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"Valencia of fine towers and gentle nights, Valencia, will I be with you, when I can no longer look at you, where the sand of the countryside grow and the violet sea becomes distant?"
- Antonio Machado, poet (“Poesías completas”)

Welcome to the Responsible Travel Guide to the Region of Valencia; the strikingly varied territory of beaches, mountains, forests and rich agricultural coastal plains of the three provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. The area, which has been inhabited for almost as long as the Mediterranean has been a seat of civilization, has more than 450 kilometres of coastline, a total area of 20,000 square kilometres and a climate which is as varied as its terrain. From this guide you will be able to select the kind of holiday which suits you and your family, the right time of year to visit, and places to stay. It will give you insights into the region’s complex history and the major events and influences which have created its richly diverse culture.

The guide, with podcasts of people living and working in the three provinces, from top restaurant owners to winemakers and small tourist operators, will give insider advice on the diversity of activity holidays on offer, from rock climbing and sailing to walking and cycling. It will also detail the large spectrum of places to stay, which range from luxurious casas rurales - carefully restored country houses with every creature comfort - to small cottages in ancient villages, or family run hotels in their own grounds, which provide excellent cuisine made from locally grown produce.
City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia. Photo by Valencia Tourist Board Valencia location map. Illustration by Lisa Joanes Albufera nature park, Valencia. Photo by Valencia Tourist Board

It will describe the wide variety of places to go, from the busy beaches of the coastal resorts to quiet, tranquil coves hidden beneath cliffs, from the high Sierra where you can walk for hours without meeting a soul, to the deep limestone canyons of the interior. Last but not least the guide will inform you about the best times to visit the region, from the spring – when the mountains, wetlands and the sierra are alive with bird song and bright with wild flowers - to the quiet days of autumn and winter when the sun still shines, the sea is still warm enough for a swim and when the deserted beaches are the ideal place for a stroll. Hopefully it will inspire you to visit the three provinces, to meet its friendly, vital inhabitants and to really get under the skin of this remarkable Mediterranean location.

Juan Munoz
Juan Muñoz - Manager regional tourist board
"It’s an area of great variety – from the beaches and clean seas of the coast to the untouched pristine interior" [04:18]

Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson - Owner, Caserío del Mirador, Jalón
"The people here love children and you can go anywhere with your kids – to restaurants and cafes – it’s wonderful if you want to be together." [03:24]

Enrique Sylvestre
Enrique Silvestre - Major of Chulilla
"One hour inland from Valencia you will find the real Spain – where the real traditional life still exists." [02:24]

Responsible Travel would like to thank the Valencia Tourist Board for their sponsorship of this guide
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