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Jordan cycling tour

This cycling tour through Jordan features five unforgettable days of biking through the spectacular and dramatic landscapes of an intriguing and richly storied destination. Each cycle day covers between 60-100km - but with your gear transported by jeep so you ride unencumbered, enjoying sightseeing breaks along with meals and drinks in cooling shade. You'll cycle from the Dead Sea – the lowest point on Earth - to Aqaba on the sunlit Red Sea. You'll also spend time amid the stunning rose-red ruins of the fabled city of Petra, with an option to spend a magical candlelit evening there, lit up too by Arab storytelling. Along the way, you'll cycle through the off-the-beaten track Wadi Araba ...Read more >
From US $2,565 excluding flights

Highlights and nature tour in Jordan

Discover the diverse natural wonders of Jordan on this distinctive – and not-too-strenuous - hiking tour that reveals a country where nature is woven with rich history. Leaving the Arab city bustle and museums of the Jordanian capital Amman behind, you'll head first for the Azraq Wetland Reserve – visiting a trio of ancient desert castles en route. The reserve is a watery wonderland where vivid blue kingfishers dart over a landscape where nature mingles with reminders of past occupations that include old Roman bathing pools. Relax at the end of each day in luxury camps or comfortable eco-lodges in spectacular locations like the Ajlun Nature Reserve, where you combine history and hiking ...Read more >
From US $2,495 excluding flights

Christmas and new year Jordan tour

For a distinctive Christmas and New Year you'll never forget, head for Jordan! This beautiful and welcoming country has some special Biblical links adding depth to the Christmas experience. Begin Christmas Day itself with a visit to the St George Church in Madaba to see its famous mosaic map – a 6th century jewel representing the oldest existing map of Palestine. Next is Mt Nebo - from where Moses viewed the Promised Land. End Christmas Day with a visit to Bethany – a key pilgrimage site on the River Jordan where John the Baptist is believed to have baptised Jesus. Here you can explore Roman and Byzantine remains including a monastery, hermit caves and special baptism pools. Enjoy ...Read more >
From US $2,545 excluding flights

Jordan photography tour

With minimum 2 persons, learn how to make the most beautiful pictures of your holiday in Jordan with a professional Jordanian photographer. During this tour a Jordanian photographer will give you a workshop at each site you visit. Capture the magnificent scenery of Jordan, the stunning sunsets and its beautiful faces. While travelling from North to South you will notice the ever changing landscape, perfect for shooting lots of pictures. Spend a night at Dana Nature Reserve. Visit Petra and camp in the desert Wadi Rum. Finish of your stay with 2 nights at the Dead Sea including an adventure hike at Wadi Mujib. Don't forget a water proof case for your camera whilst exploring the ...Read more >
From US $2,395 excluding flights

Highlights of Jordan, small group tour

On this eight day highlights of Jordan tour you’ll take in the country’s top sights in the company of a small group of likeminded travellers. After touring the historical highlights of Amman, you’ll head for Jerash, one of the world's best preserved Roman provincial cities. Then it’s on to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, where you’ll have a full day to explore its many treasures. The next day is spent in Wadi Rum, where you’ll take a jeep tour through the desert and have the opportunity to ride a camel, should you choose. You’ll be camping out in the desert and can either spend the night in a tent, or sleep on a mattress outside underneath the silence of a starry sky. Aqaba ...Read more >
From US $1,195 excluding flights

Castles of Jordan tour

Feel like a knight during this special Castles of Jordan Tour. You will also visit the highlights of Jordan but its focus is on the awe inspiring castles. From beautiful famous immense castles to smaller lesser known castles hidden in corners of Jordan. Visit castles that most tourists don’t even get to see. It will feel like stepping into a fairy tale with all those beautiful castles in Arabian land.Read more >
From US $2,315 excluding flights

Jordan bird watching tour

Are you into birding? Then Jordan is the perfect destination for you! Besides the Jordanian birds, lots of birds pass through Jordan during the migrating season in March and September. Visit the highlights of Jordan but have extra time for bird watching. Spot the Hoopoe, Eurasian Jay, Carrion Crow, Tawny Owl, Syrian Wood pecker, Winter Wren and many many more. During this program you will spend 2 nights at the RSCN owned Azraq Eco Lodge. Azraq Wetland Reserve is the place to be for bird watchers. You will also visit the Aqaba Bird watching Observatory and stop at Dana Nature Reserve. A visit will be made to Wadi Hizam, laying east of Azraq, a desert not many people lay their eyes on. ...Read more >
From US $2,430 excluding flights

Jordan luxury spa & wellness holiday with Petra

Come and escape the rush and stresses of life with a Wellness Relaxation Tour of the lovely country of Jordan – a land of dramatic deserts and unique seas, woven with history. You'll have a full day exploring the incredible ruins of the ancient city of Petra that are like a 2300-year-old beautiful desert fable cast in rose-red stone, before moving on to the unique vistas of Wadi Rum – a desert riven by dramatic rock formations, ancient petroglyphs and memories of Lawrence of Arabia. There's an option here for a camel ride too, just like TE Lawrence! Jordan offers two very different seas for you to experience. The resort of Aqaba on the Red Sea offers sandy beaches, snorkelling and scuba ...Read more >
From US $2,470 excluding flights

Canyoning in Jordan

A 12 day program that is suited for the real adventurer! You will hike through lots of fun water canyons, also called wadi in Arabic. Some not many tourists get to see. It is certain you will end up with wet feet during this tour. You will admire the beautiful canyons with their stunning waterfalls and hot springs. Hike through narrow canyons where the scenery keeps amazing you. Wadi Zarqa, Wadi Mujib, Wadi Ibn Hammad and Afra Hot Springs are included and more. Of course you will visit Petra too as well as the breathtaking desert of Wadi Rum. You end your tour in Aqaba, where you get to put your feet up for a well deserved rest. The adventure awaits you, book today! Note that this tour ...Read more >
From US $2,065 excluding flights

