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Wildlife holiday in Central India

India wildlife tours are an amazing treat for nature lovers and for anyone else with a passing interest in adventure as they conjure up an incredible variety of experiences, least of all the chance to spot tigers, leopards, sloth bears, bison and crocodiles within a range of stunning environments. As this particular 12 day India wildlife tour is exclusive you'll be able to take advantage of an array of luxury safari camp accommodation, with the tiger reserves of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench all providing some exquisite scenes to accompany a range of comfortable facilities. Aside from the wildlife tours, India is blessed with a bounty of ancient sites of interest with the UNESCO listed ... Read more >
From Rupee155,000 excluding flights

Chhattisgarh to Orissa tour in India, tribes and villages

This incredibly unique two week tour from Chhattisgarh to Orissa takes travellers on a tailor made journey into the tribes and villages of central India where the lesser-known, but nonetheless important, traditions and customs of local communities reveal fascinating cultural insight. Discover sections of India’s society that casual tourists rarely get to witness as you meet the tribes living within the market villages situated between Chhattisgarh to Orissa including the Baiga, Maria, Dhurwa, Kondh, Paraja and Koraput. As this two week Chhattisgarh to Orissa tour in India progresses you’ll be invited into the colourful market places, tribal guest houses and royal palaces found throughout ... Read more >
From Rupee160,000 excluding flights

Cycling holiday in the Maikal Hills, Central India

This 9 day tour of forest and village India includes a two to three days cycling trip in the beautiful Maikal Hills, giving you the chance to experience central Indian jungle, village and tribal life in a way few travellers do. The forest of Maikal hills and plateau is home to unique wildlife including tigers and leopards and indigenous Baiga and Gond tribes. On this tour you will visit the famous Kanha tiger reserve, stay in a farmhouse style accommodation at Bhoramdeo and have a chance to overnight in a small village home or camp in a forest near a tribal village on your cycling journey. • Chance to see tigers and other wildlife in Kanha Tiger Reserve • Experience central Indian Baiga ... Read more >
From Rupee85,000 excluding flights

India bird watching holiday & Taj Mahal

The tour will take you to the best birding sites in the upper reaches of Central India. The tour covers three major wildlife destinations: Ranthambore famous for its tigers; Bharatpur, a world renowned wetland for birds; and National Chambal Sanctuary which is famed for its gharials (fish eating crocodiles) and more than 280 species of birds. The tour ends with a visit to the Taj Mahal. • Encounter more than 200 bird species including Gangetic specialties such as the white-tailed stonechat & striated babbler, along with the chance to see up to 9 species of eagle, plus a superb variety of forest species, passerines & migrants. • Visit to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and the Taj Mahal. • The ... Read more >
From Rupee165,000 excluding flights

Central India holiday, journey through Chhattisgarh

From pre-Hindu heritage and the fascinating handicrafts of Bastar to the archaeological treasure troves of Sirpur. Visit Gond, Muria and Baiga villages and markets and explore some of Chhattisgarh’s finest nature reserves. Rural central India, well off the beaten track with friendly guides, accommodation in comfortable guest houses and home stays with three nights in a royal palace. • Visit three of Chhattisgarh’s wildlife sanctuaries with the chance of observing leopard, Indian giant squirrel, wild dog, hill mynah and Malabar trogon • The ancient city of Sirpur and the holy site of Amarkantak which is the source of Narmada river • Colourful haats (weekly markets) of the Baiga, Maria, ... Read more >
From Rupee165,000 excluding flights

Central India cultural and wildlife tour, tigers & tribes

This tour combines best of ethnic cultural experience in Central India with the opportunity to see wildlife and elusive tigers of Kanha and Pench National Park. The Baiga communities are forest-dwelling aboriginals from central India. It is believed that they have lived in for at least 20,000 years and share close DNA structure with Australian aborigines and no other known human grouping. They have a unique culture and traditions which is very different from main stream Hinduism. You will visit Baiga tribes of Maikal hills, the eastern spur of Satpura Mountain Ranges. Visit local villages and walk to their colourful weekly markets on a guided tour around Bhoramdeo, which is also known for ... Read more >
From Rupee103,000 including domestic flights only

