Saami reindeer migration expedition in Norway

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Saami reindeer migration expedition in Norway

We are committed to running our business and tours in a way that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible. We encourage our guests and suppliers to work with us to travel and operate in a way that conserves and protects the areas we visit and bring positive benefits to local communities. We are therefore committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising our effects through a complete programme of annual reviews of our expeditions and try to make our activities environmentally and socially positive.

This opportunity is a rare privilege granted by a Saami “siida”(a family group of herders), which only twelve people are invited to experience each year. By comparison, in Uganda, twelve people a day are permitted to visit the Gorillas.

The Saami people of Finnmark are keen to give “Daccu” (outsiders) an insight into their lifestyle and culture, which until the mid 1970s was wilfully being irradiated by compulsory educational programmes for their children. They are also keen to create an international awareness of their reliance in every way on the reindeer in the light of newly imposed grazing regulations, and EU regulations on reindeer farming procedures. Recently a plan to introduce wind farms on the birthing grounds used for over 2000 years by some of the herds has been announced. The personal experience of clients on this trip, they believe create a greater international awareness of their problems.

You will make a difference too by providing income for members of a “sida” (family working group) whose income has been depleted by rising costs in herd maintenance that has financially ruined some of them.
- This has the double benefit of reinvesting in the country and local community as well as providing guests with an invaluable insight into and understanding local culture, customs and etiquette.
- We treat every person associated with this trip with equal respect and expect clients to do the same.
- Wherever possible we select small, locally owned accommodation and camps and local restaurants and markets for servicing our trips thus putting revenue back into local, often very remote communities.
- To greatly reduce our impact on the environment there will be a maximum of twelve team members (a year). This allows guests greater opportunity for local interaction and to experience cultures first hand. It also helps to minimise the damage associated with large scale tourism.
- We resource our trips with locally produced goods wherever possible which are then prepared and used in reusable containers thus reducing wastage and excess packaging for food, water and equipment.

As well as the effect we can have on local cultures we also ensure that we consider environmental, cultural, economic and political issues in the planning stage of an expedition.

Further considerations are:

- Achieve zero litter, and when appropriate remove local litter
- Avoid pollution from our camp and accommodation activities
- Achieve zero damage and impact to local flora and fauna
- Encourage understanding of the local environment and its fragilities
- Encourage the eating of local foods therefore preserving traditional farming practice
- Encourage the use of biodegradable products especially washing products.
- Ensure good practice on all toilet activities, i.e. avoiding pollution to water courses
- Ensure waste is minimized and recycled whenever possible
- Minimise the use of water

Our commitment to our environmental policy extends to our working environment and all staff recycle and make business decisions with an ethical dimension such as using public transport and maximising the use of email. We are committed to running a business that has as little environmental impact as possible. We ceased having paper brochures printed in 2008.

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