Frequently asked questions

Product page titles
60% of traffic to Responsible Travel comes from people searching for a holiday on the web, primarily Google. We aim to generate traffic to the most relevant pages on the site and page titles play an important role in this. All page titles are written with SEO in mind and we rarely use the names of holidays given by an operator. The majority of our site traffic goes directly to product pages rather than via our home page.
Where your product can be found
Your Account Manager will associate a product with different tags which will enable your product to be found in different places on the site. A tag could be a region, e.g. Africa, country e.g. Kenya, location, e.g. Masai Mara, type of holiday, e.g. Safari, or an activity, e.g. small group safari. Our aim is to associate a product with the most relevant tags. We do not divulge which tags a given product is associated with.
The order of promotions across the site are automatically selected according to the conversion rate of that product. The better the conversion rate, the higher the promotion.
When you log on to the Extranet, click on ‘Leads’ to see a list of all your enquiries, the most recent first. To see the details of a particular enquiry just double click on the traveller's name. You can download a spreadsheet containing your enquiries by using the 'Export leads to Excel' report in the extranet.
  • What can I do if a traveller has given an incorrect email address?
    Our Customer Services team respond to travellers' enquiries, and you can contact them if you have a non-responded-to email or email addresses that bounce at
If you receive an enquiry where the traveller has a Responsible Travel voucher you'll need to check the voucher is valid, charge the customer the total amount minus the voucher amount, then enter the voucher details when you declare the full booking amount so we can refund you. Please read our full voucher information for members.

Declaring bookings
When you have signed in to the Extranet, click on 'Leads' to find a list of all the enquiries you have received so far. Please check these against your reservations list. To declare a booking double click on the applicable name and this will bring up a grey box. In the bottom left hand corner is a small box with the status ‘open’. Change this to ‘booked’ and fill in the relevant details, save and close.
Declaring bookings improves your conversion rate, which means that we can increase the visibility of your products on the site and in our ezines. In addition, we send an email requesting a review for your page to all travellers who find their holiday through our site but we can only do this if their holiday is declared BEFORE they return.
Please let us know if you have a cancellation - log into the extranet, find the relevant lead / booking and change the lead status to ‘open’. It would be helpful if you could add the reason and cancellation date in the notes field. Our accountant Lyn will then contact you if neccessary (e.g. if you've already been invoiced for this booking). Please try to always let us know before your client was due to travel as this will prevent them from recieving our automated 'welcome back' email requesting a review.
Having a positive review on a page increases the number of enquiries that you're likely to receive. For a review to be generated, the booking must be declared on the extranet prior to the person going on holiday. If you declare late, the automatic e-mail asking the traveller to leave a review will not be sent. We do not send review e-mails manually.
Resending the review link
If  a customer says they have not received the review email, please follow the below steps to send them the review link:

1- Go to the leads section on your extranet

2- Double click on the name of the person that you wish to send the review link to so that the window pops up open. On the top of the window (in blue) there is the lead number under 'Lead properties: xxxx'

3- Add this lead properties number to the link below, replacing the example ID number and the email address with the desired email:
4-Email this link to the customer - it will lead them to their own personal review form to fill in and submit - we will then approve it via the extranet.

Please use the same link for all requests making sure you edit the Lead ID number and the email address. Before sending the link, do paste it into your browser to make sure that it works (there must not be any spaces), and copy the browser link back to the email that you are sending to the traveller.
Ezine promotion
To appear in an ezine a product has to have a conversion rate above 10%.
Please see here for more information about ezine promotion: /copy/ezine-rate-card-for-members
Tailored Ezines
If you are on our database and have recently done a search on you may receive an indivdually tailored ezine which reflects your recent search and suggests directly relevant holidays. 
Conversion rate
There are several reports available in the extranet which show your conversion rate - 'Conversion levels', 'League table (by product)', 'League table (by country)' and 'Operator conversion'. See the Reports section of our extranet user guide for details.
Late Availability and Special Offers 
You are able to create these yourself via the extranet, please use the following guide:
Using the extranet with Internet Explorer 11
Are you receiving a message saying "Incompatible Browser" when trying to access the extranet on Internet Explorer 11? There's a quick and easy way to fix this and we've put together a handy, step-by-step guide to help:
> Click on the cog icon in the top right of your Internet Explorer browser window
> Select 'Compatibility view settings'
> Type Responsible Travel into the top box (if it's not there already)
> Click the 'Add' button and then 'Close'

