Transylvania winter holiday accommodation


No Snow?
We usually have natural snow cover in December, January & February. The emphasis for us are alternatives to skiing such as snow shoeing in the nearby woods and cross country skiing on the nearby meadows.

Responsible tourism

Transylvania winter holiday accommodation

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Our small enterprise provides employment for 14 families. Most of the food we serve as well as the building material we use is traditionally produced in the village and its surroundings. Our staff is now skilled in their new professions, be it the cook, the guide or the restoration worker. We aim at restoring and preserving the historic architectural harmony of our village and its environment. The guest houses are part of the village and our guests become neighbours to the villagers for the length of their stay. We show our guests nature still in its unspoiled way. We monitor wildlife around the village and make the villagers understand why it is so important to preserve it. We promote sustainable tourism also by limiting the amount of rooms available.

All our employees are local and benefit from high training standards. We purchase most goods locally, even traditional building materials like hand made tiles, bricks and lime. Our taxes go to the local council helping to develop the village. Profit generated by the guests is re-invested directly in the restoration of our cultural heritage. Thus the entire village largely benefits from our undertaking.

16 Reviews of Transylvania winter holiday accommodation

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 01 Jan 2016 by

The peaceful ambience was the thing that will stay with me - although there was also so much excitement of course on the tours, new year's eve party etc. For a city dweller it was the perfect way to unwind and 'get away from it all. Read full review

Reviewed on 29 Dec 2016 by

A really perfect holiday for us. Snow, countryside, interesting history and culture. Lots to see and do. Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Feb 2013 by

Excellent...The stay at the guest house- amazing! The staff were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble at all. The tour guides were outstanding. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Aug 2012 by

The most memorable part was the gorge walk and bat caves, it was magical in the winter with a full snow covering...Excellent a most memorable holiday... Read full review

Reviewed on 28 Feb 2012 by

B****y BRILLIANT!!! Only reason it is not 5 * below is because it is hard to decide if it the very best because all our holidays are different, but it is definitely up there with the best. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Apr 2011 by

Excellent, I would recommend to anyone wanting to go back and experience nature, a more simple way of living and wanting to learn about the complex make-up of Transylvanian history. Read full review

Reviewed on 28 Feb 2011 by

It was wonderful - we did four nights, which I'd recommend as a minimum as there is so much to see. Children were well catered for - ours were two and four and loved all the food and the adventures! Read full review

Reviewed on 08 Feb 2010 by

I can't imagine a better holiday. The staff gaged the activities according to your interest and will go out of their way to make sure that it is the most memorable experience. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Jan 2009 by

Bring your sense of fun and adventure, join in everything you can and you'll leave with so many wonderful memories that you, like us, will be planning your return visit. Read full review

Reviewed on 29 Jan 2008 by

It was all amazing. The people, the food, the room, the tours, the staff the scenery and snow!! All amazing. Read full review

Reviewed on 15 Jan 2008 by

A real adventure! Transylvania in the snow is a magical place, and I can't wait to return in the summer some time. We were looking for some festive snow and were so glad to stumble across this on the responsible travel website. Read full review

Reviewed on 25 Feb 2008 by

I have rarely been so affected by a holiday, and we both feel determined to go back and experience this again. More than individual moments or outings, it was the whole atmosphere that created this feeling. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Feb 2008 by

Horse and cart ride through snowy forests, across frozen streams, seeing foxes and birds of prey and wild boar tracks were most memorable. Also sledging a 2km run down to a frozen volcanic lake, climbing snowy paths up to caves. Read full review

Reviewed on 31 Jan 2006 by

It was fantastic. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Feb 2006 by

Travel with an open mind, and be prepared to spend a lot of time together with the other guests. Read full review

Reviewed on 13 Feb 2006 by

A unique holiday, loved it. Read full review

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