Rota Vicentina walking holiday in Portugal

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Located in the southwest outermost of Europe, this region forms a rare alliance between a mild climate and an authentic nature enabling the visitor a close contact with a set of habitats little affected still. The diverse geography swifts from steep cliffs to forgotten white sand beaches.

The Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina has a great diversity of coastal habitats, including beaches, cliffs, islets and isolated rocks. The Pessegueiro island, in reality a consolidated dune, is anchored two steps from shore. In land, woods and moors alternate with irrigated and rainfed plantations and production woods. Presence of rare botanical species mainly on the area of the Sagres and São Vicente capes. Varied nesting bird fauna with the white stork building nests on coastal rocks and an important passageway for numerous other birds. Interesting otter population which frequents the sea. The constant presence of the ocean and never ending horizons, the majestic nature of São Vicente, a sunset of the gods, the stories of Sagres and above all those enormous stone walls posted before the ocean hiding or revealing small big beaches and attractive little fishing ports complete one of the simultaneously loneliest and most attractive landscape in Portugal.

We have been partners of Rota Vicentina since 2014 and have been carrying out several studies on the region about the impact of walkers on the these trails. We try hard to pass the message that human activity is leading to the extinction of endangered species and habitats. It is necessary to protect places like these that are habitats for animals. For these reasons, on this walking tour, for 16 people maximum, we define trails with the objective to reduce environmental impact. We alert people to become aware of the resources, conserve water, stop littering and protect wildlife.

Along this journey, we take the Fishermen’s Trail, a set of millinery trails used by fishermen and old pirates to access beaches and fishing sites, which runs through the coastline challenging the wanderer/walker/hiker to a constant duel with the sea winds and the dark, rough cliffs. For the birding lovers, a unique situation in the world occurs: the amazing sight of the white stork nesting on the coastal cliffs.

So that the trails are always clean and ready to receive walkers, we collaborate in annual cleaning and marking events of the trails in the region. So we can make sure that everything is at the highest level to be used and enjoyed by everyone who uses the trails.

The Impacts of this Trip

The Walking Holiday through the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, means that we are contributing to create a sustainable ecosystem, giving the local authorities more tools to control and preserve this area constantly. In this way we are helping to conserve a rural lifestyle and contribute to the overall sustainable development of the area.

Using our walking tour we support the local economy by booking directly with local accommodations and restaurants in every destination of this tour in Costa Vicentina, as well as using local guides to support our customers at the destination. The local community will be a big part of this holiday contributing with their knowledge about the region and help to find the best restaurants and small artisans/handcraft shops to visit.

We did a previous selection of tourism accommodations in small villages and places, allowing the client the integration with the owners and their families that also live there or simply taking the option of relaxing in these unique places. Using our walking holiday tours we support the local economy by booking directly with local accommodations.

As a coastal destination, we always recommend the typical restaurants that serve traditional dishes focus on our “upstanding” local gastronomy of fresh fish caught with artisanal crafts by community and other products “homemade cooked”. We support local projects, shopkeepers, small businesses, village cafes and small restaurants, craftsmen, and artisans. For example, during the walking tour, we patronise small cafes and restaurants for lunch and where available visit small souvenir shops, small art galleries and potteries, basket makers.

In this region, people have been occupying this territory since Paleolithic times and maintaining the bond between sea and land in their main economic activities. Time and time again we are surprised by their authenticity. For support the Costa Vicentina local people, is important involves the community, promoting the sustainability of local economy and the appreciation of this region’s natural resources. We encourage our clients to make small purchases, thereby bringing money and encouragement to each of these concerns.


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