Dive Urge

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Dive Urge is a PADI resort set in over 1500 meters of beachfront land on the shores of the famous Eel Garden dive and snorkel site. We specialise in safe and fun diving for all, keeping dive numbers to a max of four. Guided dives and courses are tailored to what YOU want to do and when. All of this and just four exclusive en-suite chalets set in the grounds.
Member since: 26 May 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We employ Egyptian, Bedouin and Nubian workers full time here at Dive Urge.
  • We also use locals for our driving, Camel Safari and Mountain Trips so as to try and share the pie, meaning a wider range of people benefit from the visiting tourist than just Dive Urge.

Environmental responsibility

  • We pick rubbish from the beach at every site we go to and from underwater. This doubles the effect as customers see us taking care of the environment and follow suit.
  • The very fact that we dive with small numbers (Max 4) also means we can instruct more effectively about environmental impact issues like, good buoyancy, tidy equipment (not dangling and hitting reef) no sand kicking (stopping the reef feeding).
  • We really believe that once someone has been 'urged' they are a better, more responsible, non coral bashing, informed, and environmentally aware diver and person

Social responsibility

  • We do presentations to the local schools about responsible behaviour towards the sea and hand out the Arabic version of the Project Aware brochure so that hopefully the message spreads even further.

An English-Egyptian couple living by the Red Sea wanted to move away from diving en masse - not fun for divers or for reefs. So they only take 4 divers per instructor - their company's philosophy is "See fish, not divers".
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