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Skiing holiday in Iran

Not everyone associates Iran with skiing, but with the world-class resorts of Dizin and neighbouring Shemshak and Dabansar, situated just one hour north of Tehran in the stunning Alborz Mountains; they absolutely should. Our adventure will also take us south to the incomparable cities of Isfahan and Yazd, to explore some of the finest examples of Islamic architecture on the planet, as well as opportunities to try the fabulous local cuisine and shop in the ancient bazaars of this most beautiful of ancient civilizations. Highlights: Four days skiing/snowboarding in Dizin Explore the palaces and Grand Bazaar of Tehran Take a train to the desert city of Yazd Experience the breath-taking ...Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Ethiopia cultural tour, 14 days

This adventure takes in all the very best that Northern Ethiopia has to offer! We will explore the stunning 13th Century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela; marvel at the 4th Century 24-metre-tall granite stele in the ancient capital of Axum where the Queen of Sheba reigned; walk in the peerless Simien Mountains alongside Gelada Baboons and Walia Ibex; visit the churches carved into mountainsides in the Gheralta Mountains; whilst visiting the local villages and people, learning about their culture, music and delicious cuisine. Highlights include Explore 13th Century rock-hewn churches Walk through villages and meet local people Dine beneath the stars at our beautiful sycamore camp Experience ...Read more >
From £2,449 excluding flights

Lebanon small group tour, 9 days

This adventure captures all the must-see destinations that Lebanon has to offer, whilst incorporating some short walks along the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) through cedar forests (Autumn departures), the Chouf Mountains and the Qadisha Valley; to also experience the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful country on foot. From the Mediterranean to snowy mountains to the vineyards of the Beqaa, join us as we stay in traditional Lebanese homes, enjoy the world-famous cuisine and party in Beirut! Highlights Include: Wine tasting in the Beqaa Valley Explore Roman temples in Baalbek Discover Beirut, Byblos, Tripoli, cedar forests… Walk in the Qadisha Valley & Jeita GrottoRead more >
From £1,499 excluding flights

Iran cultural 9 day tour

This cultural adventure takes us on a journey through the very best that Iran has to offer; incorporating its exquisite architectural achievements, peaceful mosques, glistening mosaics, blooming gardens, lavish palaces, Zoroastrian fire temples, the ancient ruins of the greatest empire the world has ever seen, fresh yoghurts with sizzling meats, glorious tapestries, meandering labyrinthine bazaars, windswept desert plains, and the legendary hospitality of its people. Highlights Include: Visit the palaces and Grand Bazaar of Tehran Explore Persepolis, ancient seat of the Persian Empire Experience the legendary Iranian cuisine & hospitality Wonder at the sublime architecture of Yazd, Shiraz ...Read more >
From £1,699 excluding flights

Kyrgyzstan Tian Shan Mountains adventure holiday

This adventure is the epitome of the road less travelled: Taking you into the very heart of nature, completely away from tourists, and with only a few local shepherds in yurts and their herds of free-roaming horses for company, we will hike across beautiful untouched valleys and high passes of the Tian Shan Mountains. There will also be the opportunity ride horses through beautiful valley pastures regardless of your level of experience, and also to sleep in a yurt and bathe in the natural hot springs with a cold beer or two on our final night in the mountains. Highlights include: Hike through a wild region the Tian Shan Meet local nomadic herders pasturing their livestock View glaciers and ...Read more >
From £1,449 excluding flights

Ryukyu Islands off the beaten track tour in Japan

The Ryukyu Islands of Japan spread from Kyushu in a perfect half moon-shaped archipelago down to Taiwan, with Okinawa the crown jewel in this delicate chain of lost gemstones set in a turquoise East China Sea. This incredible adventure takes you to Tokunoshima & Okinoerabu, islands never before visited by a Western tour group, as well as through prehistoric cedar forests cradled within the volcanic mountains of Yakushima. This is the perfect tour for those who are looking to discover new regions of Japan and you will be lucky enough to discover a Japan undisturbed for centuries. Highlights include: Bathe in natural hot springs ‘onsen’ Hike through ancient cedar forests Discover Okinawa’s ...Read more >
From £3,299 excluding flights

Oman cultural adventure tour

From the incense-filled souks of Muscat to turtle watching on golden sandy beaches; from the sun-bleached mountains of Jebel Shams to the tinkling of water along ancient falaj irrigation channels, hidden beneath lush date palm plantations; from riding camels across the wild red sands of the Wahiba to snorkelling in the turquoise ocean of the protected Daymaniyat Islands to the green freshwater pools of the wadis; this is Oman. Highlights include: Turtle viewing in Ras Al Jinz Desert camp in Wahiba Sands View Oman’s largest canyon from Jebel Shams Sail around the Daymaniyat IslandsRead more >
From £1,549 excluding flights

Mongolia nomad horse riding holiday

This incredibly unique and exciting experience invites travellers to become part of a small group exploring the Naiman Nuur mountain foothills and grassland plains of Central Mongolia. Horse riding features throughout this nine day tour as well as authentic interaction with local families, including nights in felt ger camps living the pastoral life of a Mongolian nomad. Beginners are welcome to take up the reins or, alternatively, you can walk alongside your horse and experience the likes of the Ulaan Tsutgalan River and Orkhon Valley at ground level. Aside from Central Mongolia’s incredible landscapes and star-filled nights you’ll also find out more about the region’s Buddhist heritage ...Read more >
From £1,449 excluding flights

