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Sailing holiday in the Aegean Sea

Aegean sailing holidays on board our beauty, Tahita, are hard to beat, taking you to deserted islands of the Cyclades where we’ll swim to unknown beaches, don hiking boots in search of ancient civilisations or enjoy a waterfront bar with traditional and wonderfully chilled out music. Every island on this sailing holiday shows a different aspect of Aegean life. Sail the Aegean Sea for a week, with a very experienced skipper and crew through beyond blue waters, with skies that compete for such perfect palettes, we also seek out marine wildlife from dolphins and porpoises to sea birds and sea turtles. Our itinerary is flexible and very relaxed, with some guests loving the sailing aspects ... Read more >
From £520 excluding flights
90 Euros off if you book 12 or 26 October

Pindos Mountains hiking holiday in Northern Greece

We have designed this hiking adventure in order for you to experience the best Northern Greece has to offer. You'll explore the Pindos mountain range – the so called “Spine of Greece” – a vast complex of mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys and gorges. During our 9-day trek you will explore three of the highest mountains of Greece – Grammos, Smolikas and Tymfi – and their alpine lakes, remnants of the Ice Age. You'll enjoy dramatic high altitude sceneries and incredible landscapes on a daily basis! Locals call high altitude alpine lakes ‘dragon lakes’ or ‘drakolimnes’ because they are believed to have been created by dragons throwing stones at each other. There lives the Alpine newt ... Read more >
From £797 excluding flights

Greece walking holiday, Zagorohoria and Lefkada island

‘Zagorohoria’, 46 stone villages perched on the mountains slopes of Epirus, are considered to be the most beautiful and well-preserved in Greece. They are not only exquisite examples of traditional stone architecture, but of a still living tradition, full of myths, customs and social expressions of a culture nearing extinction; of the mountainous tribes of Greece. Dramatic Papigo at the foot of the rock “towers” of Astraka… mountainous Vradeto with the outstanding stairs to the Beloi ‘balcony’ offering panoramic views to Vikos gorge… verdant and charming Elafotopos… picturesque Kipi with its wonderful hiking routes and stone built bridges… tiny Kapesovo with its delicious local products… ... Read more >
From €861 excluding flights

Mount Olympus and Meteora Walking holiday, Greece

During our 7-day hiking adventure you will conquer Mt Olympus, home of the ancient Greek Gods, and you willl explore the breathtaking gigantic rocks of Meteora. The Olympus mountain range has been the first Greek National Park since 1938 and it’s also characterised as a World’s Biosphere Reserve. Organized mountain refuges and numerous hiking routes are available for all levels. In total there are 52 peaks, Mytikas being the highest one (2,918m) in Greece, which combined with the alpine fields, sheer ravines, deep gorges and thick forest create a unique landscape that will captivate you at first site. Olympus mountain also harbours more than 1,500 types of plants, dozens of animal species ... Read more >
From £682 excluding flights

Sailing holiday in the Ionian Sea

This Greek islands sailing holiday around the Ionian Sea starts on the island of Lefkas, where our beautiful boat, Tahita, is moored. With an expert skipper and crew, we will create the most idyllic itinerary for sailing in the Ionian Sea and around its islands, some inhabited and others deserted. From cultural heritage highlights, archaeological masterpieces and famous sites from Greek myths, to marine wildernesses that are second to none, sailing here is an awesome odyssey. Tahita can accommodate eight people in its four double cabins and so, for comfort and plenty of onboard space, we host no more than six guests on a trip. With a fine finish throughout the boat, the cabins are ... Read more >
From £520 excluding flights

Crete short break holiday in Greece

Walking around the old town of Chania, one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities dating back to around 2,700 years BC and the Minoan civilisation, feels like exploring a lively, open-air museum. Every step you take leads to a captivating monument, a reminder of one of the civilisations that passed, leaving their mark on history, architecture and culture. This 4-day private walking holiday in and around Chania is not just a historical journey, but a cultural, culinary, ecological and learning experience! Our guide will keep you away from the popular with tourists areas and will show you the hidden jewels of Chania. Within 4 days you will explore the historical old town, you'll ... Read more >
From £389 excluding flights