Now every time you go to a Responsible Travel URL/website it will automatically use the Compatibility setting.
Increasing enquiries
  • What can I do to receive more enquiries from
    There are 3 ways to make the most of your membership on

    1. Make sure you are selling yourself as best you can
    • Are you using the product deals section of the extranet?
    • Is the information on your page accurate & appealing?
    • Do your photos show your holiday in the best light? Could you provide a video?
    2. Improve your conversion rate
    • Ask your Account Manager if you can copy them in on some of your email responses to see if we can provide any pointers.
    • Does the person who responds to your Responsible Travel emails understand how these enquiries are different to those sent through your own website?
    • If you think you may be able to provide better responses given a little more information, consider requesting date / budget information, etc in your enquiry form.
    3. Appear in our ezine
    • If you have a good conversion rate, consider buying a paid ezine slot - see details here

Invoicing and payments

  • When will I be invoiced?
    You will be invoiced for your first membership fee once your pages have gone live on Responsible Travel. Subsequent annual fees will be invoiced on the anniversary of this date.

    Booking commission will be invoiced depending on your membership type:

    a) Accommodation owners’ invoices are usually raised after the traveller has departed (not when the booking is declared, unless this is after they have travelled).
    b) Tour operators - invoices are usually raised in the same month of travel (not when the booking is declared, unless this is after they have travelled).

    If the amount of commission due is very small we may wait until more commission has accrued before invoicing to save on admin. However, the commission is still valid and will be invoiced.

    Our invoices are always in GBP (British pounds sterling) and are always sent as a PDF attachment via email. We do not send paper invoices unless you specifically request them. If you believe you should have received an invoice but haven't, please contact

    We do not send receipts as a matter of course, but these may be issued on request.

    There are two reports on the extranet related to invoicing - 'Booking statement' and 'Invoice summary'. For details see the Reports section of our extranet user guide.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer in GB Pounds (please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any bank charges incurred). We can also accept cheques / drafts in GB Pounds. If neither of these methods of payment is possible, please discuss your situation with our Accountant, Lyn, by emailing

    We can also accept payment over the phone by bank card and online card payments upon request, although there will be an administration fee charged for these options.

  • What are your payment terms?
    Our payment terms are immediate.

    Please note that we only invoice once the client has travelled / in the month of travel if you are a tour operator so you will probably have collected funds from your client by the time our commission is due.

  • When is my membership renewal due?
    When you log into the extranet your renewal date will be displayed in the top right of the screen.


Updating pages
To update your product pages you must log in to the Console
  • How do I add a map using the URL from my webpage?
    Go to the page on your site where the map you want to display is, then hover your mouse over the map, right click on the map, this will open another small window. Click on properties, which opens another window. In this window you need to look under the heading 'Address URL:' next to this heading you will find the URL for your map. Copy and paste this URL into the map field on the console. Preview your page to view the map. Please note: Do not add a google map, these are for accommodation pages only. It is not a requirement to have a map on your page, this is entirely your choice if you would like to add one.

  • When will my page be live on the site?
    After you have submitted your page to us - use the red submit button - we will review it.
    We look at every page – our main concern is to ensure that you meet our criteria for responsible tourism so please make sure you fill out this section thoroughly. You will be notified when your page is live on the site.

  • How do I save my page if I am not yet ready to submit it?
    Simply log out and your page will automatically be saved, when you log back in it will be as you left it.

  • Is there anything I need to know when adding dates?
    You won’t be able to preview the dates you have added instantly as this updates overnight, as long as you have added the correct departure dates for the coming year you can submit the page - we check all pages before they go live. If you would like to add a sentence with departure information rather than publish all your dates on the page, for example: 'This trip departs every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the year, please contact us for more details', then please do mail your account handler to request this.

  • Any tips for building a great page?
    Some basics first – give the right impression from the start:
    - Make sure there are no typos and your grammar is good!
    - Focus on selling the experience to customers.
    - Upload great pictures.
    - Tell your own story. People like to know a little about the person behind the business.
    - Share your enthusiasm about what you do. Your excitement will be infectious!
    - Be friendly, and extend a warm invitation to future guests.
    - We don't expect you to have covered every possible angle on sustainability – none of us have.
    - Visitors want to learn about important local issues, and how you've done something positive to address them.

