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Volunteer with monkeys in South Africa

This primate rehabilitation centre in South Africa needs your help to care for orphaned baboons and monkeys. Tragically monkeys and baboons are frequently left orphaned in the wild, due to the poor relations between humans and primates. Set up in 1994 to rehabilitate these vulnerable young primates, this highly-respected rehabilitation centre provides a temporary home for primates before their full rehabilitation; the whole process can take up to 4 years. Home to 400 primates in the rehabilitation cycle, there is a lot of work to be done to prepare the primates for life in the wild. How does the rehabilitation process work? Each year many baby monkeys and baboons are brought to this ... Read more >
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Australia conservation volunteering holidays

Step off Australia's well beaten tourist track and into the heart of some of Down Under's most beautiful land and sea scapes. Not only will you get to enjoy parts of the country that many tourists never see, you will be helping to conserve the country's beauty for generations to come. Australia is well known for its vibrant diversity; from coral reefs to mountain ranges and from vast outback expanses to golden beaches, this is a country that cannot cease to inspire. On this trip you can enjoy the best of these places, volunteering with a local organisation to keep the areas preserved, to protect the wildlife within them and to help the environment to flourish. The projects take place all ... Read more >
From £740 excluding flights

Volunteering with bears in Romania

Many people's love affair with bears starts with their first teddy, and lasts a life time. As one of the world's favourite creatures, it comes as a great surprise that these mighty creatures are often mistreated, hunted and imprisoned for capital gain. You will be helping to protect and care for bears that have been victim of this sad abuse in the beautiful setting of the Romanian mountains. For years bears in Romania have been trophy-hunted, forced to dance in the streets and trapped in cages outside restaurants. Kept in cruelly cramped conditions and regularly abused by their owners, these bears are now being rescued and brought to Romania's largest bear sanctuary, just outside ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Elephant refuge volunteering in Thailand

Help to provide a safe haven to rescued elephants in this beautiful sanctuary on the Malay Peninsula in Thailand. You will be working with previous dancing and performing elephants, liberated from former lives begging in the streets of Bangkok. Now rescued, these elephants need volunteers to help with their feeding, care and bathing. Each day you will be enjoying spending time with these gentle giants, helping to care for them and ensure their welfare. A lot of emphasis is placed on ensuring that they have a good diet, and so you will be involved in harvesting and preparing their food - and then helping to feed them. In addition to this, volunteers get stuck in and mucky bathing the ... Read more >
From £779 excluding flights

Elephant conservation volunteering in Namibia

Become part of an important mission conserving elephants living in the Namibian desert. Help to track, monitor and protect wild elephants, all whilst working alongside local people to shield their water supplies from these gentle giants. Life is tough for both humans and wildlife that live in this area of the world. The annual rainfall only brings short respite to the limited natural water sources for farmer’s animals and wildlife alike. With humans and elephants competing for the same water, conflict has developed over the past few decades, resulting in the wild elephant population decreasing dramatically due to inhumane intervention. This decline is nothing short of tragic, as in only ... Read more >
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Teaching assistant volunteering in South Africa

Become a part of the education system in South Africa, supporting teachers in under-privileged areas to teach children English. You will be working in some of Port Elizabeth's poorest townships, helping the teachers around the classrooms and working in small groups to improve the children's English. The kids here are motivated to get a good education, and the presence of an English speaking volunteer stands them in very good stead for later life. You can become part of extra curricular activities as well, such as music lessons, after school clubs and sports sessions. There is very little money within the schools here, and often teachers are working with large groups with limited ... Read more >
From £1,239 excluding flights

Thailand elephant conservation holiday

Get up close and personal with rescued elephants living with over 30 elephants on a worthy conservation project in the heart of the Thai jungle. Spend your days working hands on with the friendly Asian elephant bathing them in the river and getting involved in their daily life of feeding and grazing. And the great news? All that you are doing there radically improves the lives of these elephants. Elephants in Thailand have had a tough time of things, and this has really hit the headlines in the past few months. Taken out of the wild at a young age and forced into performances for tourists, including playing basketball, painting and dancing, these elephants have never known the freedom of ... Read more >
From £615 excluding flights