Birdwatching in India

A fantastic tour of north India in search of birds and other wildlife from Gangetic plains to Himalayan specialities along with a chance to see tigers and the amazing Taj Mahal. Explore the wildlife richness of north India covering an amazing diversity of habitat and altitude extending from world famous wetland of Keoladeo bird sanctuary to the foothills of the western Himalayas at Sat Tal and Pangot. Along with the birds you also have the chance to see other wildlife at Corbett Tiger Reserve which is know for tigers and. Chambal Sanctuary close to Keoladeo is India’s cleanest river ecosystem thus supports amazing biodiversity including endangered ghariyal (fish eating crocodile) and ... Read more >
From Rupee227,500 excluding flights

Tiger & wildlife tour in Central India

If you're hankering for a spot of excitement and you've always fancied the thought of a tiger safari, India is fast-becoming one of the world's most important countries to spot these noble creatures within their natural environment. Of course, tiger safaris in India don't just focus upon tracking Shere Khan at the cost of all else. There's a huge range of wildlife on display within India's protected nature reserves with wild dogs, leopards, swamp deer and a vast array of indigenous and visiting bird species adding to the obvious adventure of spotting a tiger stalking through the undergrowth. Overnight accommodation on this ten day India tiger safari adheres to strict environmental ... Read more >
From Rupee140,000 including domestic flights only

Central India holiday, culture and wildlife

Anyone looking for tours in India should certainly take a peek at this fantastic 16 day experience that encapsulates the cultural heritage and remarkable history of this exciting country as well as concentrating on wildlife watching every step of the journey. From the world-renowned reflections of Agra's Taj Mahal to the Islamic influence abound in Bhopal, tour India and you'll quickly become versed in just what it means to be a multi-cultural society where religion and spirituality are at the forefront of everyday life. Moving on from the Muslim heritage, lakeside scenery and wonderful Mughlai dishes of Bhopal, this tour of India continues to Sanchi's Great Stupa where Buddhism comes to ... Read more >
From Rupee145,000 excluding flights

Satpura Reserve Tiger safari in india

Walk in the beautiful mountains and forest of Satpura Tiger Reserve which is home to unique flora and fauna. Mahadeo Hills of the Satpura Range is characterized by fascinating deep valleys, narrow gorges, cascading waterfalls and rich vegetation which make it an ideal walking country. This walking safari is clubbed with the excursion in Satpura Tiger Reserve which offers host of activities to explore this beautiful tiger and leopard country. Safaris in open 4x4 in search of leopards, sloth bear and other wildlife. You can walk with a small group and the forest guide on the designated path inside the park. Experience the jungle with all your senses and perhaps even with your sixth sense. ... Read more >
From Rupee185,000 excluding flights

Central India holiday, trekking and culture

This week long tour gives the real traveller a chance to experience Indian village life in depth. With a three day hike sandwiched between a night in a farmhouse style guesthouse and three in a cosy tented camp at Kanha National Park, you will never be too many nights away from clean sheets and hot showers but have the opportunity to meet and mix with the rural people who make up the bulk of India’s population. Your tour starts in a small village close to an extraordinary medieval temple complex, with carvings to rival India’s most famous temples but where foreign faces are a genuine rarity. From here you will trek into the hills through Baiga and Gond tribal country, passing through ... Read more >
From Rupee76,000 excluding flights

Central India tour

A grand tour of some the architectural wonders of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Starting with a soft landing at a Bristish owned Lutyens style home on the outskirts of Delhi, you will drive on, to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, staying at a grand heritage hotel. Travel on to the great eighth century Gwalior Fort, spending two nights at a 17th century palace. From Gwalior to the ruined city of Orccha and onto Khajuraho with its exquisitely carved 9th-12th century temples. A bit of rural and wildlife respite at Panna National Park and then on to the under-visited city of Bhopal. Enjoy three nights of Mughal style grandeur at a heritage hotel with day-trips to the Ashokan Buddhist stupa at ... Read more >
From £3,350 excluding flights
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