Ethiopia Genna Festival & trekking holiday

Ethiopian Christmas ‘Genna’ (7th January 2021) is the most important religious festival in the second country in the world to become Christian. This adventure provides the unique opportunity to experience the elaborate and highly stylised rituals and parades alongside the thousands of Ethiopian pilgrims who flock to the 13th Century rock-hewn churches in Lalibela. After this amazing celebration we will travel up to the Gheralta mountains for hiking in stunning rural surroundings. Highlights include Explore 13th Century rock-hewn churches Join Christmas parades & celebrations Hike in the awe-inspiring Gheralta Mountains Visit villages and spend time with local peopleRead more >
From £1,499 excluding flights

Ethiopia coffee tour

Coffee originates from Ethiopia. The word ‘coffee’ comes from the word ‘Kafa’; the green jungle region in the southwest of the country. Walking through beautiful jungle with Colobus Monkeys swinging overhead, we will experience the beauty of its diverse flora, fauna, wildlife and local people; visiting the coffee plantations and villagers who work there, learning everything about the processes that allow the beans to be exported to the international market. January 7th is also the festival of ‘Genna’ [Ethiopian Christmas] which we will celebrate with the local people. Highlights include: Visit beautiful wild coffee forests Experience Genna festival & coffee ceremony Ride horses, visit ...Read more >
From £1,499 excluding flights

Iran tour, Assassins castles & mountains

On this unique tour we will walk in the footsteps of history amidst some of the most beautiful remote mountain scenery on earth, which for centuries been the stronghold of rebels, heroes and… assassins. We will hike up to the ruins of these once proud castles, meeting local people, with the tour concluding in the city of Tabriz, where we will wander through the largest covered bazaar in the world, to see what gems from the past still survive there also. Highlights: Travel in rarely-visited mountain regions Explore mysterious & historic ancient castles Explore the largest covered bazaar in the world Bathe in natural hot springsRead more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Bale Mountains holiday in Ethiopia

The Sanetti Plateau in the Bale Mountains is the Rooftop of Africa; averaging 4000m in altitude, it is the highest plateau on the continent. On this incredible adventure we will walk across it, viewing its beautiful and exotic wildlife including Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian Red Wolf, impala, warthogs and Colobus Monkeys; meeting the nomadic herders grazing their flocks on the plateau and learning about their culture. We end with drive down into an ancient forest filled with waterfalls in this part of Ethiopia so little explored by the outside world. Highlights include: View the rare Ethiopian Wolf Cross the highest plateau in Africa Hike through an ancient cloud forest Explore the incredible ...Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Kyrgyzstan Great Lakes nomad adventure

Experience three of Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful alpine lakes: Stay in yurts on the shores of the majestic sea-like Issyk-Kul watching the local eagle hunters; earn a view of Chatyr-Kol after hiking/riding to a high pass deep in the Tian Shan Mountains along the ancient Silk Road; ride horses alongside nomad herders in the tranquillity Son-Kol, situated in the heart of the country surrounded by a gentle crown of mountains and grazing livestock in the summer months. Highlights include: Stay in yurts with local nomadic families Travel to pristine alpine lakes Day-hike in the Tian Shan Mountains Ride horses & watch eagle huntingRead more >
From £1,449 excluding flights

Eagle festival tour in Mongolia

The eagle hunting tradition is engrained in the cultural heritage of Central Asia and there are large Golden Eagle Festivals in Mongolia celebrating this tradition. On this fantastic adventure we will visit a smaller, privately arranged Golden Eagle Festival to avoid the crowds, which can be particularly appealing for photography enthusiasts. The festival will take place in Western Mongolia where many of the population have Kazakh origins. Experience this remote and beautiful region staying with local families to learn about their way of life. A 3 day add-on itinerary which precedes this tour over the weekend is also available. Highlights include: Take portraits of Mongolian Kazakh Eagle ...Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights

Ethiopia trekking holiday, Lalibela & Gheralta

On this stunning adventure we will explore beautiful ancient rock-hewn churches carved high up into the mountainsides of the mind-blowing formations of Gheralta Mountains. We will camp in beautifully situated campsites such as under a giant sycamore tree and in a huge natural cave; meeting local villages along the way and learning about their culture as our unique route takes us through many villages and farmsteads, very rarely visited by foreigners. Highlights include: Explore 13th Century rock-hewn churches Walk through villages and meet local people Camp in beautiful valleys and hike up to great views Experience traditional food, music & dancingRead more >
From £1,399 excluding flights

Ladakh mountains trekking adventure

The Ladakh region of Kashmir, “Little Tibet” or “ Land beyond the Passes” is one of the most remote areas of India, lying to the north of the Himalaya on the Tibetan Plateau. On this trekking adventure we will visit many of the incredible Tibetan monasteries, palaces and local people’s homes in the region. Ladakh is away from the disputed region of Kashmir between India and Pakistan; join us to experience this peaceful way of life beneath the snow-capped mountains. Highlights include: Visit Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries Hike through stupendous mountain scenery Discover the history of ancient kingdoms Experience the bustling market of LehRead more >
From £1,450 excluding flights
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