  • What should I write in the promise section?
    The promise section appears as the ‘making a difference’ paragraph on your page. We place emphasis on getting the ‘making a difference’ (MAD) sections right, they should summarise your responsible travel policy and have unique and specific details of how that particular trip minimises the negative impacts and maximises the benefits on the local community and the environment. Please do not just write generic information for each MAD, you can include some generic information but no two MADs should be the same. Please see our promise guidelines for more details.

  • Is there anything I don't need to add to my page?
    Location: We control the location of the trip depending on where it goes and relation to what tag locations we have on the site.
    Map: Maps are generally for walking, cycling and overland tours. If your trips doesn't come under any of these categories then you can still add one if you wish, but it's not a necessity.

  • Is there anything not permitted on my page?
    Please DO NOT add the following to your page:
    • email address
    • telephone number
    • your operator name - this rule applies everywhere on your page: text, videos, images
    • links to your own or other company websites
    • customer reviews

IMPORTANT - It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that any images published on your product pages on our site have all relevant licenses in place for reproduction. In the event that we are fined for unauthorized use of images we will be passing on charges to the relevant Member.

  • Are there any restrictions on uploading videos?
    The video needs to promote the specific trip on the page. We do not allow company branding to be shown anywhere in your video and you must not link to other videos. Only one video per product page is permitted. If your company name, branding or logos are found in a video, then the video will be removed.

  • Can I have portrait images?
    No, due to the design of the website it is not possible to display images in portrait .

  • Is there a size limit on the images?
    Yes, please make sure you are using web quality rather than print quality images; they should be no larger than 1MB.

  • My image is below 1MB but still won’t upload?
    Check that the file name does not contain any spaces or characters (-&% etc).

  • Can I change the order of my photos?
    No, you need to delete and re-upload photos to change the order of images.

  • How can I get another page on Responsible Travel for my new holiday?
    Your Account Manager can help you decide which of your products are suitable for Responsible Travel, and tell you how many pages we will create for you. If you would like a new page, please discuss this with your Account Manager in the first instance. Please note that all products on Responsible Travel must have a Make A Difference paragraph tailored to that specific trip or accommodation, even if you have other products on the site.


We've produced a handy video guide that'll help you understand how to use the Console system to build new pages and update your existing pages. Although the video is specifically designed for new Members, it takes you through the processes for editing all the various aspects of a page, including tips for best practice that'll help you get the most out of your account.

Check out the new video here: /copy/how-to-join-the-site-video

  • What are my obligations as a member of
    We're sure you understand that our business and our ability to continue delivering more and more business to you requires that a number of key responsibilities are adhered to:
    • Ensuring accuracy of information shown on your pages of the Responsible Travel website(s). (You can check if your trip is displaying all your available departures using the 'Expiring trip departures' tool in the extranet - see the Reports section of our extranet user guide)
    • Responding swiftly to enquiries made to you through our website(s), at the very latest within two working days.
    • Declare to us all bookings made by enquirers promptly.
    • Not adding any additional cost to holidays for customers coming through Responsible Travel or any associated sites.
    • Paying invoices within seven working days of receipt.
    We aim to maintain a constant dialogue with our members and resolve any issues promptly. If any members are not fulfilling their obligations then this may result in their pages being removed from the site until any problems are rectified. For more details see our terms & conditions. You can also see our Responsible travel criteria.
Any current member of Responsible Travel can use our member's badge on their website. Log into the Console and click on the 'badge' tab then follow the instructions from there.
Responsible tourism
  • Where can I find out more about best practise and issues in responsible tourism?
    We have a Responsible Tourism section of our site with articles related to flying, our campaigns and tips for travellers.

  • How can I promote my responsible tourism achievements?
    Your Responsible Tourism Policy and Make A Difference (Promise) information on Responsible Travel are great places to shout about new environmental or cultural projects, green accreditation schemes you've joined or responsible tourism awards you've won, etc. 
 Accommodations - What is included in my Premier Membership?
  • Up to 10 images on your product page
  • Access to the Extranet
  • Use of the product deals tool to add late availability and/or special offers
  • Use of the availability calendar
  • Eligibility for inclusion in the ezines (certain conditions apply - contact your Account Manager for further information)

Have we answered your question? You can always contact your Account Manager about any aspect of Responsible Travel not covered here. If your question relates to the extranet, please see our extranet user guide

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