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Egypt cultural holiday, small group

This 9-day Egypt tour serves up all the main Pharaonic highlights in and around Cairo and the Nile Valley as well as a relaxing overnight felucca sailboat cruise on the River Nile and time by the Red Sea at Hurghada. Cairo highlights at the start and end of the trip include its world-famous Egyptian Museum and the colour and the bustle of Khan-el-Khalili bazaar. Whisked by overnight sleeper train to Aswan, guests will enjoy attractions including the beautiful island temple of Philae, before boarding a traditional felucca for an overnight cruise on the Nile with grand views of its timeless riverside life. Arriving at Luxor, you'll discover the incredible array of ancient sites – from the ...Read more >
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Turkey small group tour

This Turkey small group tour is a great 10 day introduction to this fascinating country. Begin in busy and beautiful Istanbul, visiting its memorable landmarks: the 17th century Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and the famous Hippodrome. From here, move on to the world famous historical sites of Troy, Pergamum and the Roman ruins of Ephesus. We will visit the bizarre calcium terraces at Pamukkale and the hot thermal pools at Hierapolis, and travel along the historical Silk Road to Konya, where we see the former home of the original Mevlevi Whirling Dervishes. There is a full day to explore the surreal landscape of Cappadocia, with its towering rock pinnacles and underground homes, and we ...Read more >
From £899 excluding flights
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Bird watching tour in Bhutan

Birdwatching is one of Bhutan's star attractions, and if you like to indulge your birdwatching habit while exploring new and beautiful parts of the world, then Bhutan really should be high on your list of places to visit. With a unique and rich Buddhist culture, spectacular Himalayan scenery, and one of the most diverse and rich ranges of birdlife on the planet, a specialist birdwatching tour in Bhutan is a really special experience. The best birding is in the east of the country, which requires a fairly long itinerary with plenty of driving, but we make regular stops and explore various Dzongs and monasteries along the way. The tour also features an easy 3-day walking section saying in ...Read more >
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Santorini and Mykonos holiday in Greece

The islands of Santorini & Mykonos are bucket list destinations for travellers all over the globe and for good reason - it's some of the Meditteraneans most beautiful and interesting islands. Our 7-day Greece tour is the perfect introduction to Santorini & Mykonos, but we’ll also explore popular attractions such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon and more. We’ll spend two nights in Santorini, exploring the small villages on the island, the wineries, hot springs and you can even enjoy an optional boat trip. We’ll spend another two nights in Mykonos, one of Europe’s most stylish and fashionable destinations As this is a private tour, the itinerary can be fully customised to your own requirements ...Read more >
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Bhutan tours, tailormade

Hidden in the Himalayas between India and China, the independent Bhutanese people have largely lived a life of isolation from the world, and have succeeded in maintaining their cultural and spiritual heritage, preserved in age-old traditions. Bhutan exudes a special charm, a feeling of calm and serenity, which envelopes you the instant you arrive. The people are deeply religious, following the Lamaist form of Buddhism, and monasteries, temples and religious monuments are dotted across the landscape. Nearly three quarters of the land area is covered by forests, and the country has a wealth of biodiversity, with dazzling snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and beautiful rural landscapes. Any ...Read more >
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Maldives activity holiday

The Maldives is rightly known as a tropical paradise and attracts sun worshippers and luxury resort lovers from around the world. However, the Maldives is also fast becoming a great destination for thrill-seeking adventure and water based activities. These include incredible snorkelling and scuba diving, great surfing and windsurfing, sea kayaking safaris and much, much more. Our Maldives Active Adventure tour takes you by sea plane from the cosmopolitan capital of Male to the local island of Gan and the surrounding atolls and islands in search of water bound adventures. Lammu atoll was also used as the location for the planet Scarif in the recent Star Wars Rogue One film. Activities ...Read more >
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Sudan holiday, small group tour

This 10-day adventure takes you in the footsteps of ancient civilisations that made their unforgettable mark in the often-overlooked Sudan, from the pyramids of the Nile Valley to the Nuban civilisation. Begin amid the fantastic museums and markets of the capital Khartoum, before crossing the confluence of the Blue and White Nile to visit Omdurman, the old capital of Sudan. At sunset, watch a Whirling Dervish ceremony near the tomb of Sufi leader Ahmed al Nil. Entering the Nubian Desert, you'll discover a world of incredible historic sites in a startling landscape – from the temples of Naga to the most concentrated pyramid complex in the Nile valley, around the ancient 'Black Pharaoh' ...Read more >
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Small group tour of Turkey

