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Maybe you don’t own a sou’wester and yellow wellies. Perhaps the Dover-Calais ferry is your longest voyage to date. No matter! There’s a sailing holiday out there to suit everyone. From hands-on trips around Scotland where guests are invited to hoist the sails and fish from the decks, to luxury cruises down the Croatian coast or around Greek islands, where swimming, snoozing on deck and feasting on fresh food in quiet quayside restaurants is as arduous as it gets. The choice of location and type of boat is vast, and between bobbing along, enjoy activities as diverse as skiing and whale watching, kayaking and cycling. All trips share an emphasis on sociability, fun and freedom, though. After all, this is a holiday, not an epic ocean-going challenge. Drinks will be served, new landscapes explored, sunsets admired and sea legs discovered.

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Is a sailing holiday for you?

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Go on a sailing holiday if…

… you like to be active. A sailing holiday is easily paired with walking and cycling on shore, kayaking, swimming and snorkelling off the boat, and even manning the rigging on board. There’s always time for lounging on deck, too, but that’s not the whole sailing story.
… you believe good food makes a holiday. Meals prepared with local produce on board, plus the chance to moor in a quiet harbour so you can eat in small restaurants, well off the tourist trail, or a beach barbecue with the catch of the day – food is good, plentiful and fresh on a sailing trip.
…you love variety. Sailing glides you past ever-changing landscapes and delivers new sights, sounds and opportunities for exploring each day.
…you want access all areas. Some destinations can only be reached from the water – Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, a scattering of tiny Greek islands and wild Scottish isles like Ailsa Craig, for example.

Don’t go on a sailing holiday if…

…you’re a stickler for routine. There will generally be an itinerary, but it’s more a suggestion than a schedule. Most sailing holidays take a go with the flow approach, to adapt to weather conditions, passenger preferences and wind direction.
… you get seasick. Most sailing holidays glide through calm summer seas, so rolling waves are not generally an issue, but if you suspect you’re sensitive to the bob-bob of a boat, try a sailing daytrip before you book and bring seasickness tablets, too.
…you want to be alone. Sailing is small group travel in reasonably confined quarters, so you need to feel comfortable sharing space with others. Cabins are only really for sleeping in, not hanging out.
…you like to go deep. Exploring a town or region in depth or returning to the same beach each day isn’t going to happen on an ever-moving sailing holiday.
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When to go on a sailing holiday

Catching the trade winds

In the UK, sailing trips tend not to run Oct-Feb, especially in Scotland, with Apr-Sep the best time to go, when the weather is clement and seas less choppy. Sailing in southern Europe generally follows suit, taking advantage of the blue skies and sunshine of late spring and summer, but with trips running during the balmy autumn, too, until late Oct. Factor in high summer heat, though, if you’re planning active land-based activities, too, such as hiking or cycling. Sailing further afield opens up the calendar. Drift around the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar from Nov-Mar, take a skiing and sailing trip to Norway in the winter or cruise the Virgin Islands or Maldives any time of year.
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Written by Joanna Simmons
Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

A multi-activity adventure sailing cruise in Croatia

From €580 4 Days ex flights
Traditional Dahabiya Nile cruise, Egypt

Traditional Dahabiya Nile cruise, Egypt

Explore the Nile's cultural gems in classic comfort

From €950 5 Days ex flights
Saronic Greek Islands luxury charter cruise

Saronic Greek Islands luxury charter cruise

Luxury sailing Greek islands, while reliving mythical tales

From €2050 8 Days ex flights
Sailing and cycling Cyclades holiday, Greece

Sailing and cycling Cyclades holiday, Greece

Self guided or guided (upon request) tour in the Cyclades

From €1500 8 Days ex flights
Sailing holiday in Greece, Mykonos to Santorini

Sailing holiday in Greece, Mykonos to Santorini

The boat, the beach and inviting Greek villages

From £1181 8 Days ex flights
Arctic sailing voyages, North Spitsbergen

Arctic sailing voyages, North Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen tall-ship wildlife and natural history sailing

From €2790 8 Days ex flights
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