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We provide fully tailor made holidays and fly drives to Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Madeira, Norway and Romania. Rediscover the World can arrange any duration of trip, has extensive knowledge of all the destinations on offer & can be as flexible as you want to be. Our aim in all our destinations is to allow our customer to experience the 'real' destination, whilst benefitting the local economy by using smaller hotels and local guides. Our programme to Morocco is extensive and we can arrange completely bespoke tours for groups and individuals, including desert trips and trekking in the Atlas mountains. In Greece why not take a tour round the classical sites, get a flavour of the real Greece on an island hopping holiday, or take a small group or individual trek in the truly gorgeous Zagoria region of mainland Greece. Croatia is perfect for fly drives, both on the mainland and around its beautiful islands. We use smaller, family-run hotels here as opposed to larger hotels. Our Beauty of Yesterday tour gives you a real flavour of Romania, again by using local guides, visiting UNESCO sites and traditional craftspeople.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Most of the riads we use in morocco are locally owned or are partnerships with a european owner and a moroccan national as are all of the hotels/riads in the mountains and south of morocco.

We prefer to recommend smaller, locally owned hotels and riads rather than large, impersonal hotel chains.

Even those riads and small hotels we use which are owned by foreign individuals will employ all local staff, buy all food and materials and services locally, i.e. They will not have a buying chain leading back to western europe or north america.

Environmental responsibility

We aim to give you an insight into the real Morocco whilst seeking to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

We do not believe in producing brochures, preferring to keep our web site up to date. Our UK office recycles paper, cardboard, ink cartridges and glass and all lights and computers are turned off every evening. We compost waste in our company garden.

Yes, we also advise people on ramadan – we don’t have a policy on wildlife, however we do advise people to respect the environment – litter, in particular is damaging the landscape and can injure animals so we do advise people to take their litter home or drop it at suitable points.

Social responsibility

Our two main desert suppliers (fibule du draa and auberge du sud) are owned and run by local people. Employment, in both cases, is local and profits are ploughed back into the local community. This also allows lahcen (fibule du draa) to devote time and resources to his association (chabab zagora) which provides sports facilities for the youth of the region.

On most of our desert trips we also include a visit to the pottery co-operative at tamegroute where customers can purchase souvenirs from pottery made on site in a very traditional manner.

We support the berber cultural centre in the atlas mountains and include a visit on some of our trekking trips. We arranged a travel and tourism field trip to morocco earlier this year and all the students found the berber cultural centre very thought provoking and stimulating.

Having your holiday tailor made by Dawn and Andy is like having access to the best travel journals in the world. They have been everywhere, and put all their best pickings into one company 10 years ago.
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