Self guided cycling holiday in Valencia, Spain

You can guide yourself on this easy-to-follow cycling route down to Valencia city, via the valleys, rivers and ravines of the region.
Biar Bocairent AlfafaravAgres Fontanars dels Alforins Ontinyent Simat de la Valldigna monastery Cullera River Xúquer Parque Natural de la Albufera El Palmar València
850To930 excluding flights
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8 Days
Tailor made
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Prices include the transfer from Villena to Biar.
Bed and Breakfast for 7 nights.
Information pack including maps, your itinerary and GPS.
Fully equipped hybrid bicycle including water bottles, panniers and tool kit.
Luggage transfer service.
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Description of Self guided cycling holiday in Valencia, Spain

Take a week to cycle from Biar to Valencia. This well-plotted route has been perfected by our Valencia-based operator over the years and suits relaxed cyclists. You'll pedal down through the valleys and finish on the coast in this sunshine-infused region of southern Spain.

This is a special place where every village has a different speciality – from rice dishes made popular under Moorish occupation, to cakes baked to celebrate the busy calendar year of festivals. Your route plan details good lunch stops, local delicacies and refreshing swimming spots along the way.

This trip is designed to showcase just how varied and contrasting the region can be. One day you’ll be cycling along the Vinalopó River valley, passing castle-topped medieval towns like Biar and Bocairent. The next you’re in the Terres dels Alforins vineyards, which rightly deserves comparisons to Tuscany.

As you reach the coast, the landscape levels off to market gardens and groves of the region’s famous oranges, and you’ll follow the River Xúquer towards the Parque Natural de la Albufera, a coastal wetland park where birdlife flourishes. Abandon the bike for a boat trip to see more of the area.

Valencia City is the third largest in Spain, with impressive historic sites, including its enormous central market and cathedral. Finish here with plenty of time for dining out and resting your legs.

Price information

850To930 excluding flights
Convert currency:
Prices include the transfer from Villena to Biar.
Bed and Breakfast for 7 nights.
Information pack including maps, your itinerary and GPS.
Fully equipped hybrid bicycle including water bottles, panniers and tool kit.
Luggage transfer service.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Accessible OVERVIEW:
As keen cyclists ourselves we would love everyone to be able to experience our tours which explore this beautiful region of Spain. However, realism dictates that as an activity holiday on tracks and lanes in very varied landscapes there are limited possibilities for severely disabled travellers. In addition, as a small but expanding company, we regret that we simply do not have the manpower for one-to-one care of clients throughout a tour but please do talk to us if you have specific requirements and we will see what we can do.
Limited vision is not a problem in terms of our introductory talk, though navigation of the route would create problems. The companionship of a caring friend or relative for an experienced cyclist would make a tour possible. Road safety is another key concern, here but again a companion could help.
Similarly, limited hearing is not a problem for an experienced cyclist since we provide detailed maps, route notes and GPS with written instructions. For road safety reasons we believe that anyone who is totally deaf would be best served by the presence of a caring friend or relative for the duration of the tour.
Since this term covers such a range of conditions and degrees of disability it is very difficult to generalize. However, we can say that we have already had several clients who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Each one was accompanied by a loving friend or family member and we understand that in each case they enjoyed the experience. Again, these travellers do need to be experienced cyclists, too.
We work with quite a number of different hostelries, most of them small, family-run businesses, because we offer a range of tours. These businesses are very willing to cater for special dietary needs. When booking, clients inform us of any such requirements and so we have time in which to work with all of the relevant hotels in order to produce English versions of the available, fresh seasonal options for the client/s. We prefer this approach to having fixed, alternative options all year round which tends to result in standardized, commercially-produced, often frozen, products.
We anticipate no problems for LGBT travellers. Spain is very relaxed and open - people here are friendly and hospitable so there is a warm welcome for all travellers. The sunny climate and more relaxed pace of life allow people both the time and the inclination to be tolerant.  

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We genuinely believe that cycling is one of the most interesting, healthy and environmentally responsible ways in which to explore new places. We have a specific garage for our bikes where we recycle everything: tyres, brakes, cables, etc. We use ecological products in order to clean them.

Our tours go through natural parks where there is native vegetation and a variety of wild life. We supply travel documents which advise our clients how to respect the local ecology. We remind them of the importance of preserving our wild, local areas for everyone and of what a precious resource water is.

In order to minimize vehicle emissions, we begin all of our tours on the same day of the week. This drastically reduces the number of van miles travelled each week in order to transfer clients' luggage from one overnight stop to the next.

Our pre-trip information is all given by email in order to save paper. Currently we are changing from providing tour information on sheets of paper to creating a small booklet. This use far less paper.

We use recycled printer cartridges and we recycle any leftover printed material.


Our company provides the opportunity to get to know local people and to invest money locally in small local shops, accommodation, restaurants, etc.

We are selling and operating tours almost exclusively in rural areas in order to support small local business. We want to encourage local councils to improve and promote the cycle paths which pass through their small communities. This helps the locals to expand their rural, family businesses. As natives of Valencia Province we know the area extremely well. To ensure the fullest possible local experience we recommend specific visits related to gastronomy, culture, history, ecology and shops which offer local products, especially handmade goods.

We are a small company, operating tours since 2015. Our aim is to expand in order to be able to create more local employment. This year we have created one permanent job and one part-time job so now we are 3 people. In high season we also employ some local guides. Our aim for next year is to create another full-time job whenever possible. We obtain everything we need (bikes, accessories, computers, etc.) from local suppliers. When we need to change bikes we will donate the old ones to a local NGO.

We give our clients an information booklet which explains different aspects of our region: the local history, gastronomy, agriculture, landscape and so on.

We encourage clients to visit historic sites such as monasteries, ancient Iberian towns, castles, etc. where there are free guided tours. We believe that this provides them with deeper insight into the Valencian way of life and its roots rather than just offering them a superficial cycling tour.

On our tours our clients have the opportunity to experience different landscapes, agriculture and ecology: rice fields, vineyards, orange groves, etc. We encourage them to visit local businesses, for example wine cellars, orange juice tasting, wine tasting, artisan shops, artisan cheese makers, etc. In these local businesses clients can taste products and buy them. We also recommend that they take a boat trip on the Albufera Natural Lake in order to support the local boatmen. Group tours actually include one of these boat tours plus several wine tastings.

On the subject of gastronomy we have a great deal to offer. We encourage people to try our traditional dishes. We recommend local restaurants where clients can enjoy local Mediterranean foods. Because the tours encompass such a variety of landscapes, clients can experience the food and drink indigenous to each area, for example, in the area of inland vineyards and orchards they can sample the meats, fruits, nuts and wines to be found here. Close to the coast there is an abundance of fish and sea food and around the Albufera rice paddies there are many different, delicious rice dishes.

Of course, the accommodation that we use consists of small rural houses (Casas Rurales) and family-run hotels. This keeps the countryside alive, enabling people to live and work in remote areas whilst preserving and improving rural properties.

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