This small group tour of Turkey gives a great introduction to this fascinating country. Beginning with a full day tour of vibrant Istanbul, we then move on to explore many of Turkey’s most ancient and intriguing sites. We visit Gallipoli for a fully guided tour of this World War I battlefield site, before travelling to Troy, where the famous war of Homer’s Iliad played out, and to the ancient city of Pergamum, with its beautiful Acropolis. We’ll take in the ruined Roman city of Ephesus, before visiting Pamukkale, where white calcium terraces known as travertines create an otherworldly landscape. In Hierapolis, another Roman site, you can take a dip in the famous hot springs and on our way ...Read more >
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Kruger safari holiday in South Africa

If you’re starved of time but hungry for animal action this four day safari holiday in South Africa’s Kruger National Park is certainly one to add to the wish list. Observing lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos in their natural environment is a truly magical experience and certain to take your breath away no matter how many times you witness them. As this four day holiday utilises permanent accommodation in safari campsites you can rest assured of an authentic experience as well as front row seats for the greatest natural show on earth. This very popular small group holiday starts out from Johannesburg and heads east, through the province of Mpumalanga, en-route to Kruger National Park. ...Read more >
From £1,239 excluding flights

Langtang and Tamang Heritage trek in Nepal

This Nepal trek combines the quiet and little travelled paths of the Tamang Heritage Trail with the spectacular high mountain scenery of the Langtang National Park - once known as a restricted area for trekkers. Langtang treks mountainous region provide some of Nepal's most breath-taking scenery and trekking in this area is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts. The soaring, snow-capped mountains at the head of the Langtang valley and the rich cultural heartlands of the Tamang people in the lower foothills combine to make this a perfect trekking alternative to the better-known Everest and Annapurna treks. On this tour, we kick off in Kathmandu with an introduction to your trekking guide and a ...Read more >
From £1,299 excluding flights

Nepal trekking tour, Langtang, Gosainkund & Helambu

Often ignored, Langtang treks in the Langtang and Helambu regions to the north of Kathmandu provide some of the most beautiful scenery in Nepal, and hiking in this area is as good as anywhere in the world. The steep, snow-capped mountains at the head of the Langtang valley, the stunning glacial lakes of Gosainkund and the friendly villages of Tamang combine to make this a great trekking alternative to the well-known Everest and Annapurnas treks. The Nepal tour starts in Kathmandu with an introduction to your trekking guide and a walking tour of this bustling area. There is still time for any last-minute purchases to be made on your trek. Following the Trisuli River north from Kathmandu, ...Read more >
From £1,449 excluding flights

Everest luxury trekking tour

Nepal is blessed with spectacular mountain vistas, having eight of the world's highest mountain peaks. Trekking in the Everest region is rewarding - it holds the world’s highest mountain, known for its friendly Sherpa people, has some of the most picturesque villages, a great variety of cultures and traditions, spontaneous festivals and monasteries. This Nepal trekking tour moves at a relatively relaxed pace and gives you a chance to get right up into the Khumbu region and enjoy great views of Everest and other peaks while staying in luxury lodges. The trip begins with a walking tour of the narrow back streets and temples of Kathmandu - this lively city is a magnet for travellers. From ...Read more >
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Annapurna circuit and Nar Phu Valley tour

The Annapurna Circuit is a long trek - known for its diversity, panoramic views and soaring peaks - its route takes you from sub-tropical zones right up to the very edge of the arid Tibetan plateau. Expect to travel on an exciting new trekking route that takes advantage of trekking through the Tibetan influenced Nar and Phu Valleys, while still including the highlight of the original route across the high Thorung La Pass to Muktinath and avoiding walking on the roads themselves - a rewarding trek that encircles the entire Annapurna Himal mountain range. Your tour begins in Kathmandu with an informal walk through the bustling cities narrow streets - walking past markets, temples, stupas, and ...Read more >
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Amritsar, Shimla and Dehli tour in India

This 10-day Northern India tour takes you to the foothills of the towering Himalayas and includes a visit to Amritsar’s Sikh Golden Temple and the Buddhist enclave in Mcleodganj, exploring the less-visited heritage visitors and takes you on a scenic mountain railway journey. This North India tour starts in Amritsar, where you’ll have the chance to visit the Golden Temple twice, giving you the opportunity to participate in a Langar Sevar in a community kitchen. Then, we’ll head to the India & Pakistan border, where we witness the unique Wagah Border ceremony before we head north towards the tiny town of Mcleod Ganj, which is the home of the Tibetan Government in exile, and we’ll get to ...Read more >
From £1,249 excluding flights
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Israel holidays, small group tour

