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Location: Muscat | Salalah
Temperatures vary throughout the country and October to April tend to be the coolest months in most parts. Although you can visit all year round, the height of summer is a great time to head to the mountains so that you can keep a little cooler, or just stay in the shady cool of your hotel when the sun is at its highest.

When to visit Oman

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  • Temperatures start to dip around October, staying at a healing heat rather than a searing one until mid March or April.  December can be busy as a result with the European Christmas holiday getaway, but January and February are quiet and perfect temperatures. Especially for cultural trips around the city.
  • If you want to head to the province of Dhofar in the south, the monsoon, or 'Khareef' as known in local dialect, comes in from June to September. Omanis head here during this time to enjoy the rain and mist, and so prices push up to peak season rates in this region. However, itís also green and lush during this time, so a wonderful sight for outdoor and adventure lovers.
  • Temperatures reach 38įC during the day and dipping to about 29įC at night in summer months. So, if you want to trek stay clear of May, June, July and August, or stay up in the mountainous cooler areas. However, if you just want to hang by the pool, the hotels all drop their rates hugely at this time.
  • If you want to see turtles the best time to come are the months of August, September, October and November as this is the key time for turtle nesting activity, however you can still visit the turtle reserve all year round to view turtle activity.
  • A lot of places close during the Muslim period of Ramadan, so it is good to discuss that with your tour operator, however, food and alcohol are both available in most international hotels in Muscat after sundown.
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Best time to visit Oman recommends

Liz Pepperell, Managing Director of our supplier Odyssey World shares advice on the best time to visit Oman: "From October through until March, the temperature is perfect for things like camel rides in the desert, or walking in the mountains. A visit to the souks should be made in the evening because they all stay open late."
Nigel Fisher, Director at our supplier Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel: "The best time to travel to Oman is October, because you have had the summer, which is quiet here. So by October, everyone is raring to go. Ramadan has gone, and everyone is eager to deliver a good service and welcome tourists."

Festivals & events in Oman

Our cultural pick from the Oman calendar

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For a cultural hit, the Muscat Festival from late January until late February showcases Omanís rich traditions and historical identity. The Tour of Oman annual international cycling rally takes place in late February with past acclaimed winners such as Wiggins and Froome. If you are travelling during the Khareef season, the Salalah Tourism Festival from July until late August is a cultural and folklore show not to be missed. For adventure seekers, Oman Sailís Extreme 40ís in June is an exciting spectacle. In addition to mountain trekking excursions that could be conducted for both Jebel Shams Ė Oman's highest peak Ė or Al Jabal Al Akdhar both in Al Dakhiliya region. For a cultural hit, the Muscat Festival from late January until late February is Arabia at its most vibrant. For a hit on the senses, head to Jabal al Akhdar during March and April, when the smell of Damask roses, which are in full bloom at this time, fills the air.
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