Top 10 cooking & food holidays

Cooking and food holidays peel away the layers of a countryís culture, so that you can release its true flavours. Learn how to make focaccia in Umbria using recipes handed down through generations. Use spices in Sri Lanka that have been freshly picked from a plantation dating back centuries. And soak up the sun while learning about ceviche and cerveza in Mexico. Here are our top ten treats on the menu.

1. Spain

The Basque country, Spanish Pyrenees and Andalucia are astounding foodie destinations, with not only fine local ingredients and Michelin star restaurants, but also a wonderful sense of community and regional tradition around gastronomy. The Spanish pair their food with fun, too, and holidays here combine food with yoga, walking or cultural visits.

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2. India

There is a north south divide when it comes to cooking and food holidays in India. In the North you have Mughal traditions still found around Delhi and tantalising Rajput ones in Rajasthan. Head south to Goa and Kerala for more tropical and colonial influences. Itís all about spicing up your life.

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3. Umbria, Italy

Donít let Umbria be overshadowed by Tuscany, because these Etruscan landscapes and small hilltop towns are a feast of fine ingredients. From olive oil to organic honey, cured meat to a bevy of beans. And fine wines of course, Orvieto being one of the top towns to visit on a gastronomic holiday.

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4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is all about ancient traditions, and food is no exception. From the fish markets of Negombo to the chena cultivation techniques around Dambulla, the spice-growing region of Matale to the tea plantations of the Highlands, indigenous ingredients and culinary culture make for the perfect foodie experience here.

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5. Thailand

Although Thai curries are almost as common as fish and chips in the UK now, nothing beats learning about their spices, traditions, local produce and inimitable recipes than at the lemongrass roots. There is so much to choose from here, you can easily spend two weeks on a foodie adventure in Thailand.

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6. Mexico

This is a country that has received UNESCO World Heritage status for its food alone, which means itís hard to know where to start. A food holiday sorts out your ceviche and cerveza, mole and mescal, with a lot of tacos and tamales in between.

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7. Vietnam

Imagine travelling from Hanoi to Hoi Chi Minh City with food as your main point of interest. Historians move over; here come the hedonists. With regional cuisine variations, experience the likes of bun rieu broth in the north, hot chillies in the centre and the tropical flavours of the south.

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8. Tuscany, Italy

There is no better way to slow down in Tuscany than by going on a cooking holiday, learning the simple joys of making ravioli, pizza or bread, going truffle hunting in season or maybe combining walking with wine tasting. Get to know your pecorinos and prosciuttos, Chiantis and Carmignanos in style.

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9. Cambodia

Run amok, carouse with Khmer cuisine and feast on fruits of every flavour on a food or cooking holiday in Cambodia. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the countryís culture, traditions, etiquette and colonial influences. Cambodia is a country where you will always feel replete.

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10. Finland

Most people head to Finland for the vast wilderness or the chance to meet Santa, but itís also pretty great for a foodie break, and an expert food tour could take you around the culinary hotspots of Helsinki or to the countryís wild forests to forage for fungi and berries. Either way thereíll be plenty of time to sample Finlandís craft beer and potent local liqueurs too.

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Written by Catherine Mack
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