Liveaboard diving and sailing holiday in Greece

This week long diving and sailing holiday in Greece takes you on an odyssey around the Cyclades islands, beneath their crystalline waters to the depths below, and onto the shores of some of Greece’s most exquisite deserted islands. Liveaboard diving and sailing holidays are the way to truly immerse yourself in the Cyclades Islands. The skipper and crew are not just sailing experts, they are also licensed PADI Divemasters, who will lead you to dive sites where visibility can easily reach up to 35 meters or more into the deep blue. Dive sites on this wonderful Greece adventure holiday take you down to the mysterious marine-scapes of shipwrecks, artefacts from ancient cities, secret caverns ... Read more >
From £697 excluding flights
90 Euros off if you book 12 or 26 October

Cyclades walking & island hopping holiday, Greece

For an island hopping in the Cyclades Islands holiday, you can interchange your hiking shoes for water shoes as we discover the islands on land and on water. Starting in Naxos, the largest and most diverse Cyclades island, with high mountains including the famous Mount Zas, verdant valleys, traditional villages, ancient archaeology and long, sandy beaches to boot. And with a two week itinerary on this Cyclades holiday, we have plenty of time to discover the big and small islands. Another biggie is Santorini, one of the most sought after island. It will take your breath away with its white Cycladic houses lining the cliff tops, in contrast with the dark, volcanic landscapes. Hiking here ... Read more >
From £846 excluding flights

Cyclades walking holiday, Greece

Some people want to hop from one island to another when they go on a Cyclades walking holiday, but this week long trip is perfect for those who want to stop and explore one of its beauties in depth. And the island of Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, certainly is a beauty. Your accommodation is based in the picturesque, historical coastal town of Ermoupolis, an 18th century family run guesthouse that was the former French embassy. Thanks to the fact that this town was the most commercial port in the east Med in the 19th century. Every day will bring walks along deserted ancient paths and trails, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy stunning mountain views across the Cyclades Islands and ... Read more >
From £592 excluding flights

Self guided walking holiday in Santorini and Naxos, Greece

This week long self-guided walking holiday in Santorini & Naxos will fascinate you. Santorini is one of Greece’s finest volcanic islands, part of a group of islands of the same name, overlooking a sapphire blue submerged caldera, visible from different viewpoints during our recommended walks. Walking with a carefully crafted itinerary, created by our local experts, you will take on magnificent hikes. Such as hiking along the rim of the caldera to the village of Oia. Sauntering through ancient villages with Venetian influences and traditionally Cycladic narrow streets and stone houses. Hiking through volcanic terrain, you will come across a town that was uncovered from the ashes of the past, ... Read more >
From £542 excluding flights

Kefalonia, Lefkada & Ithaki walking holiday

A 7- or 10-day walking itinerary around the lush islands of Kefalonia, Lefkada & Ithaca in the South Ionian Sea is the ideal holiday for nature and walking lovers. We'll start from Lefkada, famous for being the homeland of Homer’s Greek hero Ulysses, in The Odyssey. A mountainous, valley rich landscape glistens like an emerald, and segues smoothly with the blues and turquoises of the Ionian all around. Despite the hot Mediterranean climate, its eclectic natural features include plenty of water that shapes it into the walking terrain so loved by many. Natural springs, waterfalls, rivers, canyons and forests all thrive around the mountain terrain, as do flora and fauna. Such as the array of ... Read more >
From £697 excluding flights

Cyclades sailing honeymoon, Greece

From the minute you board Tahita, our beautiful sailing boat, the crew and skipper will ensure you have the most the most tranquil and tantalising Cyclades sailing honeymoon. One of the most romantic holidays you could imagine, you can spend the day relaxing on deck with a glass of champagne, diving into Greece’s transparent turquoise waters and taking in the view of remote islands as the sun sets. Mooring by island idylls such as the deserted islands of Rinia, the Small Cyclades, and Santorini saunter through ancient pathways and traditional island villages to reach stunning views over the Aegean, dine at our favourite tavernas or join us on a night dive to catch something delicious for ... Read more >
From £3,440 excluding flights

