Split to Dubrovnik premium cruise

“An eight day small ship cruise exploring the best of Croatia’s coastline, from warm Adriatic waters to historic cities.”


Split | Makarska | Bol | Stari Grad | Hvar | Vis | Korkula | Mljet | Dubrovnik

Description of Split to Dubrovnik premium cruise

This premium small ship cruise makes the journey from Split to Dubrovnik in a leisurely eight days, stopping at ports, bays, ancient ruins and historic cities along the southern Adriatic. Built in Croatia, and staffed with a Croatian captain and crew, our boats are compact enough to access the country’s smaller and more intimate ports, which larger cruise ships are unable even to approach.

You’ll usually spend four hours a day cruising. A typical day starts with breakfast, which you’ll enjoy while watching the scenery unfold as your boat moves through the waters. Then there’s time for a swim in the clear Adriatic waters before arriving at your destination for the day, where you’ll either be able to explore on your own or take a guided walk. The evenings can be spent sampling the local bars and restaurants - it’ll certainly be warm enough to sit outside.

The ship has the feel of an intimate boutique hotel - the main difference being that you wake up in a different place every morning! You’re in safe hands so you can relax and let the captain and crew take care of you - all you need to bring are a few t-shirts, some swimwear and a light jacket for the evenings.

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07 Sep 2019
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Split to Dubrovnik premium cruise


The management of these vessels is dedicated to sustainable tourism in Croatia and are passionate about raising awareness of environmental, economic and sustainable tourism policies in Croatia. They believe the promotion of environmental awareness in the region will have a prolonged and positive impact on the livelihoods of the local people and maintain Croatia as a sustainable tourism destination for future generations.

Our visits to Mljet National Park & The Benedictine monastery on St Mary Isle will help preserve them by putting a little funding directly into their coffers.

The vessels that we use are all built in Croatia, specifically for use in these waters. This ensures that the most appropriate local resources are used wherever possible, and that the vessels are all built to comply and exceed local environmental and sustainability regulations.

By using small ships to visit and stay in some of the smaller ports and villages, we are providing an opportunity for a boost to tourism without the need for potentially unwanted and inappropriate new hotels to be built, and without increasing road traffic.

By using small ships, we can visit all the small ports and harbours laeger vessels cannot access. These ports are often quite close to each other so we don't cover much distance at all, whereas the larger vessels have to travel much further to find a port they can access, using a lot of extra fuel while missing out on many of the best bits.


Vast floating blocks of flats, otherwise known as cruise ships, arrive direct from Venice and spill their loads onto the Dubrovnik dock where they are met by a huge fleet of buses that whisk them for a couple of hours in the beautiful city. These monoliths cruise past one of Europe's most beautiful coastlines with barely a second glance, and without a thought to the places they are missing.

Our vessel, on the other hand, stops at many small ports and towns where we can fully enjoy some of the very best that Croatia has to offer. The money that we will spend in many of these smaller communities will help to preserve the fantastic heritage of these antique coastline. Our visits to Mljet National Park & The Benedictine monastery on St Mary Isle will help preserve them by putting a little funding directly into their coffers.

By leaving our guests free to choose their own dining venues in the evenings, this ensures that a range of small restaurants and cafes will benefit from our guests spending.

Our vessels are captained and crewed by Croatians, and most of the produce served on board in sourced locally, sometimes from the crew’s family members.

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