Our walking holidays in Morocco

Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains are threaded with a network of peaceful footpaths, linking traditional Berber communities that welcome walkers, and offer groups expert guides who have grown up amid these landscapes and are committed to protecting them. Family-run homestays make for a memorable introduction to Berber lives and culture that will linger with you long after you return home. For serious trekkers, there is the challenge of Mount Toubkal, tallest peak in North Africa, while many Morocco walking holidays finish with a stay in Marrakech to roam the souks, or along the coast.

Our top Walking holidays in Morocco

Luxury trekking holiday in the Atlas Mountains

From €1036
6 days ex flights
Stay at the Kasbah du Toubkal and trek in style

Atlas Mountains trekking and Marrakech

From €1338 to €1398
8 days ex flights
Stay at Kasbah du Toubkal to trek in style then in Marrakech

Morocco holidays, Atlas Panorama

From £1049 to £1249
8 days inc UK flights
Rewarding trekking experiences
Small group2023: 12 Mar, 16 Apr, 30 Jul, 3 Sep, 17 Sep, 15 Oct, 5 Nov, 17 Dec

Mount Toubkal climb in Morocco

From £895 to £1449
8 days inc UK flights
Pass through remote villages and terraced fields
Small group2023: 2 Apr, 11 Jun, 18 Jun, 16 Jul, 6 Aug, 3 Sep, 10 Sep, 17 Sep, 2024: 5 May, 19 May, 9 Jun, 23 Jun, 7 Jul, 21 Jul, 4 Aug, 18 Aug, 1 Sep, 8 Sep, 15 Sep, 22 Sep

Atlas Mountains winter trekking holiday, Morocco

From £1099 to £1199
8 days inc UK flights
Trek amongst terraced valleys and oases
Small group2023: 4 Feb, 8 Apr, 7 Oct, 28 Oct, 30 Dec

Climb Mount Toubkal in style

From €1036
6 days ex flights
Stay at the Kasbah du Toubkal and trek in style

Mount Toubkal winter climb, Morocco

From £1069 to £1199
8 days inc UK flights
Venture into the heart of the High Atlas
Small group2023: 8 Oct, 22 Oct, 5 Nov

Atlas Mountains and Essaouira holiday in Morocco

From €992
8 days ex flights
2-centre holiday in the Atlas Mountains & coastal Essaouira

Morocco trekking holiday, Marrakech & coast

From €1563 to €1623
10 days ex flights
Trek from Kasbah du Toubkal, then Marrakech & Coast
Tailor made

More about our walking holidays in Morocco

Self guided or small group?

It’s a rare holiday that leaves you completely untethered in Morocco. Tailor made walking holidays mix self guided and guided walks, balancing the challenge of exploring easier paths on your own with supported treks tackling trickier mountain paths. And because they’re tailor made, you can choose which ratio of guided and self guided walks works best for you. Small group walking holidays in Morocco are always guided. You’ll have a fixed itinerary and travel in a group of up to 16 fellow adventurers. Solo travellers can choose to share a room to skip the single supplement.

Mount Toubkal climb in Morocco

At 4,167m, climbing Mount (Jebel) Toubkal is a challenge, but an attainable one for hikers with good fitness levels and experience in multi-day hikes. Most treks take two or more days to get to the summit. You’ll probably start in the village of Imlil, stopping off at a mountain refuge or camp for the night, and completing the ascent as the light creeps up the mountain slopes the next morning. Berbers often make the best guides, leading you through the valleys, orchards and villages with care. With the peace and views, it’s hard to believe you’re only a 90-minute drive away from Marrakech.

High Atlas walking holidays in Morocco

Idraren draren – or mountains of mountains – is the fitting Berber name for the High Atlas Mountains. The western section is home to Mount Toubkal – a peak so tall that you can see it from Marrakech. Some holidays include a strenuous trek to the top, while others focus on exploring easier paths in the foothills that pass through turquoise streams, date and walnut orchards, and ochre villages. The Central High Atlas region is more remote, with architecture more akin to villages in Western and Central Asia. One thing is for sure: you’ll need a great guide when walking in the High Atlas.

Anti-Atlas walking holidays in Morocco

While most walkers focus on the High Atlas, hikers in the know head for the Anti-Atlas. The lower altitudes mean a greater variety of landscapes, communities and wildlife. Oases and orchards farmed by brightly dressed villagers fill the valleys, and you can look out for Barbary macaques and gazelles. There are some decent peaks calling, too, including Jebel Aklim (2,531m), which gives views right over the villages to the snow-dipped High Atlas. As fewer tourists tread the trails in the Anti-Atlas, expect rocky, unmaintained footpaths and little signage; if in doubt, choose a guided walk.

Mount Toubkal in winter

There’s climbing Mount Toubkal… and then there’s climbing Mount Toubkal in winter. Between October and April, the mountain is transformed with snowy slopes and empty trails that reward adventurous hikers. It’s a great first step into mountaineering. The trails aren’t too steep, safety briefings show you how to use ice axes and crampons, plus you’ll be in the hands of expert mountain guides. When to go winter climbing on Mount Toubkal depends on how much snow you want underfoot, as well as the sort of temperatures you’re happy trekking in.
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