Greek Islands Walking holiday in West Crete & Santorini

Walk with us and explore the incredible landscapes, delicate ecosystems, unique biodiversity, stunning coastline, history and culture of Crete and then continue to the volcanic island of Santorini. You will be guided by our local naturalist guides who are both experts on the local flora and fauna and can't wait to introduce you to the local culture and way of life. The prefecture of Chania is the greenest part of Crete as the range of the White Mountains ensures the highest rainfall. You will walk on a remote peninsula, the beautiful Cretan mountains, biotopes of oustanding natural beauty, three spectacular gorges... you will visit archeological sites, traditional villages and ... Read more >
From £1,055 excluding flights

Santorini walking short break, Greece

The island of Santorini, sometimes known as Thera, is one of the Cyclades’ most fascinating islands. In fact it is part of a mini archipelago bearing the same name as this, its largest island, the others being Therasia, the only other inhabited island of the group, and the uninhabited Nea Kameni, Palaia Kameni, Aspronisi and Christiana. They are all products of massive volcanic activity, with the three largest islands enclosing a sapphire blue, submerged caldera. Making this Santorini walking holiday not only one that is fantastic and fascinating terrain, but also one with some of the Cyclades’ finest views. This four day walking holiday is self-guided, with an itinerary crafted by our ... Read more >
From €410 excluding flights

Andros and Tinos walking holiday, Greece

This ten day guided walking holiday takes you to Greece’s northernmost tip of the Cyclades archipelago and two of its greenest islands: Tinos and Andros. Both relatively unknown islands on the tourism gamut of Greek gorgeousness, these Cyclades islands are wild, walking wonderlands. Andros is mountainous, with challenging ridges, vertiginous valleys and enchanting gorges where it feels like life springs eternal, with omnipresent rivers and waterfalls to cool off that famous Cycladic climate. The only European island to have been awarded the European Ramblers’ Association “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” certification, it is a little bit of hiking heaven. Tinos, just a little ... Read more >
From £592 excluding flights

Walking holiday in the West Cyclades, Greece

This ten day Cyclades holiday, walking around the western islands of Milos, Sifnos and Serfios is a journey around some of Greece’s most magnificent island walking trails. These ancient tracks and paths, used for farming or trading, take you through small rural villages with traditionally Greek white stone houses, Byzantine chapels, and architectural remnants from Venetian times. As well as the obligatory beach perfection at the end of road. Each island has its own unique quality. For example, the island of Milos is volcanic and so, as well as its forty odd beaches, there are caves, rock formations and other fascinating geological wonders to explore. And, in addition, plenty of wild ... Read more >
From £592 excluding flights

Naxos and the small Cyclades walking holiday, Greece

This ten day walking holiday starts on the island of Naxos, the largest of Greece’s Cyclades islands, and one that is worthy of our first four days of hiking and exploring. A mountainous terrain, Naxos boasts the highest peak in the Cyclades with Mount Zas (1003m) where Olympian god Zeus spent his time. The mountains are dotted with exquisite elevated villages proffering splendid views out over the Aegean. Byzantine chapels, Venetian citadels and olive groves line ancient walking trails that take you up through the island’s luscious valleys, fed by springs, rivers and waterfalls. All of which seem to lead down to prolific and beyond pretty coves and bays. From here to the Small Cyclades, ... Read more >
From £592 excluding flights

Cyclades sailing & walking holiday in Greece

This holiday is a perfect meze for those who are looking for a Cyclades sailing holiday but with a chance to go walking on some of the small, non-touristy Greek Islands too. For some it’s a sailing holiday with a few treks thrown in, but also ticks beautiful boxes for those seeking remote walking holidays in Greece, with sailing an added bonus. In a week you can discover the unique nature and landscapes of islands such as the Cyclades’ highest peak, Zas, on Naxos or the ancient paths of Amorgos or Iraklia, with their unique flora and fauna. Cyclades sailing and walking holidays also means plenty of swimming in between islands, seeking out uninhabited idylls with virgin beaches, ... Read more >
From £685 excluding flights
90 Euros off if you book 12 or 26 October
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