South Jordan short break

With this short tour you will discover the breathtaking of South of Jordan. Visit Petra, one of the Seven World Wonders with its beautiful golden and pink colors. Visit Wadi Rum desert beside golden sand as you will discover many colors there! And end your tour in Aqaba with a day of relaxing at the golden beaches.Read more >
From US $1,030 excluding flights

Jordan self drive holiday

This 10-day fly-drive trip offers the perfect opportunity for independent travellers to explore Jordan – whether travelling solo, as a couple or a family. Your rental car and hotels are booked for you in advance – but the actual journey you choose to take through this wonderful country is up to you. The package includes a suggested itinerary covering Jordan's most famous sights – though you can play with it how you wish. And for any questions while travelling, we are just a phone call away! In the capital Amman, you could visit the historic Citadel and Roman Theatre before driving to the wonderfully-preserved old Roman city of Jerash. Other suggested sites include the St George Church at ...Read more >
From US $1,210 excluding flights

Jordan hiking tour

Come and explore Jordan by foot! Hike from Dana Nature Reserve to Petra during this 11 days program. A total of 6 days hiking are included. The tour will take you through the beautiful Dana Nature Reserve, located between Karak and Petra. You will see a part of the Wadi Araba desert and its stunning surroundings. Petra is of course included and a walk in the desert Wadi Rum can not be missed out on. During our hiking tour, you will walk through canyons, valleys, small Bedouin villages, along Byzantine ruins and Roman fortresses. Overnights will be most of the time in self made tented camps. The average amount of kilometers you walk per day is around 19 km. The last night you will spend ...Read more >
From US $2,010 excluding flights

Jordan luxury tailor made tour

If you like to spoil yourself on holiday then this is the tour for you. 5 star hotels and luxury transfers will surely make you feel special. And it can't get crazy enough, you will be staying in the highest room categories! This tour takes you to all the highlights in Jordan, in style. Jerash, Karak Castle, Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea are all included and more. You will be camping a night in Wadi Rum, but it won't be like any camping. You will be camping with glamour (glamping) in beautiful tents that include beds. Feel like royalty on this Luxury Tour in Jordan.Read more >
From US $3,660 excluding flights

Jordan culture and cooking holiday

If cooking is your passion then this tour is made for you! During this 8 days program you visit all the highlights of Jordan and learn all about Jordan's traditional meals. You will be cooking Jordanian food, alongside local people. And so you will experience the local culture while getting a taste of the real Jordan. This tour runs all year around and can be enjoyed as a private tour or group tour. You will learn how to make magluba (an upside down rice dish). See how the local Taboun bread is made, in ovens hundreds of years old. Learn how to cook Zarb, a dish cooked underground. And help with the preparation of Jordan's national dish, called Mansaf. And there will be much more ...Read more >
From US $1,735 excluding flights

Family tour of Jordan

This is a tailormade family holiday in Jordan, meaning that you can extend or shorten the nine day itinerary in line with your family’s requirements. Rest assured though, that whether you follow the suggested itinerary below or create your own, every day will result in fantastic experiences and memories. That’s because Jordan is such a great destination for families. There is heaps of fun and exciting activities to try, from sandboarding in the dunes of Wadi Rum to snorkelling off the beach in Aqaba or some light trekking in the Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan’s largest. And this is combined with many opportunities to simply wind down and enjoy each other’s company, whether that be watching as ...Read more >
From US $1,295 excluding flights

Jordan hiking holiday, Petra to Wadi Rum

Four days hiking inside the protected desert wonderland of Wadi Rum provides the heart of this fantastic 8-day trip to Jordan. But before travelling to a place described by Lawrence of Arabia as a "vast, echoing and moon like landscape", experience the majesty of the ancient city of Petra. The stunning rose-red ruins of this 2300-year-old desert capital are one of the archaeological wonders of the world, and as well as exploring the site by day you can deepen your experience with add-ons including a night-time candlelit visit or cooking with a local chef. In Wadi Rum, you'll hike through an awesome landscape of incredible sandstone rock formations and dazzling sands, dotted with ancient ...Read more >
From US $1,755 excluding flights

Winter activity tour in Jordan

Jordan offers guaranteed sunshine for most of the year. Perfect for the outdoor thrill seekers! Action enthusiasts who want to go beyond the ordinary, will cycle from Madaba to Mount Nebo, hiking backdoor Petra and climbing the mountain of Petra and Wadi Rum, 4 x 4 safari Jeep at Wadi Rum, hike through Wadi Ghwair canyon to reach a magical pool and waterfall. And ends the tour with diving and exploring the Red Sea. Jordan is an adventurers playground for young and old.Read more >
From US $2,265 excluding flights

Jordan highlights & camel safari

Get a real experience of traditional Bedouin life over several days riding the 'ship of the desert' on a camel safari through the dramatic sandstone vistas of Wadi Rum – just part of this 10-day small group exploration of the wonders of Jordan. As well as this richly storied landscape – described by Lawrence of Arabia as a "vast, echoing and moon like landscape" – you'll visit an array of Jordan's other sights. Marvel at the famous mosaics in St George Church at Madaba, stand on the Biblical Mount Nebo from where Moses viewed the Promised Land, and journey through Wadi Mujib – the 'Grand Canyon' of Jordan – to see the immense Crusaders castle at Karak. No trip to Jordan can miss the ...Read more >
From US $2,185 excluding flights