Thailand wildlife sanctuary volunteering holiday

Bears, elephants, monkeys... some of the world's most loved animals come together in this incredible wildlife centre off the well-beaten tourist trails of Thailand. Here you will become involved in the workings of a top wildlife charity in Thailand, rescuing mistreated animals from across the country. Become an important part of the team working with animals to protect them and to offer them a better chance of survival, and indeed life. A significant amount of time is spent preparing food for the various animals, and helping with their feeding. Other time is spent helping with enrichment, cleaning enclosures, general conservation of the sanctuary and assisting with the education ... Read more >
From £974 excluding flights

Veterinary internship in South Africa

Get into the heart of Africa and shadow a vet working with some of the continent’s most renowned mammals on a lush game reserve. Get to grips with hands-on basic care and checking on the health and well being of the animals, including the African Big 5. If you are looking to gain veterinary experience or put your skills into practice, this internship is a great way to acquire immersion and a deep knowledge base. In addition to the veterinary rounds, you will also be opened up to other areas of conservation and animal management. There are a great number of areas in which wildlife experts and vets are needed on the reserve. The internship covers domestic and wild animals that have been ... Read more >
From £1,148 excluding flights

Elephant conservation holiday in Sri Lanka

Volunteer with elephants on the stunning island of Sri Lanka, helping to promote their survival in the wild. Witness their intelligence and beauty first hand, all whilst working to conserve this dwindling species for future generations. You will become part of the work of a multiple award-winning charity working alongside local scientists and conservationists. You will be helping with tracking where the elephants go and what they do, whilst also monitoring and identifying them. There are a great variety of tasks to be getting involved in here. You will mainly be helping with monitoring ellies, taking photographs, assessing elephant presence in the jungle and taking surveys. This is an ... Read more >
From £1,059 excluding flights

New Zealand conservation volunteering

This project is for volunteers who are passionate about protecting the planet, itching to travel, but also wanting to get off the beaten track. Meet inspiring locals, other enthusiastic volunteers from around the world and make a genuine contribution to environmental conservation. New Zealand is one of world’s most unique set of islands for biodiversity and a range of stunning landscapes. By taking part in this valuable conservation project, you can help to combat issues such as coastal erosion, the introduction of foreign flora and fauna and the detrimental effects of drought and pollution. When volunteering you have the chance to work in urban, regional and very remote locations ... Read more >
From £740 excluding flights

Rhino conservation volunteering in Uganda

The last wild rhino was seen in Uganda in 1982. In 2005 this project was established to reverse that tragic trend and return this species back to their native country. Since its creation,, the sanctuary has tripled in size, with about 20 rhinos now living in safety in this protected wilderness. Volunteers help these rhinos on their journey to eventual release back to the wild. Join a team of passionate conservationists to protect this ancient species. Join the team out in the field in their everyday roles, helping to monitor the rhinos and manage their habitat so that they can prosper fully. Whilst you are on this project you will have unparalleled access to this ancient creature, said to ... Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

South Africa game ranger course

Seeing the Big 5 in Africa is a must: but why not go deeper into your love for wildlife by actually living alongside them? This 8 week game ranger course opens you up to life in a Big 5 Game Reserve. From game counts to relocation, from fence patrols to vegetation rehabilitation, all of the skills that you develop give you experience of life as a game ranger. Not only does the course give you an insight into the running of a park, it also sets you up for your FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) level 1 qualification, recognised across Africa. As part of this course, local rangers will give you insight into astronomy, geology, weather, ecology, animal identification and animal ... Read more >
From £2,835 excluding flights

