights

Cuba small group vacation

A small group 9 days/8 nights tour of Cuba among the locals. You will stay in accommodation and eat in restaurants that are owned and run by private Cuban citizens. Perfect for solo travelers who are also looking for the occasional companion with whom to have an adventure. Our local guide will give you unique insight into Cuban life, culture, history and much more! On this trip, explore the lively streets of Havana and take in all of its historical sites by convertible classic car. Visit a tobacco farm in Viñales, located in the agricultural province of Pinar del Río. Enjoy beautiful sunsets in a sleepy beach village near the Bay of Pigs. Explore the charming town of Trinidad with its ... Read more >
From US $2,400 excluding flights

Morocco Atlas & Sahara 4WD tour

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime among Morocco’s scenic mountains and vast desert as we explore Morocco ‘off the beaten path’ and make our way through the Atlas mountains and Sahara Desert by 4 wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle. Explore the chaotic souks and get lost in the colors and smells of the enchanting maze-like markets. Visit amazing communes that are carved into the sides of mountains and cliffs. Spend the night in a desert camp on one of the largest dunes in the Sahara Desert. Visit coops to learn all about the famed rosewater, argan oil, and Berber rugs as well as support the local women who work to make these world renowned products. The adventures don’t stop there! Join ... Read more >
From US $2,600 excluding flights

Galapagos Islands cruise & Ecuador tour

Galapagos...The mere mention of these islands conjures dreams of adventure, intrigue, and excitement. It’s a place of mystery that millions know about, but only a handful have explored. Our excursion of the islands begins on a first-class, luxury motor yacht. With a limit of sixteen passengers, this state of the art vessel provides an intimate yet extravagant seafaring experience. Cabins built with relaxation in mind also offer spectacular views of the surrounding ocean as far as the eye can see. Have a drink while basking under the sun's rays on the sundeck or pop into the jacuzzi for a soak and sip on your drink of choice to unwind. The Majestic is a ship built for a trip of maximum ... Read more >
From US $5,100 excluding flights

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Galapagos…The mere mention of these islands conjures dreams of adventure, intrigue, and excitement. It’s a place of mystery that millions know about, but only a handful have explored. To visit is to live a moment like you never have before. The sights in store for you during this 5-day cruise include wonders like the famous Galapagos tortoises, which helped inspire Charles Darwin to write his infamous On the Origin of Species. These beloved animals live hundreds of years and are gargantuan rulers of their domain. Seeing them in their natural habitat is not to be missed. These islands are special thanks in large part to the strong currents from Antarctica flowing towards the Galapagos ... Read more >
From US $4,400 excluding flights
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