This Israel holiday is a small group tour that offers an excellent eight day introduction to the Holy Land. You’ll visit the most significant historical and religious sites, starting in stylish, busy Tel Aviv, then taking in the excavations of Caesarea and Megiddo, before travelling to Haifa, a lovely port town on the Mediterranean Sea. From Haifa, we board a boat and travel across the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum. We will explore Tabgha, the Mount of the Beatitudes, and also the picturesque Golan Heights, with its valleys, grazing land and snow capped mountains. Next, visit Nazareth and then push on south, following the River of Jordan until we reach Jerusalem. Here, spend time in the Old ...Read more >
From £1,169 excluding flights
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Turkey cultural tour & gulet cruise holiday

Over 12 unforgettable days, discover the magic of Turkey from the exciting city of Istanbul to the ancient historical sites like Troy and Ephesus, plus its traditions from wine to carpets – then enjoy three days of glorious cruising along the coast in a traditional gulet boat to the beautiful resort of Fethiye. Begin with a dive into the rich fabric of Istanbul, including the stunning Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya museum and Topkapi Palace. Your visit to the tranquil wooded landscape of the Gallipoli battlefields provides poignant contrast as you learn about the WW1 fighting that raged here, remembered in stunning memorials to all who fell. A far more ancient conflict provides the echoes at ...Read more >
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Annapurna Sanctuary group trekking tour

The 'Annapurna Sanctuary trek' takes you to a secret bowl in the heart of the Annapurna range, surrounded by a stunning panoramic view of the towering peaks, ten of which are over 6,000 m. One of the most famous Annapurna treks, this trek takes you as far as the Annapurna Base Camp at 4,095 m. We enter the sanctuary after a magnificent and varied trek through the foothills of the Himalayas, passing through small villages, mixed forests, and terraced farmland. En-route, we enjoy great mountain views at sunrise from Poon Hill and end up relaxing in the lakeside town of Pokhara and exploring the Newari hilltop town of Bandipur. An excellent introduction to Nepal and hiking in Annapurnas. You ...Read more >
From £1,449 excluding flights

Indian Himalayas cultural tour, foothills and faiths

This 12-day India tour takes you to the edge of the towering Himalayas from Dharamsala to Rishikesh, as we explore some of the most important Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh sites along the way. We’ll explore some of India’s more remote villages, as we board the Himalayan Queen toy train to Shimla. We’ll start in Amritsar, visiting its Golden Temple and a community kitchen before heading to the foothills of the Himalayas to the Buddhist enclave known as Mcleod Ganj - the home of the Dalai Lama as well as the Tibetan government in exile. While we’re here, we’ll take in the beauty of its monasteries and temples situated atop of its hilltops. We’ll also take you to the heritage villages of Pragpur ...Read more >
From £1,599 excluding flights
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Bhutan small group tour

This Bhutan small group tour explores this remote and intriguing country, spending eight days here, enjoying a balance of culture and history, with short hikes through the beautiful Bhutanese landscapes to appreciate the scenery. There will be lots of delicious local Bhutanese food to enjoy, too, and you’ll have the chance to learn about traditional Bhutanese culture and the Buddhist lifestyle. This is an eight day tour, which begins in the town of Paro, home to a particularly picturesque airport, where you’ll be met. A visit to the beautiful buildings of Paro Dzong, which are both monastic and civic, which for centuries have administered Bhutan. From here, we cross the Dochu La Pass, ...Read more >
From £1,479 excluding flights
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India Golden Triangle tour, Rajasthan to Varanasi

This 17-day northern Indian tour takes you to Rajasthan’s palaces, forts and temples, through Agra to see the spectacular Taj Mahal and the towering Agra Fort and the holy city of Varanasi located on the banks of the River Ganges. This India tour starts in the capital city of Delhi, before we board an overnight sleeper train to the scenic lakeside city of Udaipur. We explore its most popular sites such as the city palace, its manicured gardens and sail on the waters of Lake Pichola, before visiting some of its lesser known temples Eklingii and Nagda. We’ll then head to blue painted town of Jodhpur to marvel at the white marble Jain temples at Ranakhpur, before making our way to the lakeside ...Read more >
From £1,949 excluding flights
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