Family elephant refuge volunteering in Thailand

Take your family off the beaten holiday track and into the heart of an elephant lover's paradise. Volunteer with these gentle giants in a refuge dedicated to rescuing abused elephants from the streets of Bangkok. The refuge provides a home to 15 elephants currently, with more in their sights that are in need of rescue. You and your family will be helping to prepare food for the ellies, as well as feeding them, bathing them and walking them through the forests. This is a hands on project and because of the nature of the work, it can be physically demanding. Because of this, and the size of these gentle giants, we ask that children are a minimum of 14. You will live in the heart of a ... Read more >
From £739 excluding flights

Family volunteering with elephants in Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself and your family in elephant conservation on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Volunteer with elephants , helping to promote their survival in the wild. Witness their intelligence and beauty first hand, all whilst working to conserve this dwindling species for future generations. This is a fantastic trip for families of all ages, however we would recommend children over the age of 10 to gain a real appreciation. You will become part of the work of a multiple award-winning charity working alongside local scientists and conservationists. You will be helping with tracking where the elephants go and what they do, whilst also monitoring and identifying them. Seeing elephants ... Read more >
From £959 excluding flights

Thailand Elephant conservation volunteering

Help to return elephants to their native jungle from their lives trekking and performing for tourists. This inspiring volunteer project gives elephants the opportunity to live a life in the wild that has been all but forgotten. There are approximately 4 times as many captive elephants in Thailand than there are elephants in the wild. Most of the elephants in captivity are owned privately by families. Elephants eat about 250kg of food each day, making looking after an elephant without income a very unsustainable practice. Sadly, there are very few places left in the wild that elephants can live in safety, and so this is simply not an option for most people. Because of this, they often send ... Read more >
From £920 excluding flights

Family volunteering with bears in Romania

Combine volunteering at a bear sanctuary with a family holiday on this unique project in Romania. Volunteer with your family in a bear sanctuary which provides a home to over 80 abused bears. For many years bears in Romania have been forced to dance in the streets, trophy-hunted and trapped in cages outside restaurants. Existing in cruelly cramped conditions and regularly abused by their owners, these bears are now being rescued and brought to this inspiring sanctuary on the outskirts of Brasov. Volunteers have been helping at the bear sanctuary ever since its creation in 2006. The sanctuary is now home to 84 bears, with over 20 more bears due to be rescued over the coming months. This is ... Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Elephant conservation volunteering in Laos

Once known as the "Land of a Million Elephants", Laos is now home to just 800 elephants. Of this, only half are still living in the wild. You will join an inspiring conservation project, aiming to return captive elephants to a life as close to the wild as possible. Volunteers help on this journey to freedom. For generations, Lao elephants have been forced to work in the backbreaking logging industry, dragging several tons of timber for 8 – 10 hours each day. This work leaves the elephants exhausted and often injured, meaning that reproduction is out of the question. For every 10 elephants that die in Laos, just two are born. This means that, tragically, elephants in Laos will die out ... Read more >
From £813 excluding flights

Sports coaching in South Africa

South Africa is the home of budding sportsmen and women in many sports: from cricket to rugby, from atheletes to tennis players, this certainly is a strong sporting country. Not all children have access to sports facilities and education, and this rewarding and important project encourages you to reach out to these children and offer them experiences that they would never get otherwise. The kids in the townships are desperate to play sports and games. These are simply not part of their curriculum. Bring to them your love for rugby, for football, for tennis, for football... and even for netball, hockey, swimming and basketball! Whatever your sport, the kids will love to learn it. Where ... Read more >
From £1,239 excluding flights

Ecuador wildlife sanctuary volunteering

Take a walk into the wilderness and surround yourself with some of the most amazing Amazonian wildlife you could ever see. Immerse yourself in life at a leading animal sanctuary, dedicated to rescuing and protecting abused and mishandled Amazonian animals. Help to provide a new life to animals that have had a tough start. Prepare the food for the chattering monkeys, feed the beautifully colourful birds, provide enrichment to the majestic forest cats and care for the cute coatis - and this is just some of what you will become a part of here. Where possible, these animals will be rehabilitated to the wild in a separate reserve, however sadly this cannot be the case for all animals brought ... Read more >
From £